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  1. ((MC Name: SoftestMallow)) Name: Averwyn Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
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    ((How do you respond?)) Faust froze at the old hag's question, at her demands. He's hunched in on himself to fit inside the raggedy tent, and as she turns he waves a glove clad hand toward her in response -- A free hand whisks behind himself, brushing his long cape back before taking the seat that was offered, legs folding underneath his weight as he kneels. What did bring him so far from Tahn'miar? Why risk dirtying -- Staining the pristine, all white outfit of his to trudge around in the muck and mud in some random town. But was he to reveal the meticulous cogs of cognition sequencing at not so cleverly constructing this deduction of his? No, of course not! At first, the elf starts with a short, snide remark, "Oh, I'm sure you've been simply dying to see me." A lazy smirk spreads across his face while his tired eyes drift away from the crone for the first time he'd stepped foot inside the tent. Slowly lifting a palm up to his cheek, he muttered; "My story.." Babbling on to some random person wasn't something he was expecting, but something he wouldn't turn down. That tired expression of his spreads across his face, his maroon colored palm slides to his chin to rub at his goatee. "Well," An inhale preparing to spew whatever comes off the tip of his tonuge. "I come from a horrible family, from The Silver State of Haelun'or. You must have heard of how the High Elves act there, my entire family of .." A lithe finger taps against his cheek as he goes on, with the rhythm he counts. "Seven. Excluding me, of course, act a fool. Full of themselves. " Just as it was raised to his face, his palm deflates down into his lap, resting idly. "I almost pity them, it's a hard thing to break after so many years of it. But just as it is hilarious that they do not tire of themselves, of each other." "I am an adventurer, I seek out knowledge. Through night and day I go about slaying demons, wrong do-ers and.." A pause as this story just seems to draw itself out further, "Traveling the world!" Faust exclaims while his eyes finally return to her, gauging any kind of reaction to his rambling. It wasn't hard to figure out he was lying straight through his teeth, he was being bad on purpose. The elf shoots up from his spot on the ground, an index finger raised to point at the tent's ceiling. "It's not all that it's cut out to be! -- I wish I could wander aimlessly to avoid pointless, trivial matters like most out there. Alas." The elf's smile creeps into something more sinister, his free hand gripping onto his hip and his head cocked to the side just so. "I'm forever on the hunt. Which forces me to leave you so early.. But I must thank you for lending an ear." Not like she didn't demand some type of story, 'his' story.. "I really must be off." 'N'tellahr's' pointed hand quickly opens to wave to her again just as he greeted her, moving backward to move the flaps of the canopy to then make his grand exit. "Bye-Bye!" His eyes close. retracting finally all before the woman could give him any more unwanted demands.
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