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  1. EIN BRIEF AN DIE HEILIGE MUTTER KIRCHE A LETTER TO THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH Depiction of Blessed Johann triumphant over the spawn of Iblees YOUR HOLINESS, I write you this letter with a perplexed mind, for I have just recently borne witness to GOD’s almighty light. It was but a mere day ago, that my councilmen and I were wandering the roads of the Confederacy, with no clear goal in mind. We wandered, and wandered, until we was halted by a pair of ungodly creatures, those who serve Iblees. These creatures struck me off my horse, wounding me severely. The fall had made me drop my sword, and in my weakened state, I could not grasp it to fight the creatures of darkness. Similar work was also done to my warriors, Petsch von Minitz and Orion Adler, who rode with me. It was then that light from the sun shone on our faces, as if focusing on us, and us alone. With the light, came a form and a voice, those of my long lost kinsman, Blessed Johann Barclay. He urged us to rise, to continue the neverending fight against the Anathema, just as he had done in his life. I felt a surge of power, of strength, and I found my sword, as did my companions. These creatures, blinded by the Blessed’s light covered in fear, as I struck them down, their ungodly blood now filling the roads. The light dimmed, and the Blessed with it. We were left alone on the road, wounded, but we still had some of the strength the Blessed had given us, and we managed to make our way back home to Minitz, where our wounds were tended to. All three of us are sure that our savior was the Blessed Johann, acting through the will of GOD. I remember his voice as if it had just been spoken, and I also remember his story. Blessed Johann was without a doubt one of the greatest men of his time. As the longest reigning leader of both the House Barclay and the Brotherhood of St. Karl, he saw the entirety of the Sinner’s War against Philip III through, leading the Haeseni war effort to multiple victories. Along with this, did he regain the Ducal status for his family, while also being declared as the first Haeseni to hold a Princely title outside of the royal house in centuries. He did as well embark on multiple crusades and missions into the unholy depths of the Voidal hollow, leading the Brotherhood of St. Karl in their scourge of that GOD’s forsaken place. They came under attack by demons, undead, ghosts, and cultists - but as their saying goes, they did not falter. But, his tale is not only of bloodshed and hard work. There is a ballad, heard sung in the courts of the Reinmaren, of his stand against the elite of the Orenian Anathema. With nothing but a broken axe on his side, the Blessed managed to overpower two fully armed and plated soldiers sent to slaughter the true faithful of the Church. Not only did he prevail in this, but his axe was also healed by GOD himself, which allowed him to survive. This axe still lays with the House of Barclay, unbroken, never rusting. I have also in my youth heard a story of the day the Orenian Empire’s and Principality of Savoy’s decline began. At the coronation of Prince Olivier II, a conspiracy was sprung by the Prince and the Emperor, to denounce and butcher the rightful Pontiff, Everard VI. This was only stopped by the Brotherhood of St. Karl, which had arrived at San Luciano by the sudden and unexpected command of the Lord Marshal, Johann Barclay. There, the Brotherhood and its Marshal walked to the dias, forming a wall and escorting the Pontiff outside. Not a single drop of blood was shed in the hall, and if the Blessed had not suddenly wished to go to Savoy, our history would’ve been forevermore changed. These are all odd concurrences, and all have witnessed the favor of GOD almighty. The Blessed himself knew this also, which is why, during the thick of the longest war in Almarilian history, Johann Barclay chose to embark on a Holy Pilgrimage. With no arms, no armor nor protector, he walked through the lands of Haense, Savoy and Oren. Not once did he come under attack, nor were under threat. The protection of GOD was all he needed. So, do I petition you, your Holiness and your Holy Curia, to consider these saintly acts of GOD’s will. The Blessed walked among us as a symbol of hope, resistance and piety against the dark and the servants of the Anathema, and it seems as if GOD has allowed him to continue his service to the faithful, even once ascending to the Skies above. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres Orion Adler von Minitz, Lawspeaker of Minitz, Warrior of Theoderic's Warband Petsch von Minitz, Bailiff of Brandthof, Warrior of Theoderic's Warband
  2. Ser Brandt Barclay awaited his nephew on the seven skies with a wide smile, making to show him the most efficient techniques of generating GODcoins, the seven skies currency.
