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  1. camocat9

    [BUYING] Drinks for Taverns

    -x-x-x-x-x- The Old Oaks Tavern of Belvitz is purchasing drinks to restock the tavern with! Price will be based on Quantity and Quality of Drinks provided! -x-x-x-x-x- The Tavern is in need of... - Coffee - Whiskey - Vodka - Ruby Ale - Stout Ale - Pale Ale - Red Wine - Rose Wine Restocking any of these categories would be a great help to The Old Oaks Tavern! -x-x-x-x-x- Please Contact Cameron Halmar ((camocat9)) if you wish to discuss pricing!
  2. **Pieces of Parchment are tacked up in many locations around Atlas, advertising the newly renovated Old Oaks Tavern with some of Red's sketches tacked up on the staff list** -x-x-x- The Old Oaks Tavern -x-x-x- Of Belvitz -x-x-x-x- Interior of the Old Oaks Tavern -x-x-x-x- The Old Oaks Tavern is now open in the city of Belvitz! Come in to enjoy the best food and drink at the Whispering Crossroads! -x-x-x-x- Tavern Staff (With a selection of pictures drawn by Red): Cameron Halmar ((camocat9)) Manager Acacia Moonves ((cherriox)) Manager Keefarius ((sugandeze) Bartender / Bouncer Pandir ((bagelseed)) Bartender Son’ya Sparrow ((MoonsWolf_)) Bartender Lerenzo Desvaclute ((xLerenzo_)) Bartender Demetria Hatheway ((Snowypaw)) Bartender Sid Luther ((shadowthief1007)) Bartender Evie Avern (Altered_Ruler) Barmaid Adler (TrendE) Bartender/Bouncer Jojo (Tenredux) Bartender/Bouncer Auria (BrokenPeep) Barmaid Buernoc Silvervein (Eteriani) Bartender/Bouncer **There would not yet be a sketch of Buernoc** ((If you work at the tavern but are missing from the list, please contact camocat9)) ((Chump forced me to put the pictures don't blame me)) -x-x-x-x- The Old Oaks Tavern is also hiring! Speak to Cameron or Acacia about getting a job! -x-x-x-x-
  3. camocat9

    How to make Criminal Chars last?

    done 😛 I had no intentions of common banditry. I've talked to staff about trying to make a different criminal character than the ones that everyone sees. Still, no intentions of common banditry. I want to make this character different ^ The only thing with escapes is that they usually don't go over well in larger cities. You'll usually always get caught by a /roll, get executed, and then that's what I want to try to avoid with this thread. Already have another friend who I am doing this with.
  4. camocat9

    How to make Criminal Chars last?

    Hello! I have recently been trying out playing a criminal character, and from my time as a city guard character, I've figured out that criminals don't usually last very long anywhere. I was wondering if anybody knew any good ways to make criminal characters last and not just be executed the moment you step foot in to a city. Thanks!
  5. camocat9

    [Question] Character Question

    Thanks for the tip!
  6. camocat9

    [Question] Character Question

    Yeah. I've been trying to get help from people to make a good character that if they were to encounter in a rp, they would enjoy rping with.
  7. camocat9

    [Question] Character Question

    Ah. Alright. Me and one of my LOTC friends are creating two assassin characters that know eachother, and I was wondering the best way to go about it. Getting ETs involved might be good for some parts of the storyline, though. Thanks!
  8. camocat9

    [Question] Character Question

    I don't know if this is the correct section to post this in, but I was wondering some more about characters. I am looking to create a criminal/organized assassin character and was wondering if anybody had any tips on how to make a well-thought out character instead of just running up and down a road being like: "gIvE mE yOuR mOnEy". If anybody has any tips they are willing to share for me to create a character that is fun to play, and fun for others to rp with, please feel free to tell me. Thanks!
  9. camocat9


    *Cameron Halmar, a Belvitz Guard inquires about the notice.* "Where would you drop food off to? The farm at Red's Compound has been stockpiling wheat to get to the city." ((If you have a stack of haybales, where would you drop them off to?))
  10. camocat9

    The Old Oaks Tavern Fight

    *Cameron sighs as he sees the scene within the Tavern*
  11. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Well, yeah. But not many people have the MPM Mod and don't want to have to go through getting it.
  12. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Tested it in-game. /sleep, /nap, /rest. None of the related words work in a command. Are you thinking about /sit?
  13. camocat9

    [Plugin] /sleep Command

    Name: camocat9 Type: RP Function: To give players the option to use /sleep and lay on the ground. Just like /d40 but without taking any damage. Who would it Benefit: All Roleplayers. Uses may include being knocked out, sleeping, etc.
  14. camocat9

    How did the Previous Realms End?

    Thanks. I was wondering about this.
  15. Hello! I had a question. I was looking more into the lore of the server, and saw that there were plenty of events that happened to end each of the maps. I just wanted to know; What caused each of the previous realms to end (From a lore standpoint) and what was the story behind it? This may or may not be in the right section, but I just wanted to see if anyone would be able to answer this. Thanks!