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  1. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #12 OPERATION DRAGONSLAYER BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION FULL DISCLOSURE ORDERED BY KING ALEKSANDR II DESIGNATED: PUBLIC DISCLOSURE THREAT ASSESSMENT: CODE-03 SIGMAR REPORTING SQUADRON: BSK TASKFORCE “MITHRIL” PARTICULARS: Amidst international tensions following High Pontiff SIXTUS VI’s threatened excommunication of the LEAGUE OF VELETZ, a peace conference was called in the KINGDOM OF AAUN by KING EDMUND. The COMMONWEALTH OF PETRA, having abandoned the HEARTLAND ACCORD after continued threats to re-sign by the LEAGUE OF VELETZ, joined the KONGZEM OF HAENSE, KINGDOM OF BALIAN, and PROTECTORATE OF HYSPIA in travelling to the conference. BSK SPECIAL TASKFORCE MITHRIL, under direct command of KING ALEKSANDR (“MITHRIL-01”) of HAENSE, were travelling to AAUN when they learned that the MARCH OF STASSION, a vassal of AAUN, had committed regicide and murdered KING EDMUND in a ploy for the throne. With a force of nearly ten-thousand allied soldiers, the operation was dubbed an immediate CODE-03 OTTO with command assumed directly by MITHRIL-01 and OTTO LUDOVAR (“MITHRIL-02”). The allied force arrived at WHITESPIRE to find that most of the AAUNISH council had been murdered alongside KING EDMUND by a smattering of STASSION marauders. TASKFORCE MITHRIL gave immediate chase and captured KING EDMUND's assassins. Upon their return to WHITESPIRE, where the allied forces of HAENSE, PETRA, BALIAN, HYSPIA, and some surviving patriots of AAUN, were marshalled. At approximately the tolling of Vespers Bells, a VELETZIAN force of 7,000 soldiers arrived to ransack the capital of their ally and were met by the allied forces, who gave immediate battle. The streets of WHITSPIRE were awash with blood and bodies as the two massive hosts clashed. With strategy limited in the chaos of the narrow streets, the raw strength of the allied forces prevailed and the VELETZIAN and STASSION forces were annihilated. MITHRIL reports the capture of several high-value VELETZIAN targets, including their CAPTAIN-GENERAL. By thirty-minutes' after Vespers Bell, WHITESPIRE was secured by the allied forces pending the lawful succession of KING EDMUND's heir who, at this time, is yet to be fully ascertained. MITHRIL reports with honour that HAENSE, BALIAN, PETRA, HYSPIA, AAUN, and their allies secured a complete victory over the tyrannical forces of VELETZ and STASSION. As they were defeated at EASTFLEET. As they were defeated at HAELUNOR. THEY WERE DEFEATED AT WHITESPIRE.
  2. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #11 OPERATION BROKEN TIDE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION REDACTED DISCLOSURE ORDERED BY KING ALEKSANDR II DESIGNATED: PUBLIC DISCLOSURE THREAT ASSESSMENT: CODE-02 OTTO-LEVEL REPORTING SQUADRON: BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION, TASKFORCE “ADAMANTIUM” PARTICULARS: Watchpoint MIDLANDS reported enemy warband encroaching the vicinity of the Royal Capital of VALDEV at approximately ten minutes before Terces Bell. BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS TASKFORCE “SHEET-LIGHTNING” dispatched for reconnaissance but unable to determine identity of warband, but noted numerous ORCS. Withdrawal order for SHEET-LIGHTNING issued at Terces Bell by [REDACTED] "SHEET-LIGHTNING-01". CODE-02 OTTO LEVEL MUSTER issued some five minutes after Terces Bell and designated BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DEFENCE TASKFORCE “ADAMANTIUM” under command of KING ALEKSANDR II “ADAMANTIUM-01” and LORD MARSHAL ARTHUR GANT “ADAMANTIUM-02”. PATRIARCH JOSEF "ADAMANTIUM-06" administered blessings to troops upon rally. ADAMANTIUM-01 and ADAMANTIUM-04 reported enemy warband had breached the city backgate at approximately fifteen minutes after Terces Bell and ordered withdrawal of ADAMANTIUM beyond the city’s main gates. Enemy warband pursued on the VALDEV BRIDGE, and combat was engaged