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    Eir was born around the time of the Orc and Dwarf War. Born to Forest Dwarf parents Eir would travel the forests with her parents, being an only child, and a mix match group of dwarves, humans and elves. Most of her childhood was spent with this group of nomads, traveling the forests and living off the land. One day after setting up camp, Eir wandered off to fetch some fire wood and got distracted by a mink scampering around. Wanting to catch it for a pet, Eir followed it not paying much attention to her surroundings. Startled by thundering bangs Eir looked up to see she had made it to a city’s outskirts and saw large beasts rampaging through. She could see thick black clouds off the shore in the distance. Suddenly without warning one of the large beasts lets out an ungodly screech and crashes down, she could see large bolts sticking out of the humongous monstrosity. The impact of the beast sent Eir flying, hitting her head on a rock and blacking out. When Eir awakens, she is lying on a clean bed and sees a bald dwarf with tattoos and a red beard holding a bowl. Feeling sore all over and coming to realize that she is in a strange place and becoming scared, the dwarf introduces himself. “ Aye, I’m Thoradin. Et’s alrot ya be safe. Ya took a nasty beaten.’ He said with a smile and he hands her s bowl of mushroom soup.
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