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    Kal was born in a small farming village to a white haired woman, Mistra Willow, and a proud highlander, Johnstone Willow. Johnstone reigned from Sutica but moved to find love. He spent the beginning of his life reading every book he could. His mother studied much druidcraft and Kal was equally as interested. Kal escaped from a boarding school at the age of 8. He was sent there after his parents thought he was ready for schooling from a small eastern farm village. He spent alot of time after his escape traveling with merchants, goblin packs, and many other races of humanoids. He spends a lot of time camping through his travels. His main travel partner Grelfa the goblin, guided him through most of his days out in the wilderness until she passed away of an unfortunate death. Now he travels into the Cloud temple, seeking guidance from the monks on where his next journey lies, hoping for some coin, or much more.
  2. _Beneboo_


    Kal Willow is a studious young boy who escaped from a boarding school to roam the land to find some purpose. He is a farfolk and is from a far off tiny farming village with less than 50 people. He came from the east into Crown of Renatus-Marna as his first stop. He makes a living by pickpocketing, odd jobs, and general thievery. He wants to become a mage someday, but he has no training.
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