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  1. camocat9

    Out With The Old

    Cameron bows his head for Father Humpfrey knowing him from his multiple travels to Belvitz.
  2. camocat9

    Ser Pandir the Epic for Maer!

    Cameron nods happily as he hears his name mentioned in the speech and leads the applause. Phillipe mutters something inaudible about Pandir.
  3. camocat9


    Cameron nods appreciatively “Aye, Ratibor’s doin’ his best for this town.”
  4. camocat9

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Voter: Name: Cameron Halmar Age: 49 Address: 3 Maiden’s Place
  5. Voter Registration Full Name: Cameron Halmar City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1644 Address: 3 Maiden’s Place
  6. *Multiple Notices are tacked up around the tavern, pointed towards the Firstlight Inn and Tavern Staff in Cameron’s typical scrawl.* “The Crossroads Tavern Council is currently under formation! The Council will meet annually (Weekly). The time and date of scheduled meetings is to be discussed at the first meet up of Council members. The goal of the Tavern Council is to discuss issues that may be pressing both in the tavern and events in town that may, in turn, effect the Crossroads Inn and Tavern. We hope to keep the meetings friendly, and although debate is encouraged, we must all remember our ties to each other.” “If you’re looking to join the Tavern Council and aid in the decision making process of this fair Adrian establishment, please contact me and we will organize a time to talk.” *In small letters near the end of the sentence, he writes “Cameron Halmar” ((camocat9))* “I wish you all well, and this posting will be updated as members are brought in to the Council.” *The posting ends with a messy signature bearing Cameron’s name, and a small space for a list has been saved.* Council Members Cottage Lord Cameron Stockmaster Bruce Manager Padrick *Padrick’s name is fully scratched out, and a small note next to it reads ‘Resigned’* Manager Alanah Barmaid Millie
  7. camocat9

    Firstlight Inn and Tavern: Under New Management

    “Glad to hear it.” Cameron Voices as he sees the execution platform behind the Archbishop.
  8. Cameron Halmar stands in front of a large group of townsfolk “Friends, men and women alike, I must give my utmost thanks to you for your support in appointing me the head of the Firstlight Inn and Tavern! It is an honor to once again be bestowed with the management of such an important meeting place in the great Duchy of Adria. As the head of the Firstlight, I will do everything in my power to continue the legacy of this tavern. Drinks will be restocked and problems will be addressed. I hope to bring a golden age of success upon Adria. Please, if you wish to join the ranks of our fair tavern, speak to myself (camocat9), Alanah Aldahen (HipsterGaming), or Padrick ‘o Rourke (Lord_Summerau) for a job. Thank you once again for this oppourtunity.” Cameron Halmar steps down from the table he was using as a podium, smiling as he walked towards the staircase of the tavern. (This post is simply to highlight the appointment of Cameron to the Head of the Tavern. An updated tavern post will be uploaded soon.)
  9. camocat9

    The Adrian Citizen Party

    Cameron nods, in support of Bruce despite him being a city guard. Phillipe’s eyes light up at the prospect of the nobles getting knocked down a notch.
  10. camocat9

    Missive to Humanity

    “The Vaeyl’s still a thing?” He asks, sighing as he thought his time dealing with them was over with his time as a Haenseman
  11. camocat9

    Adria Mines

    Cameron nods “Finally. Another way for me to make some minas other than... Guard pay...”
  12. camocat9

    A Bitter Announcement

    Cameron Halmar simply shrugs. “If Belvitz made it through the last blizard, it can make it through this one.” He says, but decides that it is best to take the trip to Holm to stock up woolen blankets and food.
  13. camocat9

    Land Auction Annoucement

    I feel offended that Belvitz is spelled wrong in every admin post
  14. camocat9

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    I just feel like trying to get space to build something small like a homestead or camp would be impossible. The hybrid thing sounds interesting, but I think the ‘wild’ ring would be too far away to actually do anything worthwhile if you wanted to go between a homestead and a nation.
  15. camocat9

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    When the administration spells ‘Belvitz’ wrong