by order of ADAMANTIUM-01 at approximately twenty minutes past Terces Bell. Tactical close-combat plan devised by OCTAVIAN “ADAMANTIUM-11”, GAREN BARUCH “ADAMANTIUM-12”, and [REDACTED] “ADAMANTIUM-17” and implemented by ADAMANTIUM-01 and ADAMANTIUM-02. Enemy warband immediately crumbled under ADAMANTIUM charge, with LEONID KORTREVICH “ADAMANTIUM-08” slaying five raiders. Enemies fled into VALDEV vicinity, pursued by cavalry support led by SIGMAR BARUCH “ADAMANTIUM-05”. Victory affirmed at approximately twenty-five minutes to Matins Bell and CODE-02 OTTO LEVEL MUSTER disbanded. BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION note OPERATION BROKEN TIDE as the maiden battle of LOTHAR BARUCH “ADAMANTIUM-18”, MIKHAIL VAR RATIBOR “ADAMANTIUM-14”, BRISON NASK “ADAMANTIUM-19”, MIKHAILA VAS RUTHERN “ADAMANTIUM-20”, and IVO “ADAMANTIUM-21”. BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION recommends no further security measures at this time. VEZ KRAWN AG KONGZEM [REDACTED] INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR OFFICE OF TRUTH
  3. In the course of their investigations, the BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION uncover great potential for an optician's trade among Basik's kin.
  4. SH-07 is dispatched to AAUN to remedy the factual inconsistency.
  5. BSK RECONNAISSANCE REPORT BEEN 'N GAUN BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION REDACTED DISCLOSURE ORDERED BY KING ALEKSANDR II MARKED FOR THE ATTENTION OF: LORD MARSHAL GANT PENNED BY: [REDACTED] THREAT ASSESSMENT: CODE 01 OTTO-LEVEL REPORTING SQUADRON: SPECIAL OPERATIONS RECONNAISSANCE DIVISION, FIELD-NAME ‘SHEET-LIGHTING’ PARTICULARS: Reconnaissance occurred on the 2nd day of MSITZA & DARGUND of 498 ES. Designated a special reconnaissance operation by [REDACTED], SHEET-LIGHTNING squadron-commander [SH-01]. Approximately 35 minutes prior the tolling of Vespers Bell, [REDACTED] arrived in VALDEV and met with QUEEN AMAYA of HAENSE. [REDACTED] alleged that QUEEN-MOTHER ADELA of AAUN [SUBJECT-01] had been arrested on the orders of her son KING EDMUND II of AAUN [SUBJECT-02] for conducting unauthorized diplomacy with HAENSE. Special Operative SHEET-LIGHTNING-02 [SH-02] dispatched to investigate and interviewed LORD MARSHAL GANT [SUBJECT-03] and DUKE VIKTOR VAR RUTHERN [SUBJECT-04] based on [REDACTED]'s testimony. SUBJECT-03 and SUBJECT-04 affirmed they had met with SUBJECT-01 in WHITESPIRE together with PRINCE GAWNYN TIBER of AAUN [SUBJECT-05] and LEOPOLD HAVERLOCK of AAUN [SUBJECT-06]. SUBJECT-03 and SUBJECT-04 understood these Aaunishmen to be sitting members of the REGENCY COUNCIL of AAUN with due authority to conduct the affairs of AAUN. SUBJECT-06 believed to be a guardsman. Following the arrest of SUBJECT-01, no arrest warrant issued for SUBJECT-05 and SUBJECT-06. Fate of SUBJECT-05 & SUBJECT-06 unconfirmed. SUBJECT-02 possibly dislikes women only. Approximately 5 minutes after the tolling of Vespers Bell, the DUTY-OFFICER of VALDEV's gatehouse, [REDACTED], reported sightings of [REDACTED], a bandit of small notoriety, to CENTRAL-COMMAND. CODE-01 RALLY issued 3 minutes later. Some 10 minutes after the tolling of Vespers Bell, company of several armed compatriots in search of LADY ALEKSANDRA VAS RUTHERN of HAENSE [PRIORITY-SUBJECT]. SH-02 confirmed from [REDACTED] that PRIORITY-SUBJECT had been issued arrest warrant by SUBJECT-02. Some 30 minutes after the tolling of Vespers Bell, CENTRAL-COMMAND received a report from [REDACTED] of AAUN that SUBJECT-02 contemplated offensive incursion into HAENSE. Special Operatives SHEET-LIGHTNING-02, 03 & 06 dispatched on reconnaissance to AAUN to confirm reports. Use of force not authorized. PRIORITY-SUBJECT encountered by SH-02, SH-03 & SH-06 outside WHITESPIRE while being placed under arrest. PRIORITY-SUBJECT did not resist and SH-03 permitted to accompany her inside WHITESPIRE under armed guard. PRIORITY-SUBJECT taken to meet unidentified noblewoman of AAUN who claimed to speak for