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  1. Quickly commissions some lit skins from one of the littest skinners
  2. Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Pink Coat: 3.5K Black Clothing: 2k
  3. Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Pink Coat: 3K Leather Jacket: 3K Black Clothing: 2K (I’m also repeating everything I’ve bidded so far)
  4. Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Pink Coat: 3K Leather Jacket: 3K
  5. After a good amount of time since the first posters on the guild had been set up, they appeared to be missing for portion of days. Alongside with the main informative poster, the side sheets of the applicants appeared to also be absent on the notice boards. Not much time passed since these posters would be seen again around Arcas, though they appeared a bit extended and edited from the first edition. The applications, however, naturally did not make it back into the notice boards, clearly and obviously showing they were taken care of.
  6. Thanks for the tip! Ye I’ve already hosted some of these myself but I wanted to have such an event hosted by a staff member. Though I sorted the matter out anyway – so feel free to take it off this subforum by all means. Thanks for the time to explain again 🙂
  7. EVENT REQUEST Players/Group Requesting: The Order of the Orrir’Ulrall – We can bring around 5 – 8 people depending on the time the event will be held What kind of Event are you looking for?: Monster hunt, anything from a pack of trolls to perhaps boggens – anything will suffice really Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Today (May 10th) at 3pm EST if it’s avaliable would be great, though we’re also up to do it at the same time on the 11th of May (Tomorrow) Organizer's Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284
  8. As Siol would encounter the notice, he’d grin a bit, nodding to himself before going to Fort Farrador, letting it be known throughout the Order of The Orrir’Ulrall that work appears to be valiable for monster slayers
  9. looks majestic +2 if i could but...
  10. i do @Ivorey btw include the 2k for the French Flowers
  11. Discord: GoodGuyMatt#3284 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly w the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Bumblebee Grown: 3.5k French Flowers: (N/A) I wanna take my last bidding off this one if possible. If not the last one was 2k Red Female Tailcoat: 5k Royal Blue Victorian: 6k Plaid Imperial: 7k Black & Blue: 10k Heanser: 10k
  12. As Siol finishes reading the poster, his eyes slide across the words: ”Erling finds this to be one of the vital parts of the company, to source income for a greater cause, giving back to his people. All businesses, all profit, will go towards charity work, no exception.” the elf pauses a bit, squinting his eyes slightly whilst his head tilted... he appeared to think. Moments later, a soft hum sourced out of the man’s mouth ”’The greater cause’” he repeats to himself in low tone ”Hard to believe we’d find such generous and caring people in Helena, seeing as everything’s turned out” another pause dominated the space around him before Siol offered a brief shrug ”Lets hope they’re not lying” he says simply before walking off.
  13. Couldn’t expect less tbh. Awesome work Xark
  14. A certain elf seated on his Helenian house, peering down to the lake water around the region would finish reading the poem. The elf, whose clothes would be debated to be rather human-ish, then slowly dipped his head, numerous times, clearly agreeing with the message of the work before him. He’d then let a heavy sigh escape his mouth, shaking his head numerous times ”Pathetic” he’d puff slightly, pausing a bit ”Pathetic how they can’t think of ways to make a fortune without being greedy, let alone consider the well being of what they call home and fight for.” the elf uttered lightly to himself, releasing yet another sigh. Watching the water of the lake move about, calmly and gently, he cringed a bit as he thought to all the selfish and unconsiderate acts of the industries mentioned in the poem.
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