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  1. ON THE MATTER OF OUR PARENTS Penned by the youngest of late Margrave's and Margravine-consort's son Stefan Jazloviecki, on the 2nd of Sun's Smile 1891 As certainly every person in Almaris knows by now, our parents - Maciej Jazloviecki, son of Borys Jazloviecki from Savoy, and Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki née Castile, were executed in a public execution in the Sedan town square. Our uncle, Otton Jazloviecki, brother of our beloved father, also died with them. All three were beheaded by Prince Joseph I using his own sword. We condemn the actions of our parents and uncle, yet this does not change the fact that for us they will still be the people who brought us into this world, baptised us, brought us up and gave us a basic education and a decent life. We don't know how or who infected our parents and uncle with vampirism, but let them be damned whoever they were. A test conducted on us by one of the Cardinals who was instrumental in discovering our parents' secret showed a NEGATIVE result for each of us, saving us from a certain death. As of this date, our eldest brother Borys IV becomes the new Margrave and Patriarch of the house. Our house has survived a lot, yet this may be our greatest test. We love and will not forget our dear parents, may GOD have mercy on their souls. THE CRUSADE GOES ON, JUST AS OUR SAD LIVES GO ON WITHOUT OUR PARENTS. Signed, Borys IV Lukács Jazloviecki, son of Maciej Walentyna Stasia Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Bianka Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Stefan Jazloviecki, son of Maciej Valerija Anastazja Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Marek Jazloviecki, son of Otton
  2. Maciej Jazloviecki nodded firmly at the flyer, glancing at his wife "Truly a great thing to see, giving the kids a chance to study properly." He smiled before putting it back on the desk @ibiou
  3. Maciej Jazloviecki sighed at the information "Deus Vult" He muttered to himself before putting the document on the desk
  4. Maciej Jazloviecki, the Margrave of Grodo smiled at the document seeing this matter is finally concluded
  5. The Margrave of Grodno, Maciej Jazloviecki smiles at the news about the new heir to the Principality
  6. Maciej Jazloviecki smiles at his wife's endeavours
  7. Maciej frowns at the bounty as he saw Petra alive and well in Sedan last Saint's night...
  8. News about the death of High Pontiff reached the south. Upon hearing them Maciej Jazloviecki would trace the Lorraine "May he rest in peace with uncle Tylos II in the Seven Skies" He said as if to himself, and began to pray
  9. DUST TO DUST The last message from the Margraviate of Grodno, penned on 9th of the Amber Cold 1885 [ ♪ ] Depiction of the ruins of Grodno To all those potentially concerned, almost a year ago I was faced with a choice - humiliation, or leaving with honour. I chose honour. Not knowing what awaited us, I decided that I and my men would leave the Eagle's Retreat, place we called home for over a decade. We packed up our belongings and set off - taking food, animals, gold and weapons. Our work did not stop there, we the people of Grodno do not give ours away to the others. We have set ourselves a clear goal - NOT A SINGLE BRICK. With this in mind, work began - sun or rain. We dismantled the fortress stone by stone, brick by brick. Almost like thirteen years ago, when I built this castle together with my brothers Otton and Stanislaw, and uncles August and Jindrich, I now had to dismantle it. It was the second time in my life that I had to leave home, but there was no time for sorrow - we are husbands, fathers, friends - we have higher goals than sadness. After months of work, our effort has come to an end. To commemorate our existence, we have erected a cross in the ruins of the castle, made of oak logs that used to hold the door to the feast hall. The cross is likely to disappear soon due to the weather, our possible enemies or other unknown causes. The memory will stay with us forever. Now our home is once again where my and my family's history experienced its best time - in the south. Our era in Oren ends with this day, and a new one begins in our new home. This is the last message written within the walls of what remains of Eagle's Retreat. May God protect those who believed in us, and vanquish those who wished for our downfall. Signed, Maciej Jazloviecki, Margrave of Grodno
  10. Maciej Jazloviecki enjoyed this reading as he sailed south with his people...
  11. THE EXODUS OF GRODNO Penned by Maciej Jazloviecki, on 3rd of Malin's Welcome 1885 [ ♪ ] Depiction of Grodnoid ships leaving the Orenian shore To the people of Grodno, With the end of the Orenian civil war, it is time to account for the deeds of our council, soldiers and our people. Many have fallen in this senseless war that has consumed the souls of our brothers. They fought on both sides of the barricade, needlessly so. Now that hostilities have quietened down and the dust of war has finally settled - it is time for peace and reconstruction. A reconstruction that the House Jazloviecki will not carry out in the place they have called home since the fall of Savoy. Faced with a choice, the Margrave made a decision - It was time to leave what was ours and, with God's help, find a new home - the promised land. Grodno remains behind and our faces are turned to where hope for a better tomorrow stands. We will march out of our walls united, spitting in the face of death and the hardships of wandering, until we arrive where God will lead us. South, north, east or west - it does not matter, we will settle where there is room for us. With this day, we discard the past - the wrong as well as the right decisions. The future awaits us, but not here. We wish good luck and God's providence to the Harvest Confederacy and their allies. Those who want to follow us may do so. Those who want to stay, let them do so. Our toil in Arentania is over. As we depart in peace, we leave our final message: We forgive and ask for forgiveness. God will judge us for our actions against this land. Signed, T.M.H Maciej Jazloviecki, Margrave of Grodno T.M.H Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki, Margravine-consort of Grodno His Lordship Otton Jazloviecki
  12. Maciej Jazloviecki glances at Corwinsburg with his eyes full of sorrow "Viel Glück..." He muttered in Waldenian before going down to continue packing
  13. Maciej Jazloviecki glanced at the document "Hopefully a change for the better. Now just hope that Hannes will listen to what I have to say to him, as did those with whom I made an alliance today." He shook his head and sighed heavily
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    THE GREAT GROD chapter added.
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