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  1. Ernst Barclay returns home after a fruitful day of leading the Brigade's men through the holy Canonist mission. He signed the Lorraine then, offered brief thanks and prayers to GOD and Saint Tylos, and went to sleep tardily.
  2. Ernst Barclay blinked a few times as word of the Reinmaren Bishops' intrigues caught his southern ear. The man signed the lorraine, praying for Saint Tylos to mediate and fix the family's disputes, hoping for them to find fairness and justice.
  3. Ernst Barclay signs the lorraine piously as he nods a few times "Ein Principality under GOTT, with ein Brigade under GOTT. Praise be!"
  4. Ernst Barclay nodded with a smile "As ist right" he said. The Barclay would dip his head to his good friend Ulrich the next time he'd see him "Your Highness" he'd greet.
  5. Erich Barclay kneels in the Seven Skies for the based King.
  6. Ernst Barclay, now humbly the Baron of Freimark stood before His Serene Highness, Olivier Renault as the announcement was made in court. With a hand on his heart and a bowed head, the descendant of Saint Tylos smiled widely, his work was rewarded; not only with a Barony, but a Godly nation he could proudly serve. With a heavy heart, he cheered "Fur GOTT, und Savoy!"
  7. Ernst assigns his relative to do guard duty during his wedding too, seeing how dedicated of a sl*ve he was.
  8. Ernst hopes that Our Lady of the Tavern Corazon does not bring a rag, he signs the lorraine to accompany his prayers. "Those we preserve to smoke in memory of the opposition Reinhardt." explained Ernst as he heard of his cousin's plan from the servant. "Already smoked ein pack before though, they were good"
  9. THE UNION OF BARCLAY AND D’ARYN The Wedding of Ernst Barclay and Amadea d’Aryn Penned on the 20th of Snow’s Maiden, 1838 In the sight of GOD, the pair of Ernst Barclay and Amadea d’Aryn are to be wed within the coming days of the warm southern summer. With great joyousness, all Savoyard people, and all the friends of both families are cordially invited to participate in the merry ceremony that will take place within the Cathedral of Saint Pontian III in the City of San Luciano. After the wedding, all are asked to join the newlyweds in celebration and revelry with the feast following within the Royal Palace. The ceremony will begin after His Serene Highness’ Court, on the 2nd of the Sun’s Smile, 1838. (OOC: Sunday, September 19th, 5:30pm EST) GOTT MIT UNS Special Invitations are sent out to the following: The Families of the Bride and Groom House of Barclay von Savoy TRH Catherine Barclay, Countess of Sarissa @Axelu Jurgen Barclay @argonian Volmar Barclay @rep2k Christoff Barclay @MCVDK Emmeline Barclay @tayladoh Sophia Barclay And their Issue. House of Ashford d’Aryn HE, Alexandre Louis Ashford d’Aryn @MrChenn Alexandra Ashford d’Aryn @Summerisdumb And their Issue. House of Barclay von Reinmar TRH Johann Barclay, Dual Count of Reinmar-Kretzen @Frymark Margot Barclay @MildStatic Erhard Barclay @rep2k Amadeus Barclay @Wolfey34 Ser Reinhardt Barclay KC @Capt_Chief26 Cedric Barclay @Tetho Clarisse Barclay @MildStatic Emil Barclay @Liokv Klaus Barclay @Fionn__TWG Adrianna Darkwood née Barclay @CopOwl Antonius Barclay @Javert Lorenz Barclay @Diaolos Edmund Barclay @Coolcod77 Natalya Barclay @MotherLay Adele Ludovar née Barclay @Weebmaster36 Mariya Barclay-Vyronov @EnderMaiashiro Obrecht Barclay @Burnsider And their Issue. House of Ashford de Savoie HSH, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy @Lionbileti HSH, Adeline Lorena Ashford de Savoie, Princess of Savoy @Spicii HH, Louis Maximilien Ashford de Savoie @Proddy HH, Leufroy Renault Ashford de Savoie @Vukarism HH, Athenais Olivienne Marie Ashford de Savoie @Dasdi Laurene Henriette Ashford de Savoie @Alexi_ Claude Elisabeth Ashford de Savoie @amyselia Eugenie Cecile Ashford de Savoie @sunflowerist And their Issue. House of Barbanov HM, Sigismund III Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska @Xarkly And their Issue. House de Joannes HSH, Leopold de Joannes, Prince of Sedan @Dogged HSH, Margaret Mariya, Princess-consort of Sedan @latte And their Issue. House of Alstreim TRH, Ulrich Lothar von Alstreim, Landgrave of Alstreim @LithiumSedai And their Issue. House of Ashford de Rouen HGE, Edmond Leonard, Baron of Blackwald @Emery Robert Guy Ashford de Rouen Adrian Tobias Ashford de Rouen And their Issue. House of Rivera TRH, Cesar II de Rivera, Baron of Rivera @Timer And their Issue. House of Alstion HE, William Corwin Alstion @Caranthir_ And their Issue. House of d’Anpalais Conzstanzo d’Anpalais @Cobbler And their Issue. House of Basrid HE, Darius Basrid @Monomakhos And their Issue. House of Rochefot Holy Dame Helena Rochefort @TheIchorDruid Holy Sir Edwin Rochefort @Guzr And their Issue. House of Rothesay HE, Peter Margaret Rothesay @DelaneyG And