  3. DIE RÜCKKEHR DES GRAFEN THE GRAF’S RETURN SÖHNE UND TÖCHTER VON MINITZ, For many days and nights I have traveled a road of piety, a road of pilgrimage, a road of humility and faith. To Kalden I have ventured and prayed akin to my ancestor Brandt, visiting the old grave in which the remains of Saint Tylos once rested. For Minitz I have prayed, and the lorraine I have signed many times for the return of my cousin Dietrich. Such a journey has lowered my head, it taught me the ways of perseverance and constant prayer. My soul I feel closer to GOTT my Lord. Thus, have I returned to my homeland, amongst my people and my kin, amongst my soldiers and children. Thus are the days of regency over, for by the will of GOTT our Lord, the Graf has returned to his Grafschaft. Thus, by the will of Graf Leon Barclay, THE ROLE OF HERR REGENT OF MINITZ IS DISSOLVED and Chieftain Siegfried Barclay is released from his duties as regent. THE FEAST OF THE TRIBE To celebrate a healthy return home, and to gather the Sons and Daughters of Minitz in such an occasion, does the Graf of Minitz find it fit for a FEAST OF THE TRIBE to be held, as per Reinmaren tradition. The healthiest of the lambs within the Grafschaft shall be slaughtered and served for the occasion, and the men and women of Minitz are welcome to bring forth gifts and foods of their own making, contributing to the revelry each in their own way. During the feast, the warriors of Minitz and those friends of the Grafschaft shall come forth to duel, testing their mettle and proving their battle capabilities in front of all. The revelries shall be hosted within the Minitzian Tavern in a few days. [[OOC:]] [[The Feast will be held TODAY, September 7th at 4pm EST.]] WER RASTET, DER ROSTET Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres
  4. babe wake up new conorpost @Fionn__TWG
  5. DER ORDEN HEILIGEN TYLOS DER HENGST VON REINMAR THE ORDER OF SAINT TYLOS THE STALLION OF REINMAR “WAR IS HELL” - Saint Tylos upon discovering that supply chain disruptions meant blonde hair dye was no longer available in Haense. First created during the times of the County of Freimark and the reign of Count Ernst Barclay, the Sons of Saint Tylos were the first levy force of House Barclay, acting as the warriors and protectors of the County and their liege. Yet, with the fall of the Principality of Savoy, so did the Sons disperse and the glories of Freimark fade. By the will and patronage of Graf Leon Barclay von Minitz, the Chivalric Order of Saint Tylos the Stallion of Reinmar shall be formed, becoming the spiritual successor of those who called themselves Sons of Saint Tylos. With Theoderic’s Warband acting as the levy of Minitz, the Ritters of the Order of Saint Tylos will thus forth be tasked with the protection of the House of Barclay von Minitz, as well as those of Reinmaren and Waldenian heritage across the realms. Thus, shall the Ritters of Saint Tylos ride once more, under the eagle of green and blue. GOTT MIT UNS THE TENETS OF THE BLACK CROSS Originating from the tenets laid out by Count Ernst Barclay von Freimark, the Ritters of Saint Tylos still keep to those words. Does it happen that a Ritter ever breaks the Tenets, they are to be cast out of the Order and treated as a traitor to the Reinmaren people. I: Serve only your Liege and GOTT, may you swear to no other man. II: Hold your faith, and if so required, be prepared to enter the Seven Skies for it. III: Uphold your Schwur and honour, for it is the man’s word that makes him. IV: Flee not in the wake of struggle, for he who flees and betrays his brother was born a traitor. V: Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, be the sword protecting GOD’s men. VI: Respect your steed as if it was your own embodiment. The true Reinmaren values his stallion. VII: Do not look down on your fellow man, for everyone is equal in the eyes of GOD. VIII: Fight alongside your fellow Ritter as you would with your own brother, for they indeed are your siblings-at-arms. IX: Be brave, yet do not throw your life away for naught. X: Be humble at heart, and show obedience to your commanders. Disobedience