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    Hi. My name is Shiio, and I'm a Wood Elf. I really like to talk with animals, although I don't speak their language. That would be really fun to learn! I live alone in the wild, I love to travel, and I like to watch the sun come up, as a new day starts. A new day full of adventure. I'm very shy around new people, and as you can hear it, I have a very high voice. Some people might think I do it on purpose, but I don't have a low voice. I was born in Elvenesse, but I always lived in abandoned forests, alone, with animals. My parents abandoned me when I was two. I remember hearing rumors about me being an "accident child" or a "mistake". As I heard it, my parents didn't want a child, so they left me. No one wanted to adopt me, so I always had to take care of myself. I'm now 18, and I'm still trying to fit in. The only one I can count on is Chip, a fox that's always with me. He often runs away and gets lost in the roads of Elvenesse. I like that place. It's never too crowded, always peaceful. But that's not my favorite place of all: I sometimes go in Varhelm and Elysium, because even if there humans live, I often find elves there. I found that place while traveling across the ocean. I remember how cold the water was: as soon as the waves reached out of the water, they froze and fell back as tiny pieces of ice. It is really nice to seat, and observe the swirling waters near Elysium with the tiny fishes beneath surviving in the fragile eco-system. I will hope to help my community to the best of my capabilities, and with making new friends in the brave new world of Almaris!
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