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    Gugbif was born in a family of Ulurks and was given his name by his grandfather who worked in Mount Doom. He was born a lone child but making friends was not a challenge. When growing up Gugbif’s parents told him many tales about the legendary battles between Aegis and Krug. A year later his parents sent him to Mordor to fight for the dark lord. He has met his best companions in battle. Years of battle let him earn the title of a general and he usually had the skulls of his greatest enemies tied to a rope around his waist. After being involved many wars and conflicts he flees Mordor to wander the woods and country side. As he wanders the country side many people that see him are afraid but he shows them that he means no harm. He usually wonders around looking to see if people need him so solve a conflict or join them in battle. He wanders the world continuing his religious practices and improving his combat skills.
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