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  1. Good Luck and Have Fun in the warclaim.

  2. Dyum Dahlia has been busy
  3. The old wise elf Seth Calith nodded in approvel of reading this. "I will aid him in his path." He said to himself. "Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya."
  4. Well, recently a friend if mine posted this. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/213625-the-fourth-caravan/ I am also certain we can figurer out a non-magical hating high elf if you prefered.
  5. As an old school water evocationist, I have been malding that voidal water could become part of this world simply through the act of 'soaking' things. Thank you for the amendment which I dearly hope gets accepted as to not break the concept of Voidal Anchors. :)
  6. In order to make sure his name would be forwarded to all Malauriran, Seth Calith would forward a letter to Earendur ( @ZBLBAC5 ). Knowing the deed was done, he would continue with his daily work as he said to himself quietly. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya."
  7. The old elf Seth was sharpening the blades for the Sillumir, for his powerful magics needed no blades to assist him in this long awaited conflict with the kinslayers.
  8. Essentially a 2.0 version of what we had in anthos! Great! I love it!
  9. The old elf Seth Calith would shake his head as he stood in the warm tavern of Haelun'or. "Seems like the Bandits commits yet another crime against Elvenkind. Kinslaying, Demanding to non-existing throne of Haelun'or." His eyes went over the elves of Haelun'or, the pure high elves. "Guess Dad Land wants to offer us mina for all of their crimes, hmm?" He old elf chuckled. "How ironic. The Horde will seemingly act in the interest of elvenkind, while opposing a bandit nation which even failed to thieve an olden name."
  10. Seth nodded in approvel regarding most of the newspaper, pausing at the end. "They need to improve.. It's not back from the dead."
  11. An ancient elf went home, having read the missive. His life so much easier since the Silver State, of the High Elven people, joined the Horde. He still had to get used to the idea of orcs roaming the streets en masse at times. But they did indeed seem good hearted.
  12. An ancient elf shrugged as he read it over in the tavern of Haelun'or. "They spelt that wrong.." He glanced over the missive. "They seemingly doesn't have the druids- Malinor had druids. But I guess it's hard to have druids when you go about murdering those who disagree with you.. Oh, and look." He grinned. "The Bandit Princess became officialy became a puppet." He would chuckle. "Which of course, in the words of the kinslayer, don't wish to be a princess, because she obviously likes traditions!" He laughed, the web of lies too amusing for the old elf which remembered the fall of the Land of Elves. "Let us see what Dad Land will do now that they supposedly have their goal. Kill all paladins?"
  13. The old elf thought of the poor Prophet he had met once or twice prior to her end on his way home from her final resting place. A spark of curiosity blossemed, sparked by her death. 'How have they not died out yet. Surely not by the protection of Knox.' He thought to himself, not so shaken or touched having delivered her remains to her family.
  14. Seth nodded slowly in approvel, having recently taken up an apprentice himself to spread water evocation.
  15. Seth smiled, satisfied with his work as he had finished with setting up his project. He recalls the struggles as it was quite literally yesterday. He had been zoned out, focusing so much at his work he just defensively called back to cer'Elarhil when asked about something, maybe it was how far they had come? "Combining catagories!" echoed in his head. He took a step back, gazing upon the beauty, he knew he wasn't a true artist, and that was fine.
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