their Issue. House of Jazloviecki Borys Jazloviecki @Oloxx_ Holy Sir August Jazloviecki @Mykei Fiodor Jazloviecki @Remaclus And their Issue. House of Bishop Erwin Bishop @Lomiei Franz Bishop @ZebedeeDougalSKM August Bishop @Keegan7om Adelina Bishop @ohbother1 Helena Bishop @discojazz And their Issue. House de Brellad HE, Mattis Tomas de Brellad @Malaise And their Issue. House de Orsella HL, Selvia de Orsella @Kiiwi And their Issue. House of Mareno Cyrus Mareno @Mickaelhz Jace Mareno @D A N N Y Stavros Mareno And their Issue. House of Helane Aspasia Magdalena Helane @saintmary Caterina Louisa Helane @Autty And their Issue. House of Ashford de Bar Giuseppe Luigi Fabio Eugino Ashford de Bar Raymond Adhemar Ashford de Bar @Endovelicus And their Issue. Friends of the Bride and Groom Alija @MadOne Branden Baldwyck @Lickspittle Ilari @Grumpy Kheida Athadin @Alinadrah Franz Wilheim @Borin The Entirety of the Esheveurd Brigade IM NAMMEN GOTTES, HIS EXCELLENCY, Ernst Barclay, Lord Steward of San Luciano, Royal Exchequer of Savoy The Fair Amadea d'Aryn, Lieutenant of the Esheveurd Brigade
  10. A certain Barclay lights a new "Original Prince's Pick" pack in the air, he coughs, asking himself "This gas or what?"
  11. THE MAYOR’S OFFICE OF SAN LUCIANO Penned by the Office of the Lord Steward On the 4th of Deep Cold, 1937 Any terms in this Edict referencing the ‘Lord Mayor’ shall also apply to the ‘Lady Mayor’ respectively. Since time immemorial, Man has required leadership. He has required governance and he has required management. Likewise, since time immemorial, Man has had leaders, princes, kings, emperors. However, as a Principality grows, so do its subjects, and so does the responsibility of governing these subjects. Thus, as the domains of His Serene Highness expand, so does the work required to to oversee and administer these domains. For this reason, with the counsel and permission of His Serene Highness, Oliver Renault de Savoie, the Lord Steward of Savoy finds it fit to found the Lord Mayor’s Office of San Luciano, the Crown City of Savoy. THE LORD MAYOR’S OFFICE As of the establishment of the Lord Mayor’s Office, it shall be that the Office is held under the supervision and authority of the Office of the Lord Steward. As of this Edict, penned in 41 SA, the head of the Lord Mayor’s Office shall be the Lord Mayor himself, who officially shall be defined as: - The Lord Mayor of San Luciano shall be any Canonist man or woman of GOD, who resides in the City of San Luciano. Those of the elven or dwarven race may only be allowed to be nominated as candidates upon permission from His Serene Highness, the Prince of Savoy. - The Lord Mayor of San Luciano shall be of any legitimate birth and any class, be they Serfs, Plebeians, Patricians, Nobles, or Royals. - The Lord Mayor of San Luciano must have reached the age of adulthood, having passed their 18th year by the time elections occur. - The Lord Mayor of San Luciano shall be elected by the people of San Luciano, thus holding Office for 4 (four) years. Upon the end of their tenure, the former Mayor may put themselves forth as a candidate once more. One individual cannot run for the position for more than three elections. - The Lord Mayor of San Luciano shall be tasked with the management and administration of the City of San Luciano, which may include, but is not limited to: Management of social and cultural institutions: including the writing of literature of Savoyard culture, organization of city-wide events, etcetera. Representation of the people of San Luciano in the Office of the Lord Steward, who in turn shall act as an intermediary to the Prince’s Council. Furthermore, they shall sit in the Grand Assembly as Representative of the Common People. Assisting the growth of San Luciano’s economy with help from the Office of the Lord Steward and Royal Treasurer alike, making sure that businesses are provided the best opportunities for growth. Assisting the Holy Church with the upholding of faith within the city: such as organizing events to feed the poor, city-wide prayers, etcetera. Changing or presenting new infrastructure in San Luciano, reassuring that the city’s appearance remains as vibrant and efficient as possible Managing the Town Criers of San Luciano, as well as other workers under the Office of the Lord Mayor. THE ELECTIONS OF SAN LUCIANO As important as the role of the aforementioned leaders are, equally important are the ways these leaders of Man are chosen, as well as the following of such systems. Thus, the process through which the Lord Mayor of San Luciano is elected, shall be established as follows: - THE GATHERING OF THE POPULACE: The Lord Steward, - or someone of their choosing in the case of their absence - is to call a town gathering, accumulating as residents as possible during the beginning of the year, preferably during the Amber’s Cold