brings naught but ruin. HIERARCHY DER HERRENMEISTER // THE MASTER OF THE KNIGHTS While the Order does not possess many ranks, there is one that stands above the rest. The Herrenmeister (Common: Master of the Knights) is hand-picked by the Graf of Minitz, and acts as the Master of the Order of St. Tylos. It is their duty to see that the Graf and his family are safe, and that the Order is properly armed and manned by Squires and Ritters. The Herrenmeister is the only man besides the Graf himself capable of issuing orders to the Ritters, but due to the Order’s brotherly bonds, such is not often necessary. DER RITTER // THE KNIGHT Ritters are people who have completed their arduous training and quests and been Oathed as a Ritter by the Graf. They are men of excellent military prowess and of unquestionable loyalty and honor to the Graf, their Brothers and the people of Minitz. A Ritter has the right to take under them a single squire, who they’ll train in the ways of the Order. DER KNAPPE / THE SQUIRE Squires are those who have been accepted to take tutelage under a Ritter, aspiring to one day become one themselves. Squires can be of any age, and they must undergo a strict and harsh training before being presented to the Graf, who’ll grant them their final task before being made a Ritter of the Order. SQUIREHOOD Becoming a Ritter from a squire is an arduous journey, but the same can be said from becoming a squire in the first place. A Ritter is granted the privilege and responsibility to each pick a single Squire at a time, who they’ll tutor and teach in the way of the stallion, sword and tenets. While a Ritter has the choice to pick their own Squire, must they first fill the following, I) The Squire of the Order must be of Waldenian or Reinmaren heritage or have converted to the ways of either culture. II) The Squire must be clear of any allegiance or oaths made to foreign lords, for they serve only the Graf and the Waldenian people. III) The Squire will not worship a being other than GOTT almighty, and his Holy Mother Church. For the True Faith is only one. After being accepted to the Order, the Ritter will judge when the Squire has proved himself ready both mentally and physically to become a Ritter. Then, the Squire shall walk the pilgrimage of St. Tylos before coming before the Graf, who shall give the Squire a task of any sort or nature, which the Squire must complete before being Oathed as a Ritter of the Order of Saint Tylos. OATH OF SAINT TYLOS The Oath of Saint Tylos was sworn by his Sons, so it is only fitting that that tradition be continued with his Order. After completing his final trial, a Squire shall kneel before the bones of St. Tylos, and overlooked by the statues of Barclay Lords of the past, be Oathed a Ritter of Minitz and House Barclay by the Graf. Under the Black Cross, I kneel with my brothers Under the banner of Green and Blue, I pledge to no others Before my Liege, I come forth Before GOTT, I bow my head, he shall be witness to my oath. My blade in hand, I pledge my sword With clenched fist, I swear my bond With brothers by my side, I awaken at night With open heart, my guide shall be GOTT’s light. From battle I shan’t avert Such do those who traitors were born. To my last hour I shall keep alert That I uphold to what I have sworn So I pray, Saint Tylos keep me, To be his Son, I beg he heed me To call those by my side my siblings I shall hold them tighter than my feelings So I pledged my oath, As a man I came forth Now I rise, as Saint Tylos’ Son May my service be forever undone Until the light is gone, Until the water is gone, Until my life is gone, Wielding my sword in valour until my breath is gone. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres Johann Ritter von Freimark KST, der Herrenmeister Orden des Heiligen Tylos der Hengst von Reinmar
  6. it doesn't. make it. any less cringe. :)
  7. "That's what Dietrich actually looks like" replied Graf Leon Barclay from within the walls of the aged woman's house "He's just so buff he looks like a block" he informed, then went back to praying that his cousin be found and brought home once more.
