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  1. THEODERIC'S WARBAND Taking after tribal Reinmaren military traditions, Theoderic’s Warband emerges in this day and age to rekindle the practices of olden days. The Reinmaren have always defined themselves as free folk since their ethnic conception, and continue to be so to this day. Their leaders swear loyalty and pledge to princes and kings, but the liberated souls of their tribes remain free. Chief Theoderic’s cultural significance in ancient Reinmaren history admits just this. “Theodorik’s folk, in a rare and paramount moment for the Waldenians, refused to obey their elder clan.” So write the modern accounts of the feud between Theoderic’s and Galimar’s clans, the latter of which were higher in the cultural hierarchy of the time. Nevertheless, Theoderic in full Reinmaren spirit, flapped open his free wings, branching off from his own brethren. Thus too, in the same spirit, do the warriors of Theodric’s Warband emerge. Aiming to protect and expand their tribe, indulging themselves in the olden Reinmaren hunger for battle, struggle and adventure, founded by the Barclay cousins Dietrich and Leon. HIERARCHY Differently from other bands or military groups, the Hierarchy of the warband is a simple one. Composed only of two ranks, those of the warriors, and the warchiefs who lead them. WARCHIEFS The higher of the two ranks within the warband, the Warchiefs of Theodric are seasoned warriors who have shown the ability and devotion to lead the heap of warriors. Whilst most major decisions are made by the band as a whole, the warchiefs usually serve to train their brothers-at-arms, and lead them in times of war. WARRIORS The core of the warband, the warriors make up the majority of the Warband. They are brothers at arms, who rally at the call of the warchiefs, or may even gather amongst themselves if they so deem worthy. The Warriors of Theoderic enjoy the freedom to do just about whatever they desire, with the only limitation being the ability to join other armies or orders while being part of the warband. They usually war different varieties of armors, being given choice to attire themselves with a variety of armors and uniforms, depending on their expertise. DYNAMIC Much like the Reinmaren warbands of old, that of Theoderic remains a rather ‘loose’ one. Its warriors are typically not shackled by many things that being an army’s soldiers would. Outside of their training and rallies, they usually remain free to act to their heart's content, with not many necessary obligations to fulfill aside from staying part of the band and being loyal to it. On this account, it is only normal that the warriors within the band grow to have relationships similar to that of brothers, or ‘war brothers’, as they call it. This is prominently admitted in the way warrior-to-warrior relations work within the lot, or even those between warriors and warchiefs. For example, if a warrior happened to insult one of the warchiefs, there’d be no set rules or laws for the man to be punished. Instead, it is up to the warchief on whether or not he allows his persona to be disrespected. This sometimes may lead to duels and conflict within the warband, something that the Theoderican warriors respect and carry out with honorable Reinmaren grace. Such dynamics within the warband lead to stronger bonds being formed between war brothers, be they chiefs or not, and each warrior’s behavior is countered by their brother’s direct response, instead of set rules that deduct their behavior. This however, varies in times of war and struggle, and a warrior is more incentivised to follow their warchief’s lead, for they understand that disunity in times of battle can easily be their downfall. ENLISTMENT Those brave and willing to become members of the Warband may do so by reaching out to any of the Warchiefs, currently being Leon Barclay (IGN: GoodGuyMatt2k ; Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284) or Dietrich Barclay (IGN: Madone2k ; Discord: Mad#2647). Additionally, the following form might be filled and sent to the Warchiefs through aviaries. Enlistment Form: Full Name: Age: Gender: Race: [Username: ] [Discord: ] WER RASTET, DER ROSTET Leon Barclay, Warchief of Theoderic's Warband Dietrich Barclay, Warchief of Theoderic's Warband
  2. "Oh no he unlocked the premium version of Raevspeak!" cried Leon
  3. BARCLAYMAN: FAR FROM HOME Long had it been since he last visited Karosgrad, or any populated area really. Six, maybe eight years since he was amongst any society. Leon had left before Sigismund III’s death, under whom he had become a page. He was young, still in his twelfth year, he had departed to conclude the trials set up from his house, the Trials of the Stallion. He had completed his Humility trial, set to work the fields for months, he had grasped a notion of what manual labor was, despite being of noble blood. It hadn’t saturated his hunger for work, on the contrary, it had deepened it. He didn’t know what life was, he had barely seen any of it, yet, he was told much about it. After long months of idleness and meditation, he made up his mind. Two trials he had left, those of the Lone Hunt, and the Pilgrimage of Saint Tylos, trials that would take the average Barclay about three or four months to complete at most. But he didn’t want to be the average Barclay. It was excellence he was after, dedication and pride. Much he had read of his ancestors, Wilheim and Brandt Barclay, from whom he descended. Living a youth filled with ancestral veneration, he wanted to become like them, he wanted to set a legacy, to become one of the distinguished. Some would call this a trait of pride, a sin in a good amount of contexts. He knew this, and simply nodded to the idea. It