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    nina acharam was born in her parents house in a smal village close to the wood elves terretory , when she was old enough she begun School, her parents decided she was going to go to home-school . from her first time at home-school she hated to talk to other People, when she begun school her parents let her go visit other places, she got more used to talk to other people, so when she turned 15 she got her first friend , they went out in l every day to explore the wilderness, they were best friends. when Nina was 16 years old her friend got sick and she wasn't allowed to visit her some weeks later she died and Nina felt like she didn't have anyone, she felt like she was all alone, a half year later she decided that she wasn't going to sitt there and pity herself she was going to be herself again and explore. when Nina turned 18 she moved out of her parents house and found a smal cottage in the same village .now nina is 18 years old and lives in a little cottage in the same village she lived when she was little..
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