  8. DIE POSITIONEN VON MINITZ The Positions of Minitz AN DIE SÖHNE VON MINITZ, Since our exodus from our home and the denial to provide promised town plans by the now False-King Frederick, us Reinmaren and Waldenians of Minitz have long gone without proper home nor organization. With the end of the Rebellion and the subsequent victory of the Harvest Lords, the Reinmaren go without home no more! In the lands of old Rivia they settled, and on those lands they’d form their home. After having made changes to the old lands of House Galbraith, the Count does now decree the formal creations of positions, ranks and duties within the Minitzan society. Furthermore, following the recognition and elevation bestowed by the High Pontiff, Tylos III towards the sovereign titles and lands of Minitz as a County, does Count Leon Barclay find it pleasing for the titles of the realm to be transitioned into Waldenian. Thus further embracing the usage of both the Waldenian language and titles of Waldenian origins, is the following declared: That the COUNTY OF MINITZ thus becomes DIE GRAFSCHAFT MINITZ, and the COUNT OF MINITZ be styled as DER GRAF MINITZ DAS GRAFENRAT Das Grafenrat (Waldenian: The Comital Council) is composed of the Graf of Minitz and his six most trusted and hard working advisors, each holding different responsibilities, privileges, and tasks to ensure the Grafschaft’s prosperity. They are assigned the “Seine/Ihre Wohlgeboren” honorific prefix, literally translating from Waldenian as “His/Her Well-born”. The official positions and hierarchies branching from the Graf Minitz proceed as follows: The Graf of Minitz // Der Graf Minitz The Master of the Knights // Der Herrenmeister The Bailiff of Brandthof // Der Vogt von Brandthof The Court Master // Der Hofmeister The Envoy // Der Gesandte The Lawspeaker // Der Gesetzessprecher The Chieftain // Der Häuptling LAWSPEAKER’S DIET Der Gesetzessprecher Holding a similar status to the Bailiff, the Lawspeaker is one of the most influential positions in the Grafschaft. They’re tasked with upholding the Minitzian lawcode - the Kanun -, levy out punishment to criminals arrested by the Warband and upkeep justice in the Grafschaft. The Lawspeaker also hires Law-writers to help him in his tasks, as well as an excecutioner. The Ritter / Lawhandlers In order to assist the Lawspeaker with the vast task of upholding the law of the Kanun within the Minitzian realm, the Ritter are given authority to levy some punishment and judgement upon the breaking of the law. They are the only individuals aside from the Lawspeaker yielding such power and responsibility, and are thus taught in the ways of the Kanun during their training as squires. Whilst most of the more capital cases fall under the direct discretion of the Lawspeaker, the Ritter usually tend to deliver judgment or minor or middling offenses and disputes. The Law-writers The Minitzian Kanun is a large book, with interpretations of its text varying between individuals. The Law-writer’s job is to help the Lawspeaker to interpret this text in regards to the unfolding situation at the time. They also help write legislation and expand the Kanun itself. The Executioner The Executioner is responsible for sending those who have committed crimes and found guilty to the Seven Skies. Usually in the most painless way possible. GENTRY OF MINITZ Der Herrenmeister and The Order of Martyr-Saint Nicholas and Saint Tylos the Stallion of Reinmar The Master of the Knights, is the most senior commander among the OMSNSTSR. The Ritter are the small, yet elite force serving directly and only under the Graf. They act as their personal bodyguard protecting and guarding them wherever they go. The Ritter also traverse around the continent and Waldenian realms, seeking to assist their kin and those in need. The road to a Ritter is a hard one, and one must first get one to take you in as a squire, training you in the ways of the Vander Code and Reinmaren culture. Additionally, during their service with the lands of Minitz, the Ritter act as upkeepers of the Kanun, the Minitzian Law, doing so under the supervision and guidance of the Lawspeaker. The Gentry of Merit Being an Honorary Position, the Gentry of Merit is granted to those who have proved their loyalty to Minitz and the Graf. They’re the hardest of workers, embodying the Reinmaren ways. The Merit is granted directly by the Graf and is considered a great honor. THEODERIC’S WARBAND Theoderic’s warband are the protectors and warriors of Minitz, forming the more tribal aspect of the Grafschaft’s society. Led by their Chieftains and Warchiefs, the Warband is responsible for patrolling the land of Minitz, arresting criminals and rallying for whenever necessary. It is also typical for a close band of Brothers from the Warband to form their own tribe - much similar to nobility in other realms - and promoting one of them to the rank of Warchief. The following parchment can be referred to for more information on the Warband: OFFICE OF THE BAILIFF Der Vogt von Brandthof The Bailiff of Brandthof is one of the most influential figures in Minitz. They are responsible for the management of the town of Brandthof, its populace, taxation and infrastructure. Under them work a vast array of people in different positions to ensure that the Grafschaft’s economy and population keep healthy and grow. The Bailiff is directly chosen by the Graf and wields absolute authority in matters of finance and taxation. The Stewards Working to make sure the properties of Minitz are sold at their earliest inconvenience, Stewards are one of the most populous and easiest positions to acquire. They’re appointed by