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    Alijah was born in a small home outside a major human nation in the continent of Almaris. He was born to a mother, Elyssa, and a father, Padraig. He was their second kid of three. Him, his brother and his sister. The family lived comfortably on a farm in relative solitude. They got their living via self sufficient method, using what they grew on their farm to tread by. From a young age swordsmanship fascinated Alijah. Day in and day out he'd 'duel' his older brother with sticks and homemade weapons, created by Alijah. Due to his age, Alijah often found himself on the losing end. This greatly angered him as he despised losing. Every day Alijah would train to finally beat his older brother and become stronger than him. These goals were eventually achieved. But that is not where his story in swordsmanship ended. From that point on he would continue to train and create swords in hope of becoming a famous knight or mercenary. he often found himself able to sell his parents crops and animals extremely well, he was unsure if that was from his youth and innocence or his selling methods. Either way, he was greatly talented at it. His goal was always to become wealthy or famous, which was quite opposite to the climate he grew up in. His serene and isolationist lifestyle came to end around when he turned 16. The family seemed to be happy and comfortable until in the distance they saw smoke arise, curious of what it was they looked from a far, they saw red flames coming towards them. A large firer had erupted and was beginning to move near them. This fire made its way to the families home and as a result burned it down. In the process, Alijah was trapped in his room, fire surrounded him. He acted fast and grabbed a sword he had just finished making and threw it at his window to escape. He crawled outside to see his father, but no sign of his siblings nor his mother. His father, Padraig, later told him they had passed in the fire and he couldnt have saved them. Alijah and his father tried to continue their lifestyle of solitude, away from the others of Almaris. That was until Padraig became deathly ill. After that Alijah was lost, unable to tend a farm on his own he decided he would learn what Almaris was. He had heard tales of human cities, and other cities by different races. He decided that he would make way for The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska or any other city he could find. He was desperate to start over, but was weary and nervous for the road ahead. But he set off for the other areas of the continent that remained unknown to him.
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