was pride he was after, glory and legacy. After all, it was in his blood, any Barclay worth his salt would have at least felt the same ambitions once. Leon took the first step that all took, deciding to run the next steps that were to come. He committed to his resolve, and set for his trials, but this time, he knew he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. Years he spent on the road, hunting and pilgrimaging, finding himself through travels. It didn’t take him long to complete the hunt, he had been trained by abled Reinmaren warriors, he was prepared. Yet, he didn’t appear home as he was expected the fourth month, neither did he within the year, or the year after. From one forest to the other, from one path to the next, Leon Barclay’s teen years were spent amongst travelers, caravaneers, and sometimes even bandits, though he’d not tell such in public. He was raised in the world he had not known about before, and he stayed strong to his resolve. Many events transpired during this period, so many that they could fill a book, but at the end of it, Leon was a new young man. Now in his eighteenth year, he decided to come back, and traveled to Reinmar, his home. He went to his old room, still unkempt by the Illatian maids within the Whileburg castle. He met his family, Ser Reinhardt his grandfather, Ser Emil his father, Herman and Reinhardt II, his brothers. A few months later, he disappeared again. This time not away from civilization, but towards it. With newfound experiences and knowledge, his Barclay blood called to him once more, this time to a new land, a land of opportunity. He set to travel to the Kingdom of Oren. Long was the journey, but he didn’t mind. He entered the city of Vienne, much smaller than her predecessor Providence. He searched city square and tavern, he seeked for a familiar face, which he hadn’t met yet. Then, it appeared, wearing a military beret above its head, short brown hair unlike his, poking out of its headwear. Despite the difference in color of hair, Leon greeted his cousin, Dietrich Barclay. He had read about him, his Savoyard origins, and his ambitions and plans in Oren. He’s why he came to such strange lands, far from his own home. His blood-seeked exploits, hoping Dietrich would offer saturation for such hunger. To Leon’s luck, it appeared he did. Welcomed with open arms, the Barclay cousins merged into a single effort, their ambitions aligning, their goals parallel to one another. It was more than Leon had wished for. Only a couple hours into their union, the cousins were already called to serve the King through service-at-arms. The threat of a Carrion vampire and an accomplice olog within the square of Vienne presented itself soon after Leon’s arrival. With a sense of what some people would call bloodlust, the Reinmaren lad made quick to jump into the action, years of experience in the treacherous roads had shaped him to act such. The threat was quickly eliminated by those guards present, including the Barclay cousins. With a Barclay’s efficiency then, Leon made haste to find work, his callused hands wished for nothing but work, and so he was hired under the Inquisition, experiencing himself with the notions of law and its upkeep, perhaps in hopes of gaining valuable experience in such for later down the line. Two years later, the Barclay cousins had worked towards their goal. In oldened Reinmaren fashion, they had founded a Warband, that of Saint Theoderic, named in honor of the old Reinmaren Chief, Theoderic. The two believed they had found the reincarnation of the oldened chief, as the tribal Reinmaren myths went, the chief were to reappear. They found this myth come to life in the person of Valens Vlastos, once a bartender they found in Oren, they saw in the man what other Barclays soon were to see. The spirit of their Reinmaren ancestor. Valens were brought to Reinmar soon enough, where he was to complete some of the Trials of the Stallions, which he accomplished with almost inhumane capability, further concreting the Barclays’ beliefs. Valens, or the “Uber Chief” as they called him, where to meet with a council of Reinmaren elders, with Ser Reinhardt at the front, the old sage of Reinmar, with decades of experience and wisdom, he confirmed in Valens what the rest of the Reinmaren suspected, the spirit of Chief Theoderic. There, in the church within Wilheburg were the King Paramount Reinhardt met Valens, it happened, an apparition! A man dressed in white, beautiful and shiny clothes descended from the roof of the church, so witnessed the Reinmaren gathered around. Any Barclay recognized the apparition, it was Saint Nicolas, their kin, who appeared as he had before. As the Saint descended, he recognized Valens as the reincarnation of the legends and the myths, blessing him as the Uber Chief. Thus, it was set in stone, Valens joined the Warband, to be trained as the Chief he was to be, to be shown the ways of the Reinmaren living within his soul, for which it roared. The Warband had grown now, and it continued to do so with other notable members like Marro, Leopold and Martin Barclay, Waldemar von Reinmar, and others. Things were looking up, Leon felt the same sense of accomplishment he had when he decided to leave his home before. He saw it as a sign that he had made the right decision once more. Now far from home, he had found a new one, continuing work with his cousins and brothers from the Warband, the young Barclay looked ahead to what was to be his life, one full of fresh opportunity and glory to achieve. With the first big project as the founding of the Banardian party alongside Alstreim friends like Mathilda, Leon felt confident as ever. Anyone who’d meet the lad would see a wide smile on his face, as if having found peace.