SUBJECT-02. Unidentified noblewoman ordered PRIORITY-SUBJECT placed under house arrest pending formal trial for "conspiracy against AAUN". SH-03 inquired further and reports that LADY ALEKSANDRA of HAENSE is accused of conspiracy for leaving WHITESPIRE without the permission of SUBJECT-02. PRIORITY-SUBJECT confined at MERRYWEATHER with SH-03. Significant unrest occurred as AAUNISH garrison unable to make STASSION and VELETZ retainers leave. Use of force threatened by AAUNISH garrison but unfilfilled. SUBJECT-05's suicide reported approximately 6 hours thereafter. SUBJECT-01 alleged to have escaped AAUN at a similar time. SHEET-LIGHTNING remains actively monitoring situation. Duly advises BROTHERHOOD is placed on standing CODE-01 alert.
  6. BSK INCIDENT REPORT ARCHIVE VOLUME-01 Issued by [REDACTED] On this 11th day of Gronna and Droba of 487 E.S. Transcribed pursuant to Order-[REDACTED] and released for public dissemination. Established in [REDACTED], the Office of Truth has acted as the logistical and operational appendage of the BSK Special Operations Division led by GOLD CROW-01 for the purposes of documenting and disclosing BSK activities to the Haeseni public regarding its effective operations, subject to certain degrees of redaction to protect the confidentiality of military operations against enemy forces. As ordered by [REDACTED], the Office of Truth shall henceforth publish Volumes of all currently-released Incident Reports in intervals of ten. Reports are designated by code-names, date, and a summary brief of the Incident Report. Reports reference BSK Special Operation Division members participating in the Operation and identified via codename GOLD CROW according to [REDACTED]. Incident Reports are also classified according to severity as follows: - ANDRIK-LEVEL INCIDENTS: Incident Reports under the ANDRIK-LEVEL classification are generally minor affairs in which the wider public safety is not at stake. - OTTO-LEVEL INCIDENTS: Incident Reports under the OTTO-LEVEL classification are combative or intelligence operations which aim to mitigate a risk to Haeseni public security or international interests, but the likes of which would not be critical. - SIGMAR-LEVEL INCIDENTS: Incident Reports under the SIGMAR-LEVEL classification are major military affairs which profoundly impact Haeseni sovereignty and security, typically invoked in cases of international military confrontation or direct threats to the King or the Royal House. This shall therefore constitute BSK Incident Report Archive 01. ARCHIVE-01 BSK INCIDENT REPORT 001 CODE: OPERATION EXOSKELETON DATE: 471 ES CLASSIFICATION: OTTO-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: At approximately two-hours past Vespers Bell, a force of Adrian commandos infiltrated Karosgrad through the sewage system, catching the city garrison unaware and unprepared. Given the immediate risk to high-priority Haeseni nobles and government officials within the city, the incident was designed OTTO-LEVEL and control of onsite contingencies was assumed by GOLD CROW-02, whose objective was the frustration of Adrian efforts to capture high-value targets. GOLD CROW-02 succesfully withdrew Haeseni targets behind the walls of the Morrivi Prikaz and fortified the position, which effectively neutralised the Adrian's ability to capture high-value targets. The enemy shortly withdrew, and the lone casualty was an Elven child of unknown identity. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 002 CODE: OPERATION HONEYPOT DATE: 471 ES CLASSIFICATION: OTTO-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: Operation was proposed by GOLD CROW-04 after GOLD CROW-03 located a portion of the Karosgrad walls susceptible to enemy infiltration due to a low overhang and sanctioned by GOLD CROW-02 as an OTTO-LEVEL operation due to potential security hazards. GOLD CROW-04 ordered the overhang to be left alone, and stationed GOLD CROW-05, GOLD CROW-07, and GOLD CROW-08 in a tower adjacent to the main gatehouse. At approximately one-hour after Nones Bell on [REDACTED], Adrian commandos infiltrated Karosgrad through this portion of wall. Enemy force proceeded directly to the gatehouse and overpowered [REDACTED], who was operating the gate. GOLD CROW-05, GOLD CROW-07, and GOLD CROW-08 were dispatched from their position and ambushed the Adrian bandits, terminating them in the trap. