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  1. "Now that's a Barclay Bargain!" cheered Ser Brandt Barclay with a smirk, preparing for more slaving and forging.
  2. Ser Brandt Barclay crossed the lorraine as he nodded, mumbling prayers to Saint Tylos as usual "Truly a good piece of history and an important lesson for the soul to remain humble, for GOD truly is the only most-powerful; having kings, emperors, pontiffs and ever aenguls under his divine control and wisdom. Godan bless!" exclaimed the Barclay as he gave a thumbs up to Cardinal Ailred.
  3. Barclay Waffen “Arbeit ist die beste Pelz” - "Work is the best fur" Serving Since 1781 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th of First Seed, 8 SA or 357 ES Karosgrad The Barclay Bargains™ Coat of Arms, three hands each representing the composing companies, Barclay Waffen (Sword for Smithers) , Edelweiss Diamante (Ring for Jewelers), and Barclay Books & Bundles (Quill for Book Traders). ____________________________________________________________________________
  4. Ser Brandt Barclay sighed havily as his head dipped low and shook "To think that fathering children and claiming to reform would change a man"
  5. The mentioned disfigured Barclay crosses the Lorraine once more after the couple times he did during his humbled blessing, the man mumbling something about being grateful to GOD as he went on about his business. Now in a better mood, praises of Saint Tylos, Kristoff and Karl running through his head, as he himself would humbly pray for the Pontiff, confident in himself that he'd be in his holiness own prayer.
  6. Ser Brandt Barclay looks towards his firstborn toddler @Frymark with an arched brow behind his now ever-present helmet concealing his face "Want to go kid?" he asked before following the lighthearted jest with a chuckle
  7. Ser Brandt Barclay grins lightly behind his helmet and bandages as he awaits an icon of Saint Tylos!
  8. "Surely does sound exciting" commented the disfigured and now helmeted smith that is Ser Brandt Barclay, the man arching a brow behind his helmet as he'd ponder for a moment, and release a sigh the other "Shame it's only fur dwarves" said the smither before shrugging and preparing his traveling equipment soon after "I'm guessing Ich should be allowed to watch" concluded the Barclay as he prepared for departure to Urguan on the day of the tournament, perhaps feeling obliged to attend as a spectator at all, after a moment of consideration, he took one of his finest works with him just in case.
  9. All I read is "Welcome to lego city". Nice video tho
  10. "Hm, let's hope it turns out prosperous" idly spoke the bandaged Ser Brandt Barclay as he came back to Karosgrad after a hunting in Norland. The man then began working on getting a hefty shipment of blank Barclay Bargains' newspapers ready to deliver to master Keaghen Armas
  11. Snail Owner: Brandt Barclay Snail Name: Cedric Barclay @Frymark Residence: Duchy of Reinmar
  12. "Hmmmm, I don't know" stated Ser Brandt Barclay after reading the proposal, his head shaking "The HRA are able enough to bring prosperity to the realm as a unified force." grunted the officer for a moment before pausing a bit "Ich feel like they'll start feeling inclined to step on our toes during times of operations" another pause "Doesn't the NGS have a similar mission to the adventuring anyway?" he arched a brow before continuing to read. "If they're going to act under Haeseni law and indentify as a Haeseni entity, they should let the army take care of crimes commited"
  13. "Who's this?" asked Ser Brandt Barclay as he approached the cell in which the Helvet was kept within the HRA Barraks. "Count Rochefort, tried to murder his daughter" answered Ser Zoddric Calliban. After a look at the man, Brandt arched a brow "Orenian?" he asked... "Da." a reply. "Sounds about right." whispered the Barclay, almost to himself
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