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    Kin is what he calls himself. Grew up on an island with farmers, never knew his parents and never wanted to know. Weirdly there were no other children besides him on the island and the adults don't talk much either so he doesn't talk much. Everyone basically knew each other and were like a family. When ever a fishing ship comes to trade he would get books from them and he would learn about the outside world and dream about going on adventures with friends. When kin reached the age of 20 there was a celebration and the farmers took him into a cave that looked like a temple or shrine, the farmers gave him a pumpkin head and clothing with straws in them and told him to change in one of the rooms on the sides of the cave. As he changed he heard people outside talk about Iblees and a sacrifice. Kin wasn't dumb and his instinct told him to run so he got out of the room from the space cut out to let air in and ran to his house. Took whatever food and things he can and got on a rowing boat and started rowing in the direction the fishing ships would always go. He kept rowing for hours until he met a merchant ship and they were kind enough to let him board. As he looked down from the ship he could see himself on the waters reflection, he was covered in dirt from running through the farm and hay sticking out of his clothes and a pumpkin head with a sinister smile that he couldn't take of no matter what he tried. He decided that he would live as a new person, Kin the pumpkin, and he will never go back to that island and leave his name behind there. Kin asked where the ship is headed and they told him, "we are going to the Barony of Freimark in Savoy".
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