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 003 CODE: OPERATION WARHAMMER DATE: 472 ES CLASSIFICATION: OTTO-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: The Commonwealth of Petra called upon Haeseni relief after Archduchess Renilde of Petra was captured by bandits of [REDACTED] affiliation and extracted to a fortification on the borders of [REDACTED]. BSK forces were currently stationed away from the capital after defeating Mori'Quessir forces at Ostervik. In responding to the Commonwealth's request, the Operation was designated OTTO-LEVEL and Haeseni command delegated to GOLD CROW-03, who deployed the Special Operations Division with support from House Mareno, the Principality of Minitz, and the Kingdom of Balian. A drawn-out battle ensued on the [REDACTED] road, during which time GOLD CROW-02 and GOLD CROW-04 successfully scaled the [REDACTED] fortification and rescued the Archduchess, who was extracted to Karosgrad. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 004 CODE: OPERATION ANVIL DATE: 473 ES CLASSIFICATION: OTTO-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: A BSK-wide operation sanctioned in the domain of Vortice and given OTTO-LEVEL classification, where 2,000 forces came to the aid of the local population against a Mori'Quessir attack. The Vortician capital was abandoned, but the Mori'Quessir suffered significant casualties and a large portion of the Vortician population was successfully evacuated before they could be [REDACTED] by the Mori'Quessir forces. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 005 CODE: OPERATION CYCLOPS DATE: 474 ES CLASSIFICATION: SIGMAR-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: Haeseni traitor Mariya Barrow's capture and termination was assigned to the Special Operations Division with SIGMAR-LEVEL classification due to the risk posed by Mariya Barrow's direct descent from KING GEORG I and ensuing claim to the Haeseni throne. GOLD-CROW 02 led an elite operational force comprised of GOLD CROW-03, GOLD CROW-04, GOLD CROW-06, GOLD CROW-08, GOLD CROW-09, GOLD CROW-10, GOLD CROW-11 and GOLD-CROW 13 who successfully infiltrated Veletz and extracted the traitor to Karosgrad. GOLD CROW-09 and GOLD CROW-11 were deployed as a harrying force to slow Adrian pursuit and enabled extraction of the prisoner to Karosgrad, though GOLD CROW-09 and GOLD CROW-11 suffered [REDACTED]. Prisoner Mariya Barrow was subsequently [REDACTED]. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 006 CODE: OPERATION AVALANCHE DATE: 475 ES CLASSIFICATION: SIGMAR-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: A BSK-wide operation led by GOLD CROW-14 to intercept the Mori'Quessir defensive position erected in the Fennic snowplains and carry out a preemptive strike with SIGMAR-LEVEL classification due to the mass military deployment. GOLD CROW-14 led a full SIGMAR-LEVEL force along the Fennic road and forced his way through numerous Mori'Quessir traps and bottlenecks. The BSK was divided into WING-FORCE and TALON-FORCE after destroying the Mori'Quessir's forward defensive position, with WING-FORCE dispatched over the mountains to Fenn and TALON-FORCE advancing through a direct tunnel through the mountains. Both forces encountered significant hindrances, and WING-FORCE was slowed to a crawl by the terrain and constant assault from Mori insects while TALON-FORCE was subjected to traps and ambushes in the narrow tunnel that resulted in high BSK casualties. TALON-FORCE arrived at the perimeter of Fenn first, and were engaged by a mounted Vykiriad spider. The arrival of WING-FORCE allowed a pincered attack to slay the Vykiriad and establish BSK siege-lines around the Mori stronghold in Fenn. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 007 CODE: OPERATION BROOMSTICK DATE: 475 ES CLASSIFICATION: ANDRIK-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: The report of Adrian commandos harassing the Vidaus Road led to the sanctioning of an ANDRIK-LEVEL operation led by GOLD CROW-02, who led an anti-banditry interception force on horseback. A horse-chase occurred as the Adrian commandos fled from the Special Operations Division between the Rimeveld and Vidaus, which resulted in the capture of two Adrian commandos and the narrow escape of a third. The two captive Adrians were terminated. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 008 CODE: OPERATION HARPOON DATE: 475 ES CLASSIFICATION: ANDRIK-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: BSK Special Operations Division led by GOLD CROW-02 were deployed to intercept high-value targets on the Adrian roads. Operation was designated ANDRIK-LEVEL after high-value target Lorena Gant was intercepted and extracted to Karosgrad by GOLD CROW-02, GOLD CROW-03, and GOLD CROW-05. Subject Lorena Gant was incarcerated and interrogated by [REDACTED] before sentenced to execution. Subject Lorena Gant terminated by GOLD CROW-05 at approximately twenty-minutes before Compline Bell. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 009 CODE: OPERATION PICNIC DATE: 476 ES CLASSIFICATION: ANDRIK-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: BSK Special Operations Division was deployed to patrol Minitz after increased reports of Adrian activity and designated an ANDRIK-LEVEL operation under GOLD CROW-02. The Division breached the gates of Velec and apprehended Subject [REDACTED], who was [REDACTED], and subsequently also apprehended Subject Hans of Brecht. Subject Hans was extracted to Karosgrad and interrogated by GOLD CROW-02, who commuted the Subject's termination and instead released him after GOLD CROW-03 removed the Subject's right eye. BSK INCIDENT REPORT 010 CODE: OPERATION BORSCHT DATE: 480 ES CLASSIFICATION: ANDRIK-LEVEL SUMMARY REPORT: Haeseni settlement on the island of Failor was met with logistical challenges as food became scarce. Operation was given ANDRIK-LEVEL classification and a small BSK Special Operations Division force led by GOLD CROW-09 who were dispatched from Featherpoint to contested territory on the southern side of the island. A large collection of beets was harvested from [REDACTED] and extracted to Featherpoint to sustain the Haeseni populace without confrontation with enemy forces.
  7. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #9 OPERATION PICNIC DATE: Autumn 476 E.S. REPORTING OFFICER: Ser ARTHUR GANT DISCLOSURE: Redacted Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: Operation commenced approximately at the twenty-third tolling of the bell. BSK SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION consisting of Ser ARTHUR GANT, JAKOB KVAZYEV, AMELTH VAN GRENDOK, and DONALF AF DON rode south to conduct reconnaissance and security patrols in the vicinity of MINITZ. Ser ARTHUR led his horsemen into the city of VELEC without any contest from the local garrison and apprehended [REDACTED] in the streets and proceeded to [REDACTED] him. The DIVISION subsequently apprehended a second ADRIAN, identified as HANS OF BRECHT, who wore the colours of the DUKE OF ADRIA. HANS OF BRECHT was extracted to KAROSGRAD by the DIVISION and arrived shortly before the eight tolling of the bell. HANS OF BRECHT was noted by Ser ARTHUR GANT to be cordial and compliant at all times. The suspect was determined to be a soldier of a hostile state, however Ser ARTHUR GANT commuted his sentence from EXECUTION upon consultation with AMELTH VAN GRENDOK, and instead an eye was removed from the suspect in accordance with ancient JORENIC CUSTOM by JAKOB KVAZYEV. The suspect was then released from custody and permitted to return to ADRIA. END COMMUNICATION.
