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    Ariyn entered the bar by opening the thick and heavy oak door which kept all the falling snow outside. Ariyn went to the bar and sat there then said to the owner. "Hello there! What do you have in stock?" The owner said. 'We have almost everything there is to have in these parts, pork, beef, beer, wine, tea even. What would you like?' Ariyn said. "I'll have some beef and a pint of beer please." The owner replied. 'Excelent choice sir! Would that be all?' Ariyn answered the question. "Yes, that would be all. How much do I owe you?" The owner with a happier stance said to his customer: '13 gold and 4 silver coins, dear sir!" Ariyn reached in his backpack he put below him, next to the stool and took out his bag of valuables. He took the 13 gold and 4 silver coins he owed the man and he gave them to the owner. The owner said happily while going to get the pint.'Thank you sir! My son will now begin cooking the beef you ordered!' Time flew for a bit as Ariyn began to chat with the rest in the bar. They all started to tell about their pasts, when it was Ariyn's turn he told the rest: "I was born in the north, very north of here. My parents were well settled within the large village we lived in. My father was an blacksmith in the winter, and a farmer in the farming seasons. My mom was the local sawwoman, she could sew almost everything that could be sewn with a needle and thread. Until some men in white and silver came. They came and pillaged the village, claiming it to be for the lord of their religion. Then I ran away from them, and I started to feed myself by hunting, and selling the hides of the killed animals. It's a good business, as you can see." And then his food came. It was perfectly flavoured, not too little, neither too much. Altough he had the more salty type of stomach. He drank his beer, ate his steak. And left trough the door. OUT OF RP Can I join with a cracked client?
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