the Bailiff, and in addition to selling property make sure that they’re properly upkept and taxed, evicting them if necessary. The Delegators Delegators are assigned along with the Town Alija to assist newcomers to Minitz and make sure they find themselves a stable home, work and company. Delegators are typically also working as Stewards. The Quartermasters Working closely with the Bailiff, the Quartermaster is tasked with making sure the Grafschaft’s equipment - both in regards to food, weaponry and materiel are always stacked to the prim. If such is not the case, together with the Bailiff they will work to accommodate for such and make the coffers and storage of the Grafschaft healthy. The Town Criers Much like Heralds, it is also the Town Crier’s job to relay news of edicts and missives. Though while the Heralds work directly for the Graf, Town Criers deliver news or information directly to the citizens of Brandthof, usually by shouting them at the square or nailing the missives at their doors. The Tavern Master Managing the tavern in the name of the Graf, the Tavern master is responsible for hiring Taverners and making sure that liquid and food and service are always available in the Tavern of Brandthof. The Master is often expected to regularly hold reverlies in the tavern, brightening the common folk’s day. OFFICE OF THE ENVOY Der Gesandte Put in charge of all matters diplomatic and foreign relations, the Envoy, is assigned directly by the Graf. They overlook the work of the diplomats under their office, and deal with paramount matters of foreign relations. The Envoy may also act as the Graf’s representative in such occasions and in meetings outside of the Grafschaft, such as meetings amongst the Harvest Lords Diplomats Assigned such positions by the Graf and the Envoy, the diplomats assist the latter in dealing with matters of foreign relations. Usually, a diplomat is assigned to work as an ambassador of Minitz in a specific realm, though this is not a necessity. They work closely with the Envoy in order to ensure the prosperity of Minitz when it comes to dealings with other realms. THE COMITAL COURT Der Hofmeister The Court Master leads the Vicommital Court of Minitz and is chosen for his position solely by the Graf himself. The duties and responsibilities of the Hofmeister vary widely depending on the Graf’s wishes at the time, but most usually they are tasked with upkeeping the Comital castle and making sure that the Court is always stacked with ambitious folk in the Graf’s service. The Hofmeister also possesses the authority to command the rest of the Court on ways of procedure, tasks and occupance. Master of the Hunt The best Huntsman in the entire Grafschaft, the Master of the Hunt leads hunting patrols and advises the Graf on all matters relating to their craft. It is traditional for the Master to be granted a smaller residence outside of the Town of Brandthof to practice their art properly. When a new Master of the Hunt is chosen, those desiring the position are usually brought before the Graf with a gift - that being their largest prey thus far, to demonstrate their capability for the position. Historian Historians are tasked with keeping and writing the records of both Waldenian and Reinmaren history - including that of the Grafschaft itself. Bard The Musicians of the Courts, bards are tasked with playing their joyful tunes whenever able to, bringing light to the normal days of hard Reinmaren work. Pages Serving directly under the Graf, pages are usually children who have been asked to be taken under the Graf’s tutorage. Pages accompany the Graf on a day-to-day basis, carrying equipment, preparing foods and writing being among their most common tasks, but which of course vary depending on the day and situation. Once a page comes of age, they are typically chosen for another court position to serve as Falconer Taking care of both the Falcon’s of the Grafschaft and the still remaining yet dwindling population of Waldenian Walruses, the Comital Falconer advices the Graf on all matters relating to these noble birds, or any their king, such as the Reinmaren eagle Heralds A position as Herald is perhaps one of the most respected amongst the Reinmaren. Since the early proto-hanseti tribes, the Heralds have acted as the personal messengers of their respective leaders and chiefs, carrying their messages to other realms, announcing their edicts or presenting them whenever necessary. Town Alija Hundreds of years ago, a man named Chief Alija grew an entire Reinmaren village on his own - teaching newcomers of their ways and traditions. In honor of him, the Town Alija of Minitz is responsible for helping newcomers get situated and teach them about the ways of the Reinmaren. They also assist those willing to adopt these ways on completing their Trials of the Stallions, and generally acts as a welcoming figure for new residents. WER RASTET, DER ROSTET Seine Hochgeboren, Leon Brandt Ritter Barclay von Minitz KRE Ernte Herr, Graf Minitz, Burggraf Tucay, Freiherr Boriënwald, Herr Brandthof und Durres Johann von Freimark, Theoderikanischer Krieger
  9. "Wie cool ist das, bitte? Ich lese Waldenia und trink Cola. Yippee!" cheered Leon alongside Stanimar
  10. Leon Barclay nodded "As we agreed mit Gustaf, let's get them in!" exclaimed the Waldenian
  11. Leon Barclay smiled widely as he hears of conflict undone. He nods and draws his blade "And I thought the action was done" he chuckled "Though I doubt Alstreim was actually consulted... Can't wait for the Grodnoid's ego to bloat like a balloon over such desperate tries just to pop it off myself if they try to stay in Confederation land."
