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  1. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Well, yeah. But not many people have the MPM Mod and don't want to have to go through getting it.
  2. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Tested it in-game. /sleep, /nap, /rest. None of the related words work in a command. Are you thinking about /sit?
  3. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Name: camocat9 Type: RP Function: To give players the option to use /sleep and lay on the ground. Just like /d40 but without taking any damage. Who would it Benefit: All Roleplayers. Uses may include being knocked out, sleeping, etc.
  4. camocat9

    How did the Previous Realms End?

    Thanks. I was wondering about this.
  5. Hello! I had a question. I was looking more into the lore of the server, and saw that there were plenty of events that happened to end each of the maps. I just wanted to know; What caused each of the previous realms to end (From a lore standpoint) and what was the story behind it? This may or may not be in the right section, but I just wanted to see if anyone would be able to answer this. Thanks!
  6. camocat9


    Application Rp section Name: Cameron Halmar Age: 24 Race: Heartlander Human Birth place: Senntisten Reason for joining: Offered a job by Count Rhys Do you swear to protect House Ruthern, the County of Metterden, and the Kingdom of Haense? Yes OOC Section Mcname: camocat9 Discord: camocat9#9373
  7. camocat9


    Cameron Halmar was born in the Realm of Atlas to his mother, Kathy Halmar and his father, Peter Halmar, both Heartlanders. He was born in the city of Senntisten. Kathy and Peter were both lower-class and didn't have much money from the small tailors shop that Peter ran. Soon after the birth of Cameron, his mother died. His father raised him, putting him to work in the small tailoring business that was barely bringing in enough income for the both of them. Some years later while Cameron was fifteen years old, he was out buying materials for his father. When he got back to their home and shop, there was nobody inside. As Cameron went upstairs to see if he could salvage anything from where he slept, he noticed a small, nearly unnoticeable bulge under the sheets. He pulled his sheets back, revealing a belt with a silver centerpiece that must have costed his father a small fortune to buy. A hastily written parchment was wrapped around it, the ink stained and nearly unreadable. No money. Take this. Run. Cameron wrapped the precious belt around his waist, and has kept it close ever since. He then lived as an street orphan, constantly searching for his next meal. Many have offered to buy the belt he was wearing for a large sum of money that could keep him happy for a long while, but he had refused every time. If somebody were to take the belt away from him, he would feel as if he had no direction in life, as if he were living without a reason. He started taking odd jobs, earning small sums of money daily, enabling him to stay healthy, although not comfortable. He is not seen as strong, but uses his wit to escape harmful situations.