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  1. “There ist your opportunity” Brandt Barclay would say as he’d read he notice, turning towards his son Cedric @Frymark before showing it to him
  2. Brandt Barclay crosses the lorraine as he praises Saint Tylos.
  3. Brandt feels proud to be a Barclay
  4. Brandt Barclay salutes the good dwed
  5. Brandt Barclay looked the notice over before turning to his son Cedric @Frymark and showing it over “What do you think about acting, Sohn?” he asked with a curiously perked brow ”Du could play the prince Mousebert” he pondered for a moment
  6. Brandt Barclay wonders why he’s being wanted
  7. Brandt Barclay exits the auction in his fresh fit as he finishes donating 150k mina to his great Kingdom, and also gets to get nice portrait of himself on the way.
  8. GoodGuyMatt

    Nummy's Art Auction

    damn @Xarkly wilding tho it seems like good art ngl
  9. Brandt Barclay furrows his brows as he looks at the passed bill “Wait they actually passed this?” he lofted a high brow before smiling widely ”Nice”
  10. Alderbrandt Barclay gives an look at the passed bill as he smirks
  11. Aldebrandt Barclay reads this as he furrows his brows, knowing that these already exist as town halls under Osvald’s Duma reforms. “Hmmm... could do some more research” he says before shrugging
  12. Alderbrandt Barclay cheers for Maer Alfred as he goes back to all his paperwork.
  13. Alderbrandt Barclay hopes the renowned celebrity visits his hometown.
  14. “Nice” Alderbrandt Barclay, still on his healing bed for two years now, gave the Rutherns a thumbs up as he heard of another unique Haeseni business opening up “Let’s hope they prosper”
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