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  1. Siol flashes a smirk as he hears of an official battle in Reza, remembering the good old times... thinking back on the one he had with Janus the Bard, a moment of laugh passing him as he did so. The elf then continues on about his travels. Back in Reza, Brandt Barclay smirks as he decides to sign up, pulling out an empty piece of paper as he starts brainstorming some heat. Name: Brandt Barclay (GoodGuyMatt_) Stage name: One-eyed wonder Age: 25
  2. "People need telling to avoid the inferni?" Brandt Barclay asked idly with a brow arched above his eyes , rather surprised by the looks of him
  3. Brandt Barclay smirks as he learns of yet another Haelunorian fest, remembering the fun times of the last one he went to. The man then went to prepare his clothing while contemplating about "the Great Titan", perhaps with a little uncertainty.
  4. “Hm” Brandt Barclay hummed briefly to himself as he read through the missive “Ich should show this to Adrianna” he said to himself before making a copy of the notice before making a mental note to show it to his wife
  5. Brandt Barclay looks through Joseph’s wedding notice as he chuckles a bit “The amount of weddings is running out of hands” he said, pausing a bit before shrugging “Though I’m not complaining”
  6. Brandt Barclay smiled as he looked at yet another wedding invitation, noticing his wife’s name and his own in there. He then folded the invitation as he looked at his good attires, which at this point were starting to wear out the more occassions he visited. The Barclay then chuckled as he prepared for another celebration.
  7. “Oh God” Brandt Barclay sighs as he hears of more of all this war, shaking his head as he facepalms himself
  8. Oh no... Orenia is done for
  9. Brandt Barclay smiles as he hears of some fun to be had, turning back to his work soon after writing a note to himself about the event.
  10. Brandt Barclay’s lips twist into a wide smile as he learns of the wedding of his apprentice and friends. As the man looks over to his good outfits, a laugh escapes him, his smile persisting ”More und more weddings can never be ein bad thing”
  11. Brandt Barclay signs the lloraine as he finishes reading through the publication "If only people followed our great God's example, und had more love and patience." a sigh escaped him, his head shaking as he set the letter to the side, sitting from his chair and moving to go outside onto the balcony of his room. The man's hand layed on the wooden ledge as his eyes traveled upwards towards the blue sky, dotted with white clouds and cluttered with aerial creations of God "May he forgive us and see us fit for the seven skies" he uttered before signing the lorraine once more.
  12. server gonna get fixed properly when they find the cure for cancer ngl
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