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    Silverose Belcheri Silverose in travel attire. Dressed for comfort; baggy, masculine clothing despite having a feminine build and comfortable boots. Hair tied back and tucked into shirt. Silverose was born in The Princedom of Fen, in Tahu’lareh, like many other snow elves were, to an extremely loving couple. Her father was climbing the military ranks and her mother often resided in a temple, spending a lot of time in the vast library that was there. Since being able to bear a child is a rare occurrence, due to the curse of the Elves, they were filled to the brim with ecstasy to have Silverose. As a single child, she was, naturally, constantly showered with attention. Having made many friends to play with and a mother and father who loved her unconditionally, her life as a very young child was almost perfect. Being especially close to her mother at this time, she told Silverose many stories from the books that she read in the Temple’s Library. She learned of foreign lands, cultures, and the rich history and literature that those lands hold dearly. However, Silverose had never known any stories or literature from her own culture, only of others. She knew of documented history that was compulsory to learn, and although very little literature existed, her mother would not allow her to read it because it’s purpose was to work as propaganda; it always seemed as though her mother was in favour of democracy, like that human nation which decided it’s ruler by vote, but she hardly voiced her opinions around her husband, or anyone really. When she was little, Silverose told herself she would go on many adventures when she was older as a proud Mali’Fenn, and write stories about them to share with the other children in her city. However, when she was only eleven, her mother died of a fever. This heavily altered her philosophies, leaving her with doubt about the protection of any higher power. Instead, she now believes that every person is responsible for their life, and that predestined fate does not exist, but rather, people can control and decide their own futures. Instead of making her feel at loss to the world, the passing of her mother made her more determined and motivated than ever. She wanted to make her mother, wherever she now was, proud. Her father, on the other hand, retired from the military due to the toll it took on him. Silverose in usual attire. Dressed for appearance. Feminine clothing. Hair let out with some hair accessories. Silverose’s ultimate goal is to travel a lot- exploring new places out of the isolationist community she belongs to, meeting many new people, races and helping anyone along her way. Due to her immense curiosity of the humans, she would love to visit human settlements first. She learned about the curse of Iblees from her mother when she was very young, and found that she admired how driven humans are, and how they have accomplished such unimaginable feats despite their short lifespan. Human settlements for her to begin with include: Pestilles- In order for her to learn more about their religion and culture. Enticed by their charity for even their enemies, Silverose would love to meet the Pestillians and explore the nature there. The Imperial City of Helena- Helena is said to be home to many human cultures and landmarks, which couldn’t be more alluring for Silverose. She’s very excited to look at all the stalls in the Market Square, and meet many different people who inhabit Helena. The country of Ayr- The countryside is a very foreign environment for Silverose, therefore, she wants to view the greenery, mountains and crops; they are said to be beautiful. There areas other than human settlements that she plans to visit, such as the Cloud Temple, Talons Grotto, and many, many more, in hopes that she will learn about different cultures, races and creatures. She wishes to become a strong fighter in order to help those in need and protect those who are weak. She had her father teach her some combat techniques from his experience in the Ivae’fenn, and she continues to better herself. Her small size, for a snow elf, can often get in her way, but she tries her best regardless. She has an education average for a snow elf, but has basic knowledge of lands other than her nation because of what her mother had taught her, for example, stories, arts, literature and cultures of few other races. She hopes to learn even more about them and other creatures, races and lands. She is still young, has much to learn and has many flaws, but she has a long life ahead of her to fulfil her aspirations and experience the rest of the world.
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