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  1. I LOVE MY CULTURAL COUSINS ~Your Biggest Lechian Fan
  2. Jan Jazloviecki sighed, remembering how he found Leon's dead body on the road. He recalled all deeds of Leon - the good and the bad "You fought against my father in the Harvest Revolution, but later you have been one of the few to welcome me and my kinsmen back to the Heartlands with open arms. I will probably never understand where did that sudden change of attitude come from but it does not matter on this day. You were a hero. A hero who saved Prince Henry's life. I will personally make sure Aaun will never forget that. Wherever you are right now Herzog Leon, I hope you have found peace." He said to himself before walking to the Merryweather chapel in order to pray
  3. Venerable Borys III Jazloviecki shed a tear from the Seven Skies as the legacy of Savoy lives on not only within the members of his own House
  4. Jan Jazloviecki smirks "Based, as the youth says..." He commented on the document
  5. I agree so much here, imo the nations lack certain products that would be impossible to get anywhere else, like mountain nations having gems, coal, iron and so on. It could be done through various trading companies having their shops in various cities and so on. I wouldn't personally mind doing some good old merchant RP
  6. Jan Jazloviecki lowered his head as he heard of Lady Calliope's death "She was a true friend of our house kids..." He said to his offspring @[email protected]@Travisty
  7. Jan Jazloviecki smirks as he usually does "Guise is ours." He repeated the sacred words again
  8. A certain Lechian Margrave stood on a balcony and sighed heavily "Once you do pass, I hope you will be at peace Calliope. You have always been a faithful Canonist, unlike me..." He said before shaking his head and going back inside
  9. Jan Jazloviecki smiles in support of all the Aaunic Ladies
  10. Jan Jazloviecki smirked at the treaty "GUISE IS OURS" He said proudly before going to celebrate
  11. Jan Jazloviecki smiled warmly at his children "One day I will be with our ancestors in the Seven Skies while you, dear children, will carry our banner forward, under King Henry..." The Count said to his four infants - three sons and recently-born daughter
  12. Jan Jazloviecki smirks at the invitation "Splendid." He commented simply
  13. Friedrich von Alstreim, twin brother of Lord Vandalore frowns at the response "But you are calling..." He said to himself and shook his head
  14. Jan Jazloviecki raised a cup of mead in Warsovia "Szczęścia" He wished them both in Lechitic, before going to take a hefty swig
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