  12. FREEDOM Every life runs its course. Years pass, seasons come and go, time escapes out of one’s hand. Each life runs a different course, yet, some share similar key events. So Leon contemplated, seated atop the gate tower of the Castle of Durres within the lands of Minitz, the Chieftain overlooked the land which he now called home. It was fertile, albeit messy. There was no other building here beside the castle and the newly constructed church. “Who even built that?” he wondered “During time of war too” The gentle smoke rose from his fingers as Leon dragged on his Barcston cigarettes. He had now picked up a habit, perhaps it was only one of many. So he smoked, and looked about the land, the sun was rising in front of him, the dawn bringing in a new day. He sighed, and wondered how he got here. Five years of conflict, he realized, five years since Frederick decided to dabble with Haelun’or. To him, it didn’t feel like five years, it felt like a lifetime. The time since he lived in Haense until his traveling to Oren felt shorter than these five years of war. First, it was the war against the world, then, it was the fighting amongst Orenians. We have accomplished quite a bit, haven’t we? It just hit him, it had been four years now since Dietrich became a Baron, and Leon regained his nobility. In only four years, we’ve grown and prospered from a Barony of very few men. GOTT smiles over Minitz. At that thought, his lips curled as they smoked the Barcston once more. Yet, his life had also taken a common course. He had gotten married to a Waldenian wife, Maria. A child she had borne, a strong, healthy boy of pure Waldenian blood. Ottomar, they named him. Now that the war is over I can tend to my two children, Ottomar and Minitz. Brothers and friends he had made in places where he didn’t think. Petsch von Reinmar had approached the gates of the Castle out of the blue, saying he wished to join Theoderic’s Warband after hearing of it. Leon chuckled lightly as he reminisced, he took one last drag off his cigarette, and flinched it down. He reminisced on the bond he felt with Petsch at the time. Both men of Reinmar, both raised as proper Reinmaren. He then thought of Orion, the first elf to join them. He remembered welcoming the elf to the Castle of Durres, guiding him as he walked between the world of humans and his kin. He was reminded of how Orion said the elves had treated him, and thus had decided to stay in Minitz. Leon chuckled once more, he now is our Lawspeaker. He then thought of Alija and Johann. Both men hail from Freimark, both searching for a purpose greater than themselves. Alija was the one he had met first, before Minitz was even founded. Leon smiled, for the old sage had provided him with great wisdom and good advice. He was aged, yet his spirit remained young. This is the spirit of the Reinmaren, this is our eternal struggle for liberty. So too did he reminisce of Johann von Freimark, the man who had approached him during the short stay of his troops in Reinmar. The newest recruit, yet a man I can already trust with my life. He then thought of Hummer, originally named Lobster. Yet another sage who had joined the cause. His resolution was peace, to not harm another man. Leon remembered the time he met Hummer within the tavern of Mardon. Hummer’s pledge made an impression on him. It amused him, yet he respected it as if it were his own pledge. This is why we fight, so that every Minitzian man may live their life as they wish. Marro, the first Ushtar of Minitz and one of Leon’s first friends and followers. Perhaps the most loyal, almost too much so. However, he smiled contently. Quiet as he is, he's an exquisite lad, ought to get him his smithy in our town once it comes. He valued the loyalty and consistency. In Marro, he saw a man he could trust, a man he'd be glad to die fighting with Naturally, he could not forget Valens. The very first followers of the first Theoderican Warchiefs, Dietrich and himself. He smiled as he eyed up to the skies, he remembered the feeling he had when he first met Valens. It was a feeling Dietrich had too, an unspoken sensation, a soul felt at ease. They had both felt how special Valens was. They had tried him and tested him, through work and approval of the sages of Reinmar, they had discovered for Valens to have possessed the spirit of Chieftain Theoderic of