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    Esme is from the land of Haense. At the age of 6 is as far back as she can remember. It was a loving home till her mother (Paula) threw out the man she called daddy. Her mother moved them so they couldn't find her again and from there, things got bad. Step dad after step dad, who were abusive or brought abusive people around. As she grew she realized her mothers life goal wasn't her children's happiness, but to have a man take care of her financially. At the age of 10, Paula brought the last step dad into her life named Jose. A 400lbs bard who would almost immediately abuse Esme in the worst ways. Unfortunately, experience taught Esme that she loved her mother no matter what and wanted her happy. So she never spoke up, until her 16th birthday. On her 16th birthday, Esme made a coin flip choice. She would sit her mother down and tell her what Jose has been doing to her all those years. She told herself, if my mother finally chooses me, ill stay. If she chooses Jose, she leaves. Her mother bowed her head, looked up and muttered "You don't want me happy do you..." In acceptance, Esme stayed quiet as her mother got up and left. Esme knew what would happen so her bags were packed already. She had her friend Shelby coming to get her and when she arrived all hell broke loose. When Jose, Paula, and her sister Beth, realized what was about to happen, Jose ran outside and started yelling that Esme wouldn't amount to anything. All those years of rage built up inside, overflowed and Esme blacked out. She awoke to find herself back in the living room standing over Paula who was cowering and bleeding. Jose was across the room against the wall bleeding from his forehead. Then she realized, she did this and her sister Beth was still hitting her from behind, but Esme was numb. She walked out of that house for the last time and never looked back at snowy trash heap of a property. Esme starts her life finally, searching for her place in this world, her family, her path following with the guidance of The Red Faith.
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