or the Deep Cold (OOC: Monday or Tuesday) before the elections. There, they shall announce the upcoming elections for the position of the Lord Mayor in front of the populace. After such announcement, the Nominations of Candidates shall begin, and those able and willing may register themselves as nominees for the position of Lord Mayor. - THE FIRST INTRODUCTIONS: Once the Nominations begin, during the same gathering of the populace, those willing to put themselves forth as nominees, will be given the stage to briefly introduce themselves, their ideologies and their plans to the Populace, thus being able to address the people of San Luciano directly. - THE NOMINATIONS OF CANDIDATES: The phase of the Nomination of Candidates shall then begin after the addresses, and those who decide to run for the position shall have the next month to sign themselves up. - THE CAMPAIGNS: As soon as a candidate steps forth for the position, they shall have the remainder of the Saint’s Week, until the end of the Grand Harvest (OOC: Saturday) to carry out their campaigning around San Luciano. Campaign posts are encouraged, though even more encouraged and allowed shall be further gatherings of the populace for the spreading of the Candidates’ agendas and ideas; for it is important to know the people, in order to serve the people. Such gatherings can be conducted by Candidates as long as they do not overlap with official city events or greatly disturb the city’s peace. Town Criers may be called upon in order to carry out the gathering of the populace for any Candidate’s address. - THE ELECTIONS: After the Campaigns, the Elections shall begin during the Sun’s Smile (OOC: Sunday), and shall last through the entirety of the month, and all the populace of San Luciano shall be able to vote for their preferred candidate. At the end of the Sun’s Smile, the elections shall end, and the Lord Mayor of San Luciano shall be formally introduced publicly. ((OOC: Elections will last from 4pm EST Saturday, until 4pm EST Sunday) THIS EDICT MAY BE USED AS THE FIRST FORM FOR THE NOMINATIONS OF CANDIDATES UPON PUBLICATION ((OOC: Nominated candidates will have until 4pm EST on Wednesday)) Full Name: Age: Residence Address: ((OOC)) IGN: THE CENSUS OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF SAVOY Making use of this edict to reach out to the fair people of all Savoy, the Office of the Lord Steward would humbly ask all of the populace to fill in the Principality’s Census. ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE CENSUS MAY BE NOMINATED AS CANDIDATES FOR LORD MAYOR, OR MAY VOTE DURING ELECTIONS. THE CENSUS THE TOWN CRIERS OF SAN LUCIANO Lastly, following this Edict, the positions of Town Criers shall be introduced in the City of San Luciano. For it is not only important that the leadership of Man is established to lead a Principality, but that Man himself is knowledgeable and informed about their Principality. As such, Town Criers will be workers under the Office of the Lord Mayor, and shall be managed by the Lord Mayor. The Criers can be of any birth, gender or race, and must have reached the age of 12. Town Criers shall be tasked to publicly inform the Populace of San Luciano of any important news concerning the Principality, its vassals, the Canonist faith, etcetera. In the case of important news needing to be spread, Town Criers may organize Gatherings of Populace with the permission of the Lord Mayor, so that they may all be informed and even discuss the relevant topics and announcements. The Criers shall be led by the Lord Mayor, and in their absence, by the Lord Steward. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano HIS EXCELLENCY, Ernst Barclay, Lord Steward of San Luciano, Royal Exchequer of Savoy
  12. Ernst Barclay sighed, dipping and shaking his head as he read his relative's declaration "The stubbornness of man" the young let another sigh escape him, signing the lorraine. The lad then went in search of his cousin, hoping to find him before he did anything else.
  13. Ernst Barclay smiled widely, happy for the union of his cousin and Heir to the Principality. The man then went to fix out the best clothes he could find.
  14. The same Barclay on the seven Skies would pat anyone but Ser Ailred on his back, knowing the BSK is definitely not being carried upon by him. He then tries to go pat Heinrik on the back, for he single-handedly carried the current Marshal to his position. "What a hard worker that Heinrik is!"
  15. A certain Barclay in the Seven Skies remember the quality Barclay showed with their century-long Marshalship whilst K*rts were barely on life support. He then remembers the period of Four Barclay Aulics and the BSK that Erwin Barclay raised almost single-handedly. "These Barclays are good for nothings" he agrees, definitely seriously so
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