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  1. Crest of the Ex-Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Piov | 21st of Owyn’s Light 471 Ehr Sigmunda | 1918 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES FINAL EDITION? THE DUKE IS OFFERED FORGIVENESS pending his acceptance of a penance which will be prescribed him by a Church tribunal next month in Karosgrad. This is an unusual use of the sacrament, but it is valid, and arguably warranted given the high profile and public controversy of DUKE HEINRIK OF ADRIA. While the Pontiff of the Canonist faith guarantees his safety in Haense, it is assumed that the members of the anti-Adrian coalition have already privately agreed not to harm the duke. Of course, this guarantee stipulates protection during the proceedings, which could be abused to strike before or after on the journey north of the Petran coast. THIS MAY BE THE END of THE AAUNIC TIMES’ regular print. With this duke’s war seeming to near a definite close, our publication, too, approaches the end of its purpose. Our staff thanks our anonymous investors and benefactors for their contributions which allowed THE AAUNIC TIMES to print, but most importantly, we offer our most heartfelt thanks to OUR READERS. Thank you! Thank you for reading this year! We couldn’t have done it without you. GOD bless! - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
  2. Crest of the Ex-Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Byvca | 21st of Horen’s Calling 471 Ehr Sigmunda | 1918 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES THE WAR IS LOST with CHARLES ALSTION’s recent signature on The Armistice of 1918. Just over a month after the Loyalist army’s destruction at Rolly’s Hill, the former ruler of New Vienne finally made a move, communicating in secret with the renegade DUKE HEINRIK OF ADRIA. Peace talks between the two parties at Eastfleet were swift & decisive, resulting in immediate publication of the armistice. Hostilities have temporarily ceased, and the Rebel army has stood down. CHARLES ALSTION, known for making large concessions to pursue & maintain titles at all costs, has outdone himself with The Armistice of 1918. The Adrians, of course, have been granted full independence, but are also given without reserve the entirety of the Upper & Lower Petra. This region includes CHARLES ALSTION’s home of New Vienne and the entirety of his lands outside (known as the Crownlands by some government documents). Furthermore, this land ceded to the officially sovereign Adria composes roughly half of the territory formerly associated with Aaun, the majority of the Heartlands’ population, and practically all the developed & arable land. AAUN IS OFFICIALLY A RUMP STATE due to the Alstions’ complete surrender of the Crownlands. Just twenty-five years after the Heartlands were inherited by CHARLES ALSTION following an era of wars, betrayals, and foreign incursions, the family has been visited with their own ill-treatment of Humanity, stripped of their holdings and sent westward in to the hills & woodlands. It is unknown where they will take residence for the time being, considering most of the country this way is divided between many autonomous polities. The Duke of Minitz seems most likely to receive the Alstions, given his ties & commonalities to the former ruler of New Vienne. Tremendous losses like this are almost unheard of among rulers of Man who retain their titles for any length. Even the Novellens, who ruled over the longest period of the Holy Orenian Empire’s history thus far, were able to manage the country’s slow & gradual decline and eventual fall to internal strife. The great monarchs descending from Horen are always known for their willingness to fight, but it is not so for the Alstions, whose attitude is summarized by the grandson of CHARLES ALSTION: “You must be rather delusional to think that a sane monarch would send himself into the spears alongside his people…” Indeed, it was better for the former ruler of New Vienne to save his title than to stand with the men dying for it. WE ARE NOT SAFE unless CHARLES ALSTION carries out the terms he is charged with in The Armistice of 1918. The ex-ruler was given two months to both petition His Holiness, the High Pontiff, to allow DUKE HEINRIK OF ADRIA penance for a lifting of his excommunication, and to disband the coalition of foreign powers assembled against the Adrians. It is unclear if these terms must be fulfilled in mere attempt or full execution, but there is no confusion that the fighting will continue in the second week of Godfrey’s Triumph if the duke of Adria is not satisfied. CLASSIFIEDS WHO IS ROLLY? - Why is the hill named after him? Does he own it? Asking for a friend. WIFE WANTED - Must be Human, Canonist, no older than thirty. A bit plump preferred. I have a sturdy home & fruitful orchard. Write interest to Mr. Fuller. DOG PROBLEM SOLVED - The issue with the feral hounds is solved. On another note: non-rat meat for sale at market this week. LOOKING FOR WORK - Former Aaunic bureaucrat, nine-years experience. Will take up any post with the new government. Please send to T. Strickland with any openings. ARE WE ADRIAN? - I never understood the Aaun thing, anyway. I think it’s a place in the Scrolls. Comments? Suggestions? Write to our publishing house. Submit classifieds with one Mina; add one more for priority. - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
