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  1. Daelioner


    Roosevelt was born in a tent on his family’s way to Helena. His father was a barber, and mother had no job in her entire life, cause father always said that she mustn’t be something else than a family’s fireplace keeper. So Roosevelt started to help his family in a young age and was cleaning boots on one of Helen’s streets for low price. Also had a group of friends, that helped strangers to look after horses for money. Was reading books about ancient history and made his own thoughts about it. He thought that Wandering Wizard was a liar. While his yoth he took part in some competitions, where he told his opinions on Wizard’s writings. Never had a conffesion from other ppl, they all thought it;s just youth’s silly stuff. Also had a good skils in knives, that he got from one of his friends. Baisicly, han a normal childhood and youth. Also was a good member of his house and area. But nothing was so great in Roosevelt’s life. Once he was at the funerals of his friends, who got killed by some gorup of idiots. It’s the first time when young boy Roosie understood that his life is too precious for him, he doesn’t want to die. Or at least die as a good person that everybody remembers. That was the first call for Roosevelt to help ppl in need. Also that caused him a drinking problems in the future. He really wanted to forget all that happen to his buddy, so he found, as he thought, the only way. Drinking, drinking, drinking. So next 7 years he spent on a farm near Helen, that his family bought on their last money. And it got them a little more profit and food for a living. One day Roosevelt thought that his life is nothing, he wanted to be a good member of society and not to sit there in a farm, that’s way too long from civilazation. So he packed his bag and took a ride to the Cloud Temple being full of hope and happines.
  2. Daelioner


    Roosevelt was born in a tent (His mother was pregnant at the time family was moving to the city) on the way to Helena . Father got a job as barber and mother had no job in her entire life, cause father thought that ,“Woman mustn’t be more than a family’s fireplace keeper!”. Family was rather poor than rich and wasn’t able to allow themselves goods of the royal life. (But soon they’ll be able to afford themselves a nice little farm, not the case now) As Roosevelt was growing up, he was reading books and learning things like horse riding, farmering and knives with his friends, and had a normal childhood. Not going to say that Roosevelt succeded in all of that, but he had some skills to be a good member of his house. Took part in local competitions, where he was telling his opinions on foolishness of Wandering Wizard writings. But never got much confession, people usually were saying that it’s just his yoth’s silly things. Had a group of friends, who were looking after stranger’s horses for money. Also had a “career” as a boot cleaner. Othervise, Roosevelt had some moments that made him to drink much. Once on the funeral of Helen’s citizen (that main character was friends with), 8 y.o. Roosevelt saw how his dead body was laying in the coffin. He couldn’t believe that he was dead. He couldn’t understand why is everything ending up like that. Just nothing else, times goes on without you... Like you’ve been erased from this world. So Roosevelt felt repressed and walked out of the graveyard. After that Roosevelt understood his fears very well. He figured out, that he always been scared of being forgotten. Irony is, that Roosevelt never saw something wrong in trying to forget other people using alcohol when he grew up. Years were passing by and Rossevelt had a life of a farmer. But his job wasn’t quite well what he dreamed about. He was reading books about mighty humans, goblins ,and elves fighting against cultists and creatures of Hell. And after all of that he promised to become one of that legends. He was inspired to help people in trouble even more! He was collecting money and soon left his farm near the city (that his parents moved into when he was 20) in search of adventure! And that’s how the story begins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Addition to the Physical Description: Moustache’s type is The Handlebar Moustache. (somehow i thought it could be important) And also hairstyle has a row in the middle of the forehead. Also it doesn’t reach the shoulders. Has a black wrap on his neck
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