  8. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #8 OPERATION HARPOON DATE: Summer of 475 E.S. REPORTING OFFICER: Ser VANHART BARCLAY DISCLOSURE: Public Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: The B.S.K. special operations division rode south along the gushing banks of the PETRA, until four riders - Ser VANHART BARCLAY, ARTHUR GANT, JAKOB KVAZYEV, and DONALF AF DON - reached the banks of MINITZ. As men of the CANONIST LEAGUE intent on protecting their REINMAREN allies from brigands, they set about their patrol. Within an hour, their steeds had cornered LORENA GANT, a condemned traitor and enemy of HAENSE for her role in the raiding and attempted execution of MINITZMEN and absconding from her vow to duel Ser VANHART BARCLAY, made some years ago when Lord-Palatine OTTO GANT ordered her execution. Upon extracting LORENA GANT to KAROSGRAD, she was taken into custody and confined to the prisons where Grand Prince ALEKSANDR OTTO - a former friend to the traitor - questioned her on her defection. After a fruitless exchange of pleas, the Grand Prince condemned her to face judgment for her crimes - namely treachery, banditry, and absconding from a duel of justice. LORENA GANT was taken in chains to the B.S.K. barracks, where a crowd watched as VANHART BARCLAY carried out the execution on behalf of the Grand Prince. Though the taste of justice is sweet, the loss of a friend is inexplicably bitter.
  9. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #7 OPERATION BROOMSTICK DATE: Summer of 475 E.S. REPORTING OFFICER: [REDACTED] DISCLOSURE: Redacted Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: The B.S.K. anti-brigand task force embarked on a patrol of the northern roads once the spring snows had abated, and crossed lances with ADRIAN brigands near the DUCHY OF VIDAUS. The surprised ADRIANS heeled their steeds into an immediate gallop, and the B.S.K. pursued. One ADRIAN - who has since been identified as one ALMERD, who had been previously captured by the B.S.K. under BRANIMAR KVAZYEV'S command for banditry on a prior occassion - was thrown from his horse into the northern snow, while a second ADRIAN - who later gave his name as GOBI DAWSON - was ensnared while buying time for a third ADRIAN to escape to CLOUD TEMPLE. Upon apprehension, GOBI DAWSON was extracted to [REDACTED]. Upon interrogation, GOBI DAWSON pleaded that he had come to HAENSE with no violent intention, but upon invitation with his officer to “fight a skirmish”. Uncompelled by his account, [REDACTED] sentenced the captured ADRIAN to [REDACTED]. The B.S.K. reminds all citizens that banditry on the roads of HAENSE is illegal.
  10. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #6 OPERATION AVALANCHE DATE: Spring of 475 E.S. REPORTING OFFICER: CAROLUS COLBORN DISCLOSURE: Public Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: Approximately two years prior, an expedition force led by Lord CAROLUS COLBORN located military fortifications on the road to the abandoned city of FENN, in the far north. Determining that the MORI’QUESSIR had stationed a garrison in the ruins, Lord CAROLUS began to organise a pre-emptive strike against the MORI. With the assent of his Majesty KING GEORG, Lord CAROLUS prepared a strike-forced composed of B.S.K. troops, warriors from KRUGMAR, VORTICE, BALIAN, and free-lancers, this DESCENDANT army embarked from the RIMEVELD towards FENN beneath a spring shower of snow. Shortly after sunrise, OPERATION AVALANCHE commended. The DESCENDANT force formed a defensive formation as they charged a choke-point between the RIMEVELD and FENN manned by a modest perimeter defence unit of MORI legionnaires. Beneath a hail of arrow-fire and traps - including trip-chains, flaming mushrooms, rockfalls, and rolling logs - the superior DESCENDANT numbers overwhelmed this perimeter defence. A detachment of ANDRIK RUTHER, ALEKSANDR RUTHERN, and SER VLAD HOTHAND attempted to intercept the lighting of a signal tower, but were unsuccessful. OPERATION AVALANCHE continued in two-phases -- Lord CAROLUS led the main-force through a tunnel that led directly to FENN, but found this laced with traps. The main-force contended with MORI attempts to cave-in the tunnel, tripwires, and rockfalls before persevering. The front-lines lost contact with the rear-lines in the narrow tunnels, who had been ambushed by ARACHNIDS. Meanwhile, a smaller force attempted to scale the snowy mountain above the tunnel, and were accosted by the heavy snow and MORI flying insects. With some minor casualties, Lord CAROLUS and the main-force reached FENN first. It was quickly determined that the main MORI legion had withdrawn into the city-walls, but their advance was met by a MORI officer named KHAZEN, who made no secret of his orders to slow the DESCENDANT attack long enough to fortify FENN. KHAZEN summoned a massive ARACHNID - whose name has since been revealed as VYKIRIAD - mounted by a dozen MORI soldiers, and engaged the main-force in battle. A pitched inferno of missiles, potions, magic, and steel ensued as VYKIRIAD did battle. After sustaining injuries to its front-two legs, several of the MORI riders were slain beneath DESCENDANT arrows and potions. It was not until AUDO WEISS arrived with the secondary force across the mountain that trees and cliffs were used to jump atop VYKIRIAD’S back. In a final and brutal assault, VYKIRIAD was concussed by a BLAST POTION and subsequently slain, and its riders slaughtered. The primary MORI legion in the north fortified the walls of FENN in anticipation of a DESCENDANT siege, which marked one of the first victories for DESCENDANTS in the war against the MORI.
  11. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #5 OPERATION CYCLOPS DATE: Summer of 474 E.S. REPORTING OFFICER: ALEKSANDR OTTO DISCLOSURE: Redacted Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: In the spring of this year, Lord CAROLUS COLBORN had received intelligence from [REDACTED] alleging a plot by the King’s daughter MARIYA KARENINA to lure him to the Kingdom’s borders and assassinate him. His Majesty, acting on this intelligence, disowned the Princess as MARIYA BARROW. Approximately two days after the disownment, Grand Prince ALEKSANDR OTTO rallied a personal force of covert skirmishers and rode south beneath the summer moon to ADRIA. There, beneath the Grand Prince’s banner, his soldiers infiltrated the walls undetected and extracted MARIYA BARROW. [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] were deployed to remain behind to harry the ADRIAN pursuit. The Grand Prince’s retinue returned to KAROSGRAD with the convicted MARIYA BARROW in custody. [THE REST OF THIS REPORT HAS BEEN REDACTED].
  12. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #4 OPERATION ANVIL DATE: Summer 473 ES CLASSIFICATION: Full Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: As grain grew golden in the summer heat, his Majesty KING GEORG I led a delegation of 2,000 soldiers from the BROTHERHOOD in defence of the domain of VORTICE, which had fallen under attack by the MORI’QUESSIR invaders. Combined with a Descendant host numbering in the tens of thousands, OPERATION ANVIL commenced. His Majesty’s command, spearheaded by BALDRUM COLBORN, CAROLUS COLBORN, and SEBASTIEN BISHOP engaged the MORI'QUESSIR forces in a bid to thin their numbers to forestall MORI invasions of larger nations. Beneath a rain of exploding arachnids, OPERATION ANVIL fared successfully. While commencing OPERATION ANVIL, the noble stock of ADRIA, on foot of their lord’s proclamation to seek peace with the CANONIST LEAGUE to combine efforts against the MORI'QUESSIR, assaulted MINITZ while a funeral was held. HAESENI NOBLES of REINMAR, among them the DUCHESS JOSEFINA and LORD MANFRED BARCLAY, were apprehended under threat of arms and extracted to ADRIA. The OFFICE OF TRUTH has confirmed their safe extraction back to KAROSGRAD. Across the continent, the banners of DESCENDANT-KIND flew in unison. But the banners of ADRIA did not fly at VORTICE -- for they were raiding funerals of those they sought peace with.
