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  1. The ancient elf, friend of many a drui, slayer of drake, lich and demons, donned his mask. It was the cycle of war once more.
  2. An ancient being considered for a brief moment, a permanent creation of an elf-like creature, potentially with the traits of a leopard's teeth, the protective skin of a crocadile underneath the layers of armor seemingly allowed by the rules. Speech would be a problem, as much as he tried, he has so far failed to recreate speech in any of his creations. A small grin slowly spread as he realized, he could remove the tongue, claim to have been born a mute and thus communicate through writing! This reptilian-elf with a powerful bite would certainly have the advantage, and then! . . Seth shook his head, dispelling the playful scheme. He wants no throne, no title of royalty, not even his creations should be disgraced by such.
  3. Please include your homebrew to your update. :)
  4. An elderly elf in one of his few visits to Balian paused upon the missive, after a brief round about he ventured home, blurting out in furstration of the nonsense he read. "Wasn't he a child?"
  5. Samler


    I love this long overdue guide.
  6. Just had a quick CRP fight with these rules, felt good, maybe slightly more hp (not twice as much). Had a human warrior (+1 str O str D Skill O and skill D) vs an elf dualist (+2 skill O, +1 Skill D) with the elf going first. Lasted about 6 rounds, our rolls were mostly highs on the to-hit. I think the main winning factor of this system is you don't lose your action if you defend. as honour currently goes Player A attacks, Player B defends. Player A defends, Player B defends. Or Player A attacks, Player B tanks it, attacks player A. Player A tanks it, attacks Player B, Player B tanks it, attacks Player A... It also helps with the effects being determined, we emoted attack, contest skill roll, (if successful dmg) and allowed the other party emote the defence/failed defence and their follow up action.
  7. I feel dumb for always forgetting 2dx systems exist. Can we petition to tweak it ever so slightly for CA's, some feats (looking at you Tawkins) and impliment it? :)
  8. [!] Upon the noticeboard hangs a missive, the edges had a floral like design in vivid greens with flowers blossoming in colours of deep purples, silvery whites and a singular red upon the very top which has been pierced by the nail attaching the missive. [!] Addressed to the kin of Larihei and to the citizenry of Haelun'or. This written address is meant for those who did not attend the public assembly. I have for long been Maheral, six decades, sixty years, Four Hundred and Twenty Four Months. Far longer than most Maheral of the past. Outlasting Three Sohearan, guiding through and past the attempt of genocide upon our kin. Just as I have aided in the security of our kin, creating ties to allies which still aids us to this day, teaching of the arcane to a small handful of elves, healing of our kin, taking up accursed violence to protect our kin. It has taken much of my light. The Maheral is supposed to take up the role as a guide, carrying a torch to keep all upon the path. While in my early days as Maheral, it burnt much akin to a bonfire, a mighty beacon for our kin, as time continued, the torch began to devour the fuel for the flame. It still burns, a light in the dark but just as I have high expectations of you, my kin. I have such of myself. The torch is not bright enough. The voice calling out to our kin is not loud enough. A tyrant would keep an irongrip upon the torch and wield the golden light as both threat and reward. While I was the sole leader of our people for a time, I did welcome former Sohaer Luthien Maeyr'onn after her partner Kaelan Maeyr'onn had taken up the road ever so suddenly to the council, like her partner, they created positive change. But I do hope to aid my successor in taking up their new mantle as a new chapter of Haelun'or is to be written. While this is my initial end, as Maheral Seth Calith, it is a new beginning as Malaurir Seth Calith. I still offer my wisdom, experience and knowledge to the council and our kin. I wish to focus upon my own studies of the arcane, so that I can more easily share my discoveries, be it small steps or mighty leaps. In addition, I wish to offer the chance to become my student of the arcane, few have managed to succeed, as my expectations are high. Lastly, I wish to address the question you, dear reader likely carry while scanning through my written words. The next to guide Asulir Kolvar Uradir upon the next chapter, is Maheral Arasdir Miravaris. He will take up my duties, my aid is offered to him, as advisor as well as the practical things which might come up in his new line of duties. To my Sulii'ceru, find a moment and reveal your former title to elMaheral, deliver any unfinished work to him, your duty is complete. May his light illuminate us through the uncertainty that is the future. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya -Malaurir Seth Calith.
  9. An elderly elf raised an eyebrow upon getting a letter. "They are no longer together?" The mumbled to himself. "Right, and she almost died. Well her company is questionable, I suppose The King did a good move." He then suddenly looked about himself, catching himself thinking out loud, luckily, he didn't spot any near the aviary at the time, he folded the informational piece and pocketed it.
  10. I don't have much oppinion on this, sorry. :( What I do have a great oppinion is this lovely post. Thank you for reaching out to the community properly with this. I hope we see more of these in the future.
  11. So the redline #2 is a common sense effect. Likewise it can't blind creatures using different methods of sights etc. The new redline #1 I do like- Albeit there is little tell that the next spell is sand blast due to the 1 cast emote after connection. tbh I like it, clarifications are always a plus in my book and the 1'st counter measure is very fair, altho Sand Blast was a S+ Tier spell prior, it kinda keeps that spot post 'nerf' from this amendment.
  12. Obviously we are using MRP mechanics to evaluate it, how many hearts gets touched when you make the drop = the damage.
  13. Let's call PvP for Click-Combat. CC.
  14. Still very opposed of having the roll combat rules removed.
  15. Atronach Strength Calibration Changes: Ice Atronachs’s page Originally: Atronach Weaknesses Redlines: New: Atronach Weaknesses Redlines: Earth Atronach’s page. Originally: Atronach Weaknesses Redline: New Redlines: Atronach Weaknesses Redlines: Telekinetic Atronach’s Page. Originally: Telekinetic Strength [Passive] Mechanic: New: Telekinetic Strength [Passive] Mechanic: Originally: Amplified Telekinetic Strength [Combat] Mechanic: Redlines: New: Amplified Telekinetic Strength [Combat] Mechanic: Redlines: PURPOSE: Currently the lore is very inconsistent with it's strength, Ice atronachs refering to a tier with wildly swinging strength as both 4 and 8 weeks is within T3. The Earth and Telekinetic ones being weaker than each other by their comparisons. Amplified Telekinetic Strength refers to a type of golem which was renamed to something else and then saying 'not quite'. I have also made direct references to descendant strengths to make the lore piece more persistant should the points of references be changed or removed.
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