  3. Crest of the Most Esteemed Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Umund | 21st of Sigismund’s End 470 Ehr Sigmunda | 1917 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES SILENCE FROM OUR RULER about our recent defeat at Rolly’s Hill is a dangerous sign for the residents of New Vienne. LORD CHARLES ALSTION has not made a peep about the Loyalist army’s nigh-destruction, which is exceedingly ominous for the future of Aaun. Normally, those responsible for the governance of a country will at the very least promise a future victory, but our respected leader has not sent any official documents on the matter from his palace. As is the norm for our city’s owner, LORD CHARLES ALSTION has remained secluded in his palace since he returned from the rear lines of last month’s major battle. Rumor has it that he is refraining from his typical pastimes, instead now consumed with a depressive anger about the state of Aaun. Considering his extant health issues and past tendencies, it is possible that JAMES may soon assume rulership of New Vienne. MORE WORRYING than Aaun’s crushing defeat is the fact that almost half of the Loyalist army appears to no longer exist. We have no guarantee that our government will be able to slow the Rebel army’s advance towards New Vienne any more than their current leisurely pace. Furthermore, we are in the dark about changes in war plans to avoid mass deaths of our young men, but more importantly to preserve the title of LORD CHARLES ALSTION. As reported last month, government figures showed our country’s military to muster almost ten-thousand armed men on the field. In stark conflict with this, only five-and-a-half thousand reached the south bank of the River Petra to combat the Renato-Adrian march, showing the Loyalists outnumbered. Because of the government’s silence, it is unknown if there are men available to fill the ranks lost to casualties & desertion. NO ONE IS COMING TO HELP our ill-fated country, it seems, in this struggle against the revolting Renato-Adrians. The preservation of LORD CHARLES ALSTION’s title was unquestionably dependent on the intervention of foreign powers in our homeland, but in recent weeks, the promise of this coalition appears to have fizzled out. No public declarations have yet come from any sovereigns abroad on their willingness to contribute men to die for our ruler’s title after our humiliating defeat last month. CLASSIFIEDS [!] WANTED DESERTERS [!] - Multiple deserters of note are still at large. Deliver the following men to Alstion authorities immediately: Graham Elendil, Hugh de Ponphe, Thomas Strickland, Gaius Codwin Elstion RAT MEAT - Fresh, crispy rodent steaks for sale at market. One-hundred-twenty Minas a half-pound. AWFUL SMELL - Am I the only one who’s noticed the stench this month? Blows in with the wind all hours of the day. NEED HOUSING - Family was evicted to make way for soldiers’ quarters. Wife, four children. I’m able to pay and work for the rest of what you ask. - Dorsmoth WILD DOGS - I suppose folks left their dogs behind when leaving the city. Packs are prowling about looking for food. Don’t let your kids roam alone. Comments? Suggestions? Write to our publishing house. Submit classifieds with one Mina; add one more for priority. - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
  4. Crest of the Most Esteemed Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Msitza | 9th of Harren’s Folley 470 Ehr Sigmunda | 1917 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES SPECIAL EDITION WE MUST APOLOGIZE for THE AAUNIC TIMES’ unexpected absence last month. Our writing staff was conscripted into the Loyalist army to hold off the Adrian forces, so we were unable to finish the publication. Thankfully, most of our writers survived, as we were not given weapons and were thus able to depart the field without much hassle. Going forward, we will not be publishing during the Sun’s Smile as we fast & pray to GOD as thanksgiving for our spared lives. HALF OF OUR ARMY HAS DESERTED, no doubt enticed by deceptive promises from the Renato-Adrians. Yesterday afternoon, the Loyalist army was ordered to arrange a defensive position on the southern bank of the River Petra, with their backs to the water so to inspire unwavering loyalty in battle to our LORD CHARLES ALSTION. We, however, found ourselves betrayed by our own feckless countrymen. Upon the counting of ranks, it was found that over a third of the Loyalist army had either deserted from the march or failed to report for duty. As per the LEX AAUNICA, which is the unquestionable law over all the Heartlands, desertion is a violation of Chapter I, Title IV, which is punishable by execution. Let it be known to the slothful, cowardly, & treacherous curs who have refused to sacrifice their lives for the preservation of the invaluable title of LORD CHARLES ALSTION, that they shall be counted among the Renatian terrorists, Adrian barbarians, and all Rebel scum who deserve nothing more than a painful, ignominious