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  1. Name and Location The Midnight strait is a body of water that flows between the Settlement 'Freeport" and the soon to be area "The Dark harbor" Geography The layout is pretty much the stretch of water that cuts through the two places mentioned before. The area begins right when Freeport's Area ends and ends right at the edge of The Dark Harbor. Civilization (Optional) The Midnight Strait is invested with dangerous sea-life, sunken ships, and pirates that roam the waves in search of vessels to plunder. The culture of piracy varies from ship to ship. Pray t
  2. Wtf_ftw321


    Osimar was born in New Reza in Hanseti-Ruska. Born to a family of artisans. Father was a merchant and Mother was a basket weaver. Lived in New Reza with his parents for 10 years until the Inferi War broke out and reach the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The city broke out in panic and the government tried their best to funnel all of their citizens onto barges that were heading towards the new world of Amaris. During a stampede Osimar got separated from his parents and was ended up on a random vessel alone. During the escape on ships some of the ships were taken out by demons and some of the Hanseti
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