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  1. The old Maheral sighed upon reading a copy of the missive, shaking his head lightly. "We literally told the world half a century ago, before the nation was even founded." He would show it to Valazaer [ @_Sheylo_ ]
  2. The old elf Seth Calith, Maheral of Haelun'or smiled at Pamphilos nomination.
  3. Samler


    I would suggest Haelun'or, living in the warm south with meth-slinging scouts for anyone less than adulthood (50), the soon opening of the library with it's 2000 book storage and old culture with a 9 year old guide with funny legends such as Saiko the Dediest Warrior! If this is interesting, hit me up. :)
  4. Ahtalonnii, Actalonnii and Talonnii. Talonnii; A Talonnii is any family of Mali’thill that have been recognised and registered by the city. Any unregistered family is eligible, requiring them to simply fill out a form in order to be officiated. [To Be Inserted] Ah’talonnii; A Talonnii of elevated and special status, therefore regarded as Ahtalonnii. This specific Talonn’ii is recognized by the Maheral, and only three at a time may hold this title. It does, however, come with added responsibilities and expectations. Ac’talonnii; Effectively the opposite of an Ah’talonnii, an Ac’talonnii is a cursed family that has been judged by the Maheral to be largely impure. Members of a Talonnii who hold this title may still reside in the city assuming they have not been banished, though may be regarded with skepticism by the citizenry and are unable to vote or run for council positions. An Ac’talonnii may be eligible for redemption, but only after these efforts are curated by the Maheral. Acquiring a Talonn’ii manor + Ah’talonnii status in steps. |1| Qualify; Talonn’ii manors have always held cultural significance - granted only to those who have earned them through their efforts and contributions to Haelun’or. In order to qualify, a talonnii must first meet the following requirements; - At least one member of the Talonnii in question must be occupying one of the following positions; Tilruir, Okarir, Maheral, and Sohaer. - In order to qualify, numbers are important. A Talonnii must have at least three(3) members actively living within the silver city, interacting with the citizenry, and diligently attempting to engage with and contribute to the growth of el’cihi (i.e. Working in the clinic, tavern, library, donating, holding debates, etc). - In some cases, though a Talonnii may have numbers, they must show a plan for growth. This will be looked over on a case by case basis; are any members married? Engaged? Courting? Do they commonly hold public events? Etcetera. |2| Applying And Selection; https://forms.gle/oRoJvTmJExoX6ZBa8 - Should one believe they are qualified to be Ah’talonnii status, having reviewed the requirements above, they may then request a private meeting with the Maheral. This request may be submitted through a form, that will then be reviewed and curated - should the applicants be found eligible. - The meeting, upon being sanctioned, is to be attended by the head of the Talonn’ii, and - optionally - alongside a witness of their choice. No other may be in attendance besides the Maheral. - Up to three Talonnii only, may be chosen to hold both the title of Ah’talonnii and a designated home alongside it. The manors location will be of the Maherals choosing. |3| Maintaining; The status of Ah’talonnii is not a permanent title. In order to maintain it, elAh’talonnii must continue to uphold the qualifications that had been expected of them from the beginning, alongside additional expectations. Should a Ah’talonnii be found stagnant, their title will be at risk of being relinquished. The then vacant position will be given to a more eligible Talonnii. - Alongside the qualifications listed under the first step, Ah’talonnii will be expected to show continued growth and activity. This can be shown in the form of marriage amongst the members who are eligible, and in hosting of events within the granted home. There will be no specific quota or time requirement; but should they be found lacking in their contributions, a warning will be extended - as the continued stagnation will make them subject to the possible removal of their title. - Should one of their members be found to be impure, the Ah’talonnii will be placed under an investigation led by the Maheral. If multiple members of the family are found to be impure during this process, the Ah’talonnii will be labeled Ac’talonnii and their title will be effectively lost. An Ac’talonnii will have no immediate opportunity of recovering their prior status, and several - if not all - members of the family will be subject to banishment. Maheral, Seth Calith
  5. In the early morning, the citizenry of Haelun’or might see the Maheral glowing with an ethereal blue. In front of him a single hammer, nail, and document, emanated the same gentle glow. A simple raised hand was given to his kin as he passed by. Much focused on his task as he reached the notice board, the paper pressing itself on the board as the nail and hammer worked together to pin the paper, having inspected it he nodded in approval, stepping back. The Summoning of Luthriel to step on the path 1898 FA 11'th Sun's Smile It has been years since a lost child has dared to admit fault and instead of running away, diving into twisted vices of various grim and degenerate actions. But today is quite different! Upon the Malin’s Welcome 102 SA ((17’th, 3pm EST / 21:00 CEST)), Luthriel Xatophon will arrive to the city for penance for her crimes of the past, to beg forgiveness, and do the tasks required to prove her devotion to the teachings of Larihei and her loyalty to her people. She will be met by the gates, a chain of aurum holding a plate from the same material will be hung around her neck. She will be escorted to the Citadel where she will be allowed to speak her sincere wish to return home. After which tasks will be given to her, those at the time are allowed to request tasks to be given, upon the approval of elMaheral. In addition, three talonnii have been asked and successfully formed one task each for Luthriel to perform. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya! -elMaheral, Seth Calith
  6. First char (human) died in his early 20s, about a week in on the server, the Cain fam is dead. My main high elf, got some. They aren't active tho. Golem obviously no. Haven't played handling probably so no.
  7. I meant time after priming. The lore page and announcement says 2 different things regarding time between priming -> explosion. Announcement says if not used after 1 emote, explodes in your hand. Lore page says if not used after 2 emotes, explodes on you.
  8. Confused, blasting potion's new description says 2, announcement says 1. Also Evo had great questions about the magical implications.
  9. I didn't want that, was simply a missunderstanding, just tried to point out the extra casting time would make shields useless as enchantments. ^.^ As for the arcane focus translo shenanigans, it's not something I have access to as water evo + transfiq, I have 3 spells which gets touched by the arcane focus range, 1 which is so bad that it can't see use, another entirely useless if a person has armor and the 3'rd which doesn't get OP by the extra range. (looking at you my lovely water wave)
  10. Sad to hear illusion enchantments are better than illusion magic. :( Tho I thought the idea of this amendment was to make mages better than their enchantments? Seems if shields last indefinitely in the area of greater mana, it's just the edge enchantments needed to become better than mages at their limited spell pool.
  11. @PXYDid you add this section afterwards? "- Should the enchantment be a shield-based, barrier spell; it will last indefinitely during the combative encounter unless dealt with." If so, you just made the shield spells better through the use of enchantments compared to that of voidal mages. As the voidal mages need to concentrate during the entire duration of the shield spells, sometimes with reduced movement. Seems to go against your point? As for aiming the projectile spell, how does one aim with an amulet?
  12. Then I would suggest you look at Arcane Focus instead, 2 emote teleport 24 followed by a 3 emote 64 teleport and BAM, out of combat before anyone can catch you.
  13. So let's say you have a grand enchant of Brisk Step. 1 connect, 1 cast. So that would be 5 emotes to move 12 blocks. And your average projectile spell which is 1 connect, 2 to cast with chance to additional projectiles would become 5 emotes for a single projectile, which is usualy less dangerious than crossbows. Shield spells would also take longer time to cast than the heaviest carried crossbow's loading-aiming-fire cycle. Enchantments already 'suffer' from needing to do the connect emote every time. Besides mages can also carry enchantments to increase their effective mana pool or unlocking spells outside of their own schools of magic. In addition; Enchantments can't benifit from arcane focus which is a BIG BOON for some magics. Also, please don't roast my lesser enchants, they are non-combat and cute already. q.q
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