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  1. I don’t feel like it fits to our current setting.
  2. Seth did indeed sign this without any threats, actualy he smiled proudly as he did.
  3. Seth has signed it to avoid the acid death threatened by his boss and closest friend these days.
  4. Seth took a deep breath and sighed as he saw it, it was expected, he thought it would had come earlier. But now was the time.
  5. Seth raised an eyebrow reading it, commenting quitely mostly to himself at the notice board. “Kalenz taught many lessers. Guess someone learnt from the mistakes..” Seth raised an eyebrow reading it, commenting quitely mostly to himself at the notice board. “Kalenz taught many lessers. Guess someone learnt from the mistakes..”
  6. Seth watched the trial, silently judging Silir’s odd behavior during the trial, beliving it to be an attempt tp point out Elokarir’tir’leh unworthyness of the title and power residing within it. Then the verdict came, Seth wasn’t suprised. They simply did see past the act, the actions were illegal, a simple matter. Then Silir drew his blade, Seth calmly took the high ground of the spectator wings, knowing if the fighting moved up to him, he would have enough time to blast them down and call for help. After all, the Shadow Council still wanted him alive, for what purpose? He didn’t know. Does that mean Silir has lost his favor from the Shadow Council? “Rhael! Seth! Need you at the clinic!” Dele shouted as Silir took his own life. Yes, he had lost his position to the Shadow Council. He called back. “Silir is slaying himself!” as the room were in shock. As Dele and Rhaelanthur attended the dieing elf, he knew his duty were at the clinic, for whatever foolish soul has arrived and so he went, finding a dark elf named Rhys. Simply beated up by badly, he mostly needed time. Seth, unmoved by Silir’s odeal found some wramth in the rememrance of a beach as the dark elf used to live by one. On his way back home, a slight worry came to his mind. He knew with certanty that Silir Uradir were a student of Kalenz and related to the Shadow Council, yet he didn’t know of the one who took his place. He gathered the dosis af Javens he took everynight and went to yet another restful sleep without any nightmares to haunt the old elf.
  7. Seth looks at it before grinning. “Ah I see. Work in clinic is less than those listed. Surely the same oppinion wouldn’t be held if we didn’t save the lives so often.” He would state to himself amused or directed at a nearby physician.
  8. Just what I need to perfect my roleplay life! Always felt lacking, knowing water were never accepted before but now I can RP drinking water! Maybe even take baths!
  9. As a water evocationist, I approve of this man’s writing! +1
  10. The old elf Seth Calith paused at the noticed board, many new massives yet this is the one he took the time to read, a simple nod followed. “History is repeating.” He simply stated.
  11. Seth Calith simply shrugged at the misive, he went home to look for the new Okarir.
  12. Seth read the missive and simply went on to sit at the bench, staring at the gates as if he had no life.
  13. Seth Calith reads the missive, seemingly very unphased by this with his poker face facade. He simply went home early that day.
  14. Seth frowns as he sees the vote, he gets a form muttering “This is the least I can do.” And without hesitation, quickly marks down his votes. Lareh’thilln (Silver Mountain) [X] Lareh’leyu (Beautiful Mountain) [X] Lareh’siol (Lonely Mountain) [X] Fi’astoré (New Astoré) [ ]
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