death. TANDEM TRIUMPHANS, AAUNICA AETERNA! WE ARE OUTNUMBERED by the Renato-Adrians. Figures provided by the Aaunic government promised the Loyalist muster to be ten-thousand men strong. By the time afternoon came, there were only five-and-a-half thousand men to resist Duke Heinrik’s six-thousand. The Rebel army consists of many experienced veterans, employs superior field tactics, and utilizes more modern armaments than the Loyalist army does. Despite these imposing facts, LORD CHARLES ALSTION will doubtless be able to conscript more young men to slow their advance towards his home. WE WERE BRUTALLY DEFEATED in this first & most important battle to slow the Rebel army’s advance towards LORD CHARLES ALSTION’s home in New Vienne. Unwilling to approach our sturdy Loyalist defenders, the Adrian dogs began to hammer us with all kinds of cowardly shots from cannonry & handheld weapons. The Rebels then dishonorably entered close combat in our disfavor, dispatching many good young men & disrupting our formations. Then, most appallingly, they pulled back, and returned to firing into our disorganized masses of conscripts & mercenaries. By the battle’s quick end, only one-hundred Loyalist soldiers following behind LORD CHARLES ALSTION were fit to fight. The bridge to New Vienne was smartly destroyed, leaving over five-thousand Rebel soldiers with the bulk of our wounded on the other side of the river, where they must wait for our government to devise a new war plan. CLASSIFIEDS BEDS NEEDED - Hundreds of wounded soldiers are in need of beds for treatment & death. Leave them in the streets and the city government will collect them. HUSBAND MISSING - I haven’t heard from my husband since he marched out with the army. Michael, please give some kind of word that you came back. -V FOOD DONATIONS - Most of the city’s food was taken to feed Lord Charlie’s men. If you have any surplus, please leave it with St. Amyas’ chapel. Kids are starving. SEEN MY SONS? - Didn’t see my boys return home. Four tall, red-headed lads. Your dad wants to know if you’re alive. GOD, don’t let them be dead. REPORT DESERTERS - If you know any male of-age who has failed to report to their duty against the Rebel army, report them to Aaunic authorities immediately. Failure to do so will result in equal prosecution per the LEX AAUNICA. SPECIAL EDITION COMIC Earlier prints of this month's publication were erroneously missing this section. Our deepest apologies. Comments? Suggestions? Write to our publishing house. Submit classifieds with one Mina; add one more for priority. - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
  5. Crest of the Most Esteemed Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Droba | 21st of Tobias’ Bounty 470 Ehr Sigmunda | 1917 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES THE REBEL ARMY IS NEAR the bridge which connects the Heartlands to our city’s outskirts. To slow and confuse these Renato-Adrian bumpkins, LORD CHARLES ALSTION has strategically ceded most of the land of New Vienne’s west to them. This genius decision has given the Loyalist army more time to plan a defense of the River Petra while the enemy deals with occupying most of the useless country and its tepid people. The Rebel army now forms and marches northward towards New Vienne, where our brave Loyalists await them in a secure position. WE ARE ALONE in our position as the preeminent Canonist state of the Heartlands. In recognition of our country’s shining prestige - bought entirely by the nobility & legitimacy of our ruler CHARLES ALSTION - our neighbors up the River Petra have left the defense of our city in the hands of Aaun’s Loyalist army. Similarly, the king of Haense, whose army is much more distant than the Petrans’, is waiting on the Archduchess’ cue. Soldiers from far-off Balian will also begin sailing here when the Petrans & Haeseni have mustered. Our army will slow the advance of the Rebel army across the river, and then defend our streets so that the Renato-Adrian menace may not reach our LORD CHARLES ALSTION in his palace. The Loyalist army will be particularly effective in these scenarios, for at the River Petra, our ranks will have their backs to fast-flowing water, thus being forced to either fight or drown, and in the streets of New Vienne, our boys will have absolutely nowhere to run or hide, so they will fight boldly against Duke Heinrik. NOW IS THE TIME TO FLEE from New Vienne, if you are not a conscript in the Loyalist army, or are subject to being conscripted. Within two weeks, the fighting will be very near your homes, and our men will need food & material to keep up the defense of our LORD CHARLES ALSTION. You may take enough food for a day, but must otherwise leave everything else behind, and everything unlocked for the convenient use of the state. To better defend the palace, it is likely that your home will be demolished and used in a barricade, so it is imperative that you flee. CLASSIFIEDS BUYING MEAT - I had to give up my cows for the army. Looking to buy pork, chicken, anything. Beef preferred. Will be in market. HIRING MERCENARIES - Pay is in exposure & experience. Write to Charlie A. in New Vienne. ILL CAT - My loyal feline has been hacking up green slime this week. Looking for a doctor who knows about animals. I’ll bring him to you. IN SEARCH OF CLERK - Thompson’s Coal & Charcoal needs a new clerk. Our old one left the city. Decent pay, will negotiate. STRANGE OBSERVATION - Has anyone seen our marshal in a while? Could he be dead? Just wondering… Comments? Suggestions? Write to our publishing house. Submit classifieds with one Mina; add one more for priority. - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
