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  1. Seth sighed deeply as he entered his little room once more, locking it behind him, checking it twice to make sure it were indeed locked. After checking the sign above his door, he turned his attention at the letter he had placed in plain view on his table for himself the last couple of nights. This time, he took out a small golden coin and placed on the table with a frown. “A curse if she is truely gone.” He muttered dryly to himself as he took up the letter, folded it neatly and brought both it and the coin to a small box, hidden underneath his bed, after unlocking the old lock, revealing a small pile of letters within it as well as a handfull of coins. “I suppose, at least she herself is blessed, to be away from current events. The blessing of the void.” He rolled his eyes as he added the letter and coin to the pile. “Seth’leh ahernan ito nae.” The box were slowly closed and locked once more, stored away, out of sight, out of mind. “I will remember you, like the others. The least I could do.”
  2. The Ballot (( MC name: )) Name: Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( x ) Silvos Sythaerin ( ) Elahern Aeth'sulier ( ) Olrin Maehr'tehral (x) None Vote for Okarir’nor: ( ) Elathion Dagre'sae (xx) Aiera Sullas
  3. (( MC name: samler )) Name: Seth Calith Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Kaelan Aldin (xx) Alluin Miravaris Vote for Okarir’hiylun: ( ) Silvyr Uradir (xx) Dele Seregon ( ) Farandil Aldin ((Forgot I had double vote))
  4. Seth had watched it, not having slept the last day his mind still clouded. They had after all agreed to trial Ikur, but for what, no one said. Suddenly Acaele had left the trial, putting the Sohaer in charge, of what was a dismissed trial? It was first then steel were threatened to be drawn, he realized. A coup. After all, had it been a revolution of Larihei students, steel would not had been used as a threat against kin- He asked time and time again, would Ikur also remove the title of Sohaer? But other questioned seems to take priority over his. As the mali gathered to vote, he frowned deeply, none he would gladly call Maheral, none that would be his Maheral, at least it wasn’t obvious snakes, he thought as he moved to abstain his vote between Maheral Nuala Uradir and Maheral Ikur Sullas, of which the latter became reality. Staggering through the city, he clutched his dagger by his side, yet he wont be the first to draw, not here. No blood might had been spilled yet, but he saw the Kinairan, Killers roaming the streets. After two short conversations with family, he moved homewards, to roam his basement, to keep himself awake, to wonder, why they went from one dark regime, to what the Betrayer, Kalenz Uradir has forged for himself and silently admitting the praise, that Ikur did not make the mistake of seating himself upon the throne like a king.
  5. I don’t feel like it fits to our current setting.
  6. Seth did indeed sign this without any threats, actualy he smiled proudly as he did.
  7. Seth has signed it to avoid the acid death threatened by his boss and closest friend these days.
  8. Seth took a deep breath and sighed as he saw it, it was expected, he thought it would had come earlier. But now was the time.
  9. Seth watched the trial, silently judging Silir’s odd behavior during the trial, beliving it to be an attempt tp point out Elokarir’tir’leh unworthyness of the title and power residing within it. Then the verdict came, Seth wasn’t suprised. They simply did see past the act, the actions were illegal, a simple matter. Then Silir drew his blade, Seth calmly took the high ground of the spectator wings, knowing if the fighting moved up to him, he would have enough time to blast them down and call for help. After all, the Shadow Council still wanted him alive, for what purpose? He didn’t know. Does that mean Silir has lost his favor from the Shadow Council? “Rhael! Seth! Need you at the clinic!” Dele shouted as Silir took his own life. Yes, he had lost his position to the Shadow Council. He called back. “Silir is slaying himself!” as the room were in shock. As Dele and Rhaelanthur attended the dieing elf, he knew his duty were at the clinic, for whatever foolish soul has arrived and so he went, finding a dark elf named Rhys. Simply beated up by badly, he mostly needed time. Seth, unmoved by Silir’s odeal found some wramth in the rememrance of a beach as the dark elf used to live by one. On his way back home, a slight worry came to his mind. He knew with certanty that Silir Uradir were a student of Kalenz and related to the Shadow Council, yet he didn’t know of the one who took his place. He gathered the dosis af Javens he took everynight and went to yet another restful sleep without any nightmares to haunt the old elf.
  10. Seth looks at it before grinning. “Ah I see. Work in clinic is less than those listed. Surely the same oppinion wouldn’t be held if we didn’t save the lives so often.” He would state to himself amused or directed at a nearby physician.
  11. Just what I need to perfect my roleplay life! Always felt lacking, knowing water were never accepted before but now I can RP drinking water! Maybe even take baths!
  12. As a water evocationist, I approve of this man’s writing! +1
  13. So supposedly, one of the spells (memory restoration) breaks the rules of the server (§3.11 When you die, you do not remember how you died, or the events leading up to your death. ) then used as it’s being told it can be used? And can supposedly keep a spell active indefinit since T3 with unlimited range? Irks me tbh, should have some sort of (long) range at least, maybe around shouting distance at most in my oppinion. As a final note, memory removel seemingly states memories are yeeted into the void and can only return with another mental mage pulling it from the void back, which seems very much unlike how every other magic to my knowledge interracts with the void (something pulled from there wants to return). Maybe simply make the target uncounciously supressing said memory instead at least? Makes me a lot less irked about it.
  14. The old elf Seth Calith paused at the noticed board, many new massives yet this is the one he took the time to read, a simple nod followed. “History is repeating.” He simply stated.
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