old. Leon had heard stories from the sages of Reinmar, but he never really believed them. He had heard about how the Chieftain’s soul was said to travel the mortal realm, reincarnating in flesh as a being new, yet a spirit old. Leon doubted these stories no more, and smiled as he reminisced. Another cigarette was lit, and Leon thought of the men of Minitz. He thought of Reeve and Siegfried, Elliot and the new orcish recruit, Ulvr. He thought of his Barclay kin here in Minitz, of Martin and Stanimar, two great supporters and confidants, Barclays clear mind and strategic aid. He thought of his wife and his son, and the family that was to come. He even thought of his descendants, those who he still did not know, but was ready to fight for. He chuckled a bit, and proceeded to smoke. How life goes, the thought, then his mind fell silent. He eyed the horizon, the sun rising above the empty lands of Minitz. We now have freedom, the freedom every Reinmaren years for. Now lords but GOTT, no lieges but ourselves. But what was the price? The price, he realized, were sleepless nights. The price was the making of good decisions. He did not live only for himself now. He lives for his family and his Viscounty. The Viscount of Minitz shared his same burden. Thus, his mind went to Dietrich. He came to Oren because of him, and now. Many struggles they shared together, many sleepless nights, many times of tough decisions. Dietrich was now akin to his father. The Barclay Chief chuckled at the realization, he even made me his heir. He thought, then averted his vision south, towards Acre. The Harvest Lords, now a rather potent chapter in his life, one that was still being written. It felt as if it were yesterday. The first meeting of the Harvest lords. Theoderic’s Warband, Acre, Rivia. The good days, he thought, then looked downwards to the gates. He huffed, and with gritted teeth, shook his head. Charles… the name lingered in his mind. The name of the Viscount of Rivia, a casualty of the war. Why did we side with Orenians at first, Charles? His mind began running rampant the more thoughts it accumulated. ******* oaths, ******* loyalties! His brain screamed from within, a scream no one but him could hear. Look where they got you, Charles! With nothing to celebrate, with no brothers by your side. Any doubt he had before then faded, and he looked straight towards the horizon once more. He took a deep breath, then released it abruptly. He knew he made the right decision, to not swear loyalty again to a Kingdom ill and weak, to a Kingdom corrupt and crumbling. Thus it appears is my burden. Kingdom after Kingdom I’ve left. Haense first, Oren second. Thus is the Reinmaren struggle, thus does my blood boil, thus does my spirit seek freedom, thus do I lead my men. He then thought of Gustaf and Hannes, the Barons of Acre. The initiatiors of the war. He was now with them, and he did not regret it. He only regretted not having done it sooner, though he also knew he could not break his oath, thus he waited until Frederick I's death, his oaths had not gone afloat as had the crown which sat atop no head. As he reminisced of his Acrean brothers, the Barclay couldn't help but smirk. All this conflict and we still managed to spill no Acrean blood. GOTT truly does favor us. This is why we fight. For our men and Minitz, for the Reinmaren prosperity, for the Reinmaren dream. No lord but GOTT, no liege but ourselves. “Leon!” a voice called from behind him. It was a greatly familiar voice. He turned and eyed towards the horseman with brown hair, a headband covering some of them. “Are we ready?” replied the blonde Reinmaren back from atop the tower. The horseman below nodded “I’m coming, Dietrich!” he notified before making his way down. Atop his own horse he hopped then, a Reinmaren breed of white color, its hair thick and white as snow. So, did the Chieftain and Viscount depart, atop their respective horses, they’d finally go to spend some time together, and departed towards the Acrean forests to hunt game. As they conversed during the road, Leon eyed Dietrich, and then back to Minitz. He smiled widely, then looked ahead. “The time of the Harvest has come and gone, Dietrich. We separated the wheat from the chaff. Now, it’s time to produce the flour” ((OOC note, screenshots, memories, and memes))
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