  13. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #3 OPERATION WARHAMMER DATE: Autumn 472 ES CLASSIFICATION: Redacted Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: As autumnal snows blocked the roads, the quiet night of KAROSGRAD was interupted with the hasty arrival of the CHANCELLOR OF PETRA, who pleaded that the ARCHDUCHESS OF PETRA had been captured by brigands, and begged for aid. His Majesty KING GEORG I and most of the BROTHERHOOD remained stationed in OSTERVIK, recently reclaimed in battle from the MORI'QUESSIR', and the duty thus fall upon PRINCE MARIUS AUDEMAR. Upon calling on wayward allies in HOUSE MARENO, a ragged force assembled in the RIMEVELD under PRINCE MARIUS' command, which was soon reinforced by companies from MINITZ and BALIAN, alerted and armed by the fleet-footed ARTHUR GANT. With the CHANCELLOR'S testimony, the ARCHDUCHESS was tracked to a keep near the NORLANDIC BORDER occupied by marauders. Beneath the autumnal snowfall, the CANONIST FORCES fought a battle of attrition with the battle-hardened raiders while [REDACTED] & [REDACTED] scaled the keep's south-wall with ropes and spikes, until they pried open the window of the room where the ARCHDUCHESS was confined. The ARCHDUCHESS was extracted out of the keep and withdrawn to KAROSGRAD under PRINCE MARIUS' banner. The public is advised to be wary of corpses along the NORLAND ROAD.
  14. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #2 OPERATION HONEYPOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l10uMNwixyM DATE: 12th of JOMA AND UMUND of 471 E.S. CLASSIFICATION: Redacted Disclosure INCIDENT REPORT: Since his impossible escape at the ECCLESIASTICAL TRIAL, the OFFICE OF TRUTH has conducted careful research and investigation to conclude that DUKE HEINRIK of ADRIA is capable of the dark art of SHADOW-WALKING. Fearing that DUKE HEINRIK may have taught this power to his followers, the OFFICE OF TRUTH designed OPERATION HONEYPOT in the hope of luring warriors of ADRIA into a trap. OPERATION HONEYPOT proved successful. A breach was designed in the walls, through which ADRIAN warriors were successfully lured into the KAROSGRAD gatehouse, and ambushed from above. The ADRIANS pleaded for their lives, swearing to offer the secrets of DUKE HEINRIK in exchange for their survival, but this was REFUSED - the OFFICE OF TRUTH knows all secrets. Upon their EXECUTION, marks of DRUIDISM were found on the corpses of the ADRIANS. The OFFICE OF TRUTH advises that one of the fallen ADRIANS was a DARK ELF, and is therefore operating on the assumption that the MORI’QUESSIR and ADRIANS are in league and will proceed to test this theory via OPERATION CAHOOTS in [REDACTED]. Having proven that DUKE HEINRIK alone possesses the power to SHADOW-WALK, OPERATION HONEYPOT is now terminated and the CROWN undertakes to remove all deliberate weaknesses in KAROSGRAD’S defence. The OFFICE OF TRUTH commends the performance of ANATOLIY GODUNOV and CAROLUS COLBORN for their role in OPERATION HONEYPOT.
  15. BSK INCIDENT REPORT #1 DATE: Summer of 471 E.S. CLASSIFICATION: Disclosed for public safety INCIDENT REPORT: Shortly after the tolling of the thirteenth bell, the city of KAROSGRAD was beset by brigands originating from ADRIA. Initial investigations by the Office of Truth indicate that the ADRIANS gained access to the city crawling through a REFUSE PIPE, judging by the subsequent smell. The esteemed warriors of ADRIA demonstrated their military prowess and utilised their element of surprise to capture a CHILD and an ELF, while ARTHUR GANT secured the city. The victorious ADRIANS then proceeded to execute the CHILD in a demonstration of chivalric superiority. Citizens of HAENSE must beware that ADRIANS may once again in future attempt to drag CHILDREN and ELVES into the sewers for AZDRAZI SACRIFICES. The CROWN commits to deploying RAT POISON on all sewage run-offs to prevent future incidents.
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