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    Thaisen was born in a small town. They cannot remember what it was called, where it was, or what it was like. all they've been told by their parents was that it was a small little town with no real defenses, the reason for its downfall. When Thaisen was 1 year old, the town was attacked by orcs. only a few people made it out alive. This, thankfully, included Thaisen and their family. The surviors ran away from the burning town, running all the way to another close town, where Thaisen and his family was taken to [major city, sorry idk any yet ;P]. they managed to live comfortably there for a few years, but they were always looked down on, being poor and all. Thaisen ran away from there, not bearing to be able to burden their family. Since then, they've been moving towns constantly, not being able to settle down. They got a pet frog along the way, and that's their only reminder of places they've been before.
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