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    Raised beneath the wide flung walls and turrets of Providence by a well to do and mercantile family, Anton Kayef was held to be a child of great promise. But being one filled with challenges and wild curiosities, he baffled his school masters, exhausted his tutors, and fell in with unworthy peers. His ailing parents could no longer restrain him, and after one particularly vehement argument, he left his family and home for the world beyond. From silver Haelun'or to frigid Norland he wandered, but soon he realized that the world has no care for him, and the ones who mattered are not ahead, but were behind. After nearly twenty years of traveling, he fell violently ill, and in his fevered dreams he beheld his past again, and in a solemn procession the scenes of youth strolled past while he watched helplessly. For weeks he laid while death hovered beside his bed, and when the gaunt specter departed at last, he swore that his wandering days were over, and his last destination: home.
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