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  1. Valyris had a missive slammed on her desk in her tower of isolation. “Fellas named Ruben have always been friends of mine, world-wide. “ As soon as she read a missive she responded to the sender with a thumbs-up sketch and went back to snoring.
  2. From within the isolated library tower of ivory, the frail Princess glided across the marbled floors, a place she had grown to make a comfortable home for herself. A quiet respite in the Titan’s sanctuary of knowledge was broken as a herald waited with a scroll in hand. She weakly took the scroll from their grasp before sending the devout on their way. ”Veynora is getting married..?” She remarked as a smile curled upon her visage. She then squinted doing a double take at the name next to her daughter’s. “Tymen…? It has been too many moons since I have seen them… my assistant, my advisor, and now welcomed as a son.” She then mustered her strength to call down the hall to Vyllaenen who had made his way to the tower of isolation. “We need to send a gift!” @Orlanth
  3. With this new rule change, surely we will attract all sorts of new players. Telanir is really going after this road to 500!
  4. Dobby is a free elf. 

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      I'm gonna edit your face onto those shitty clouds

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  5. The Princess of Celia'nor smiled after having met with her old snow elven friends, a glass of wine was shared amongst the good company, "It's time, the age of elves is upon us."
  6. WAGWAN PENG TING aldemar camp with the start of the azdrazi gang :) self explanatory... YES, very excited. best, Nehtamo (rukio's elf), worst fat emma mareno (she smells like wet beef)
  7. Emir's amnesia arc never do it. i've actually made a new character recently to just be a dorky scholar high elf. the best characters come with no set goals in mind just an idea and to let rp take its course imo you (duh), julius, milen, gus, nectorist it's been lost....no hope left...
  8. I have too many characters... but for Valyris my main, she'd probably be closest to wandavision. Beboon @squakhawk He helped teach me everything with Julius when I first joined LT. I had an Irongrinder for a while! Played Mcdaedra's daughter. Definitely the potential for using the sea and ocean due to minecrafts own constraints making it incredibly difficult to rp in the ocean. Ocean magics, sirens, underwater cities, pirate rp, it would be so much more immersive if they could have more potential mechanically. I personally wish people included more folklore into their cultures. Especially in a world where the magical and mystical exists, I'd love to see more things that are just fiction based on real in lore things.
  9. I think anyone who says that is coping and needs to get good. ( @Throne) Not so much a song as it is a playlist; 1.) Robbing all the books from Haelun'or's library. 2.) NOOOOOO THEY'RE ONTO ME 3.) THE BIRDS ARE EVERYWHERE AHHHHH THEYRE IN THE POND, THEY'RE IN THE TREES, THEYRE IN MY WALLS. 1.) I love gooseberries, I can eat an entire container of them and usually do in the car after I go grocery shopping. 2.) Honestly, I think everything happens for a reason and I wouldn't have done anything differently. While I wish certain things went different, I wouldn't change them. 3.) Coffee, Rose, Margaritas, Smoky Old Fashioned, Lemon Water, London Fogs, Sweet Tea, a drink in the canary islands called LecheLeche, Ginger kombucha, Yerba Mate Razzle Berry flavored 4.) Definitely, had too many weird things happen to not. 5.) I'm wicked good at blackjack. my DOGS yes, after I'm done NLing, playing Valyris's daughter for lotr rp whenever valindra comes back to the homelands Hello Esterlen. I am doing as well as I can do, and am as well as I am capable of being. Hope all is well. Warm regards, A Friend.
  10. I LOVE! Howl's moving castle is a favorite of mine, along with spirited away. They're great comfort movies when's the vow renewal?? i'll double it and pass it to the next one....
  11. getting rid of groomers and freaks, making lotc a safe place cepheid is a type of variable star and I am in school for astrophysics. i did one of my project on cepheid variables! i've tried a little bit of everything, but maybe a paladin or holy-knight of some sort since that's the one niche i've not done yet. omg... aphotic howl. geniunely love ilaria as a character though, especially since you've translated making an artistic character really well into LOTC which is something that is often difficult to do i had an orc back in 2019 as one of my first characters, nyako'lur which was booklight's kid i just tried, broke all my bones, call an ambulance my neck is twisted the wrong way...
  12. you're all equally my favorite :) It's a tough draw between mysticism with Mordu and Hex and the eventlines Malaise ran as Azdromoth back in 2020. Both were some of the most fun I have had on the server and met really awesome people through them in the groups. Malaise made his events super personalized and immersive despite Azdromoth being this huge entity on the server, he personalized it really well for those that were involved with Azdrazi and Heraldry to make it unique to the person. I didn't get the best experience with darker magics the first time around with shades, and mysticism was a complete 180 from that with both the community and ic experience as a whole. who says its not both :J when morur'ei came into the city about alucards death voidal magic wise i rly love the culture we've made in celianor for mages and when i ran the arcanic court at the start of it. though a close second would be as a newer player having been apart of the voidal tears of arcas (even tho i've later found out that it was not entirely lore accurate, still was fun)
  13. It's been an insane four years (in two days on April 23rd) of playing on LOTC, and my first time doing an AMA, so ask me anything!
  14. "We must remain together for the betterment of elvendom." The Princess remarked with a warm smile after having signed the publication.
  15. Charlotte exhaled a sigh, shaking her head towards Sir Paul. "If only she knew of Pa's writings, if only she knew of the vision of the Petra... perhaps then she might understand my choice to the side of you and Frederick. Perhaps she would have chosen peace at the meeting prior..." She simply gazed out the window of the keep, "Perhaps it is a new start for my father's vision, Paul? Nol? One tarnished for naught? Or perhaps I turn for the path you followed..." @excited
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