  4. Leon Barclay prepares his attire and favourite congess drink
  5. As he pens the official document minutes before the Assembly presentation, Leon Barclay sits on the comfy chair after handing it to Dietrich, bumping his Banardian hand on the counter in a very Banardian way.
  6. THE BANARDIAN PARTY PREAMBLE With growing attendance in His Majesty’s Assembly, and the appearance of a growing political consciousness within Vienne, it is the responsibility of policy-makers to represent the interests of their constituents as effectively as possible. Such representation must come from an united front of politicians bound together by the interests of their constituents, so that thorough legislation may pass in the assembly for the benefit of the common man. With this in mind, the Banardian Party is founded on this day, 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1876. In accordance with the Party’s commitment to meritocracy, the Party shall soon convene to elect the Party Chairman and form a hierarchy. MANIFESTO Learning from the constitutional reign of Emperor Philip III and the reforms of King Frederick I, the Banardians recognize the importance of unity amongst Orenians, both within the Assembly and Fatherland. Be they peasants or nobles, the Banardians within the party advocate for political flexibility to come to solutions and progress, avoiding extremist ideals in favour of practicality. All whilst keeping culture, honour, faith and tradition intact, the average Banardian embodies the spirit of an individual who strives in a community, in order to progress it, appreciating and respecting the monarchical structures set upon Oren. Through thorough organisation and order, shall the Banardian Party bring efficient change within the Kingdom, using the voices of the people to advocate for a more unified Orenia. PARTY GOVERNANCE THE CHAIRMAN Voted by the Banardian Committee, the Party’s chairman is the highest authority within the party. Their duties usually entail general management of the party as a whole with the help of (and including) the Committee. They are the only member of the party who may call the Committee to discuss policies of the party. The first ever Chairman elections of the Banardian Party after its founding following this document shall be carried out by the party as a whole, instead of the Committee, which will be elected after the Chairman. THE VICE CHAIRMAN Appointed by the Chairman of the Banardian Party, the Vice Chairman is the only non-elected member of the Banardian Committee. The Vice Chairman serves as the penultimate office that drives forth policy and legislation within the party, and serves at the convenience of the Party Chairman, taking forth the duties of the Chairman in their absence. They are involved in the election votes of a new Chairman, but may not vote during the voting process for a Chairman’s removal. THE BANARDIAN COMMITTEE Elected by the members of the Banardian Party, the Banardian Committee serves as the drivers of legislation within the Assembly. Each member of the Committee specialises in one facet of Banardian policy, and takes on the duty to represent the ideological commitments of the Party in their respective fields. The Committee is called forth for a meeting by the Party Chairman only, yet if such a meeting is called, may motion select a new Party Chairman through a majority vote. This motion cannot be enacted during the first year of a new Chairman's term. THE COMMISSIONER OF LEGISLATION The Commissioner of Legislation is the representative within the Committee that takes the responsibility to advocate and argue for Banardian legislations that are presented to the General Assembly. Their duty is to cooperate with authors of political legislation, proofread legislation so that it matches with the party ideology and the Orenian Law, and to sway the General Assembly in favour of suitable legislation. THE COMMISSIONER OF PUBLICITY The Commissioner of Publicity acts as the representative of the constituents of the Banardian Party, keeping members of the public up to date with the affairs undertaken by the Party in pursuit of their representation. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Publicity takes charge of political campaigns and cultivates support from the people of the Kingdom. They take accountability for the Party and its legislations, and ensure that the link between the constituents and the party are unbroken; their concerns heard. THE COMMISSIONER OF FAITH The Commissioner of Faith, preferably a clergyperson, is the main advocate for the Church of the Canon within the Banardian Party. They drive legislation on matters of faith within the assembly and work to lobby against any legislation that seeks to undermine the Church and the Lectorate. They proofread Banardian legislation to ensure that it does not infringe upon the sacred principles of the Church. THE COMMISSIONER OF AFFAIRS The Commissioner of Affairs oversees the induction of property owners or grantees to rights of land into the party, concurrently ensuring that the other members are satisfied with the direction of the party. Some of their other functions are the corroboration of party discipline, peculiarly in times of sessions of the General Assembly. THE COMMISSIONER OF FINANCES The Commissioner of Finances is the driver of economic policies of the Party. Their work entails authoring legislation to cultivate a more prosperous Kingdom, and ensuring the interests of the artisanry are upheld. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Finances manages the Party Budget, and provides funding for the various endeavours that the Party undertakes. THE BANARDIAN MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY The Banardian Members of the General Assembly hold seats within the General Assembly, and as such, are representatives of the Orenian people. They are members of the Banardian Party, and author legislation in line with our policies. They elect members of the Committee from among their own, and serve at the behest of the people and the King of Oren. Any Assemblyman may be nominated for a seat in the Committee during elections, but they may not run for more than one office at a time. POLICIES Firstly, the Banardians advocate for support of the businesses held by individuals, subjects of the Orenian Crown, permitting the growth of an economy regulated, but not hindered by the government. Thereafter, such an economy shall endure crises and times of instability in the administration. Secondly, the Banardians advocate for the preservation of traditions pertaining to the Crown and Church, keeping the moral fabric of society intact through the upkeep of the interaction between these two pillars of society. Thirdly, the Banardians advocate for reforms pertaining to the General Assembly, wherein we wish to seek to alter, grow and cultivate the political consciousness that the Edict of Temesch had established, so that representatives and constituents can foster closer links that translate onto lawmaking and the overall Assembly. Fourthly, the Banardians advocate for the maintenance of the rights enshrined in the ancient constitution, in which the Crown governs over their subjects with the God-given divine right Kingship, chartering and delegating parts of their dominion to Peers of the Realm who may Lord over their lands accordingly. Fifthly, the Banardians advocate for Flexible Policy, as each political problem requires deliberation and answer which may be of conservative or progressive thoughts therefore we shall not limit our choices, but rather grasp the variety of such. SIGNED, Dietrich Barclay Leon Barclay Stanimar Barclay Martin Barclay Nicolas Barclay Mathilda von Alstreim Albertine von Alstreim Emestine von Alstreim Marro Valens Vlastos Leopold von Reinmar Waldemar von Reinmar
  7. "Oh me, oh my!" exclaims Hieromonk Ernst
  8. Hieromonk Ernst smiles, knowing the pious Pontiff, once his good friend before he left for the ascetic life, was in the Seven s Skies.
  9. Leon Barclay cries and screams. In the Seven Skies, Erich awaits his son with open arms and a big smile, standing by his grandson Konstanz. "It was a long ride, but you made the House proud."
  10. Hieromonk Ernst weeps in the Reinmaren mountains as wind catches wind of his old friend and former bannerman's passing. He'd sign the Hussariya, and spend the whole night awake within his hidden monastic cell, praying for the man's soul.
  11. Leon Barclay checks his schedule if he can make room from his intense studying to partake in the tournament. After a moment, he goes back to studying about biodiversity and shit, he pulled an all nighter tonight, for he had an exam the next day in the much esteemed Reinmaren College.
  12. Ser Brandt Barclay welcomes his descendant to the skies with open arms and a smile, making to teach her all the bargains and capitalist exploits he had learned.
  13. "Okay but when are they summoning the king to the Duma?" pondered a growing Leon Barclay
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