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  1. The People’s Commissars ”Workers of the World, Unite!” ╘═════════════════╛ THE COLLECTIVE GOAL The goal of The Peoples Commissars is the fight for the workers to control the means of production and to shake off the shackles of the Bourgeoisie controllers. The organization will rest not until every tyrant is cast from their ivory throne and treated as an enemy of the people. The Proletariat have struggled for far too long under the guise of “this is just how things are”, but that will stand no longer! The people are the ones operating and producing, they must own their own means! We do not reap the benefits to be tossed to the side after our work is done! ╘═════════════════╛ THE POLITIBURO The Politburo is elected group of officials who oversee the party to ensure that all things are fair and equal. General Secretary: Fyodor Berdnikov (Chief_Chaw) The Leader of The People’s Commissars, ensures no corruption is in the party. Deputy General Secretary: Vladislov Prochenski (PintoOnThaBeet) Acts as a check on the General Secretary and may make official decisions on behalf of the party in absence of the General Secretary. Minster of Labor: Responsible for overseeing all labor concerns and efforts related to the communal control of goods. Minister of Justice: Gromld Ebonhand (_MisterPumpernickle_) Responsible for the control of the Red Militia, training, oversight, and ensuring that no person, party, or nation ever threatens the rights of the worker. Committee of Commissars; Issues directives to the General Secretary to be signed or dismissed. - Committee Member: - Committee Member: - Committee Member: - Committee Member: ╘═════════════════╛ THE PARTY DOCTRINE The People’s Commissars was established with the intention of freeing the people through collectivism, oversight, and protection from individualists and the wealthy. When in history there has been a lack of leadership the people suffer and the former leaders watch as what they built falls. In order to protect this we establish the Politburo as a group of loyal commissars to ensure the message is never lost and our ideas and values may carry on the the next millennia. The centralized group will oversee all political issues, creating legislation, and giving direction to the people; All legislation lead by the Committee of Commissars and signed off by their respective ministers. The Committee is elected by the party members and they then select a General Secretary from the party, generally a member or former member of the Committee. The General Secretary then fills his cabinet and proceeds to lead the party and any nations under the idea of Commissarism. ╘═════════════════╛ JOINING THE PARTY First it is important to outline that in order to become part of the cabinet or committee you must be a loyal member to the party and display your yearn for a collectivist revolution.
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