  6. Crest of the Most Esteemed Ruler of New Vienne Published throughout the realms of Velen, Minitz, Adria, Aaun, Merryweather, & Sedan on 9th of Hyff | 21st of Godfrey’s Triumph 470 Ehr Sigmunda | 1917 Aaun Calendar THE AAUNIC TIMES GOOD FORTUNE, by the grace of GOD, has brought to our company a publishing house to write, print & distribute this work, which will be a monthly periodical, GOD willing our business is not disrupted by the ongoing war. We at THE AAUNIC TIMES truly hope you are pleased & well-informed by this publication. THE STATE OF THE WAR is currently grim. The Loyalist army scarcely exceeds in number our Rebel foe, and is far outmatched in terms of discipline, leadership, and experience. We are yet to win a decisive battle, and a number of Loyalist veteran soldiers were slain in our disastrous failure to take the city of Velec. May the families of these brave men be consoled in spirit, for all material goods must currently be directed to our war effort. No one denies this, even our LORD CHARLES ALSTION, who has intelligently sought to end this conflict before the Adrian army nears our city, where his life will be put at risk. Even if their armies reach our ruler’s palace, we should not fear, because there are a number of hopeful points we can hang on to. Chiefly, we have the peerless wisdom of our ruler. The most important thing in this war is that our most excellent ruler is not harmed in the slightest, not even a single hair, for we would be stranded without his intrepid steering of our country. If our Lord was wounded - GOD forbid on his head - his ability to rule would be severely hampered, and possibly even end, given his current stress. Thankfully, due to that aforementioned wisdom of our ruler, our LORD CHARLES ALSTION scarcely leaves the peace of his comfortable palace, and never dares to depart the walls of New Vienne. Secondly, we have the freshness of our soldiers. The Loyalist army is composed mostly of new recruits who have not yet seen battle, so they are neither wounded or aware of the horrors of Heartlands warfare. On the contrary, the Rebel army has legions of hardened veterans who have experienced the conflicts of recent decades. This means many of them are missing eyes, fingers, and teeth, which puts them at a disadvantage against our Loyalist conscripts. These Renato-Adrians are also quite old, in their thirties or forties, as opposed to the fresh & vigorous young men who defend the gate of New Vienne. Lastly, we have strong diplomatic connections. To gain the title of ruler of our country, our LORD CHARLES ALSTION made a number of brave concessions such as giving away territories to Haense & the Dwarves, conceding faculties of governance, and tactfully displaying humility to gain favor with foreign powers. If - GOD forbid - the Rebel army reaches the gates of our city, our ruler will be able to sell more land & influence in our country (of which he has much, worry not) so that foreign armies can come save us. OUR CULTURE is utterly humiliating for the rebellious Adrians! Like the old Empire which Aaun succeeds, our country safeguards concepts such as liberty and democracy which have been sadly lost to our neighbors. With these values, our LORD CHARLES ALSTION brings us the freedom to enjoy relations between men & men, women & women, and dress however we please. Many courtiers have been wonderfully amused by Lord Alstion’s pastime of crossdressing, gallivanting about his palace in the manner of a noble lady. The DUKE OF MINITZ has happily taken up this piece of libertine Alstion culture, instituting crossdressing for private events in his court. Earlier this week, the Duke’s soldiers brought a captured rebel to the stronghold of Minitz. At pain of death, the cowardly & outnumbered Renato-Adrian was forced to join with the court in their newly-adopted practice, donning a lady’s costume for the Duke’s pleasure. Once finished, the man was released and sent home to Velec, where he surely will not dare to take up arms against the Loyalist army. CLASSIFIEDS LOST HEN - Rebel patrol scared off my prized hen. Beak is marked with blue paint. Send word to Henry in West Townsend. HAESENI PICKLES FOUND - Barrel of Haeseni pickles found in cellar. Selling at one Mina for five at market. MIRACLE IN NECTAR - A statue of the holy infant has been seen weeping tears of sweet nectar. SEEKING PASSAGE - Looking for a ship to get out of the Heartlands. Will pay more than usual fare. Waiting at city docks - Marius Murdoch. WORD OF CAUTION - Rebel cavalry seen on the south bank of the Petra. Take care. Comments? Suggestions? Write to our publishing house. Submit classifieds with one Mina; add one more for priority. - THE AAUNIC PRESS -
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