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  1. Just stating Scions has 5 mana points (which is currently the half) and it's good.
  2. First looked over this and I feel some changes should happen. Assuming enchanting/ward referes to the transfiguration lore, I feel such things should be removed. As currently the lore of wards is it protects against VOIDAL magic which your character has a deep knowledge (MA) in. While I understand it seems much easier it write it interacting with tiers of magic, it also doesn't quite work when you start to delve into the magics of different kinds. Instead may I suggest to write it equalivant of a decendent holding a shield which disperses after the first magical attack? That way it would still block most of those T3 projectiles, but it would remove weird cases where 'well water whip is a melee spell because it's a whip' sort of scenarios, yet I am unsure why would it project against all magic and not against non-magic? In addition on the Weapons of Kor, there is a redline I found weird. Why does it destroy the item? All other magical items only get disabled, I am unsure why it would destroy the item? It also indicates that if I have a boomsteel weapon imbued by Kor, it just melts into nothingness, so even if you wish to keep it destroying the magical powers unlike every other magic item, maybe specify it only destroys the imbuement and not the actual weapon?
  3. As a fellow water evocationist, I am drawn to Joe, but I like Obama's "Let him have his own fun, Trump" -vibe. Not everyone has to RP the same way as you. We each find our own enjoyment on the server.
  4. The Maheral of Haelun'or bobbed his head in approvel inside of Haelun'or.
  5. The old elf, now Maheral but former Sillumir nodded in great approvel, memories of epic battles he did for his kin returning, The Night of Four Drakes, The Iron Lich and that Kraken which blocked a trade route he did not recall the name of, if it had any. Certainly it had one..
  6. Samler


    The old elf raised an eyebrow. "I am not too fond of that outfit chosen for me.." He muttered quietly at Idendril's artistic choice as he stood in the square for other Haelun'orians to overhear. "But the lack of taxes does bring me back to the good olden days." He smiled warmly at his own statement. "Of Ellir'siol, Arthane Lazul, Dio Astore, Lucion Sullas and the rest." He finalized it with a nod from his head.
  7. It was attacked many times by dreadknights, dark mages, actual edge lords, orcs and humans. Then the Scourge (antags) caused their city to be destroyed, Malinor's residents lived in a refuge camp outside of the city and the leadership left for RL and IC reasons. The Conclave of Malin was made nearby and it sucked up many homeless elf players but didn't manage to make it in the transition to 3.5 (The Fringe) where Haelun'or invited the dark and wood elves of former Malinor to live by them, thus Malinor was completly gone.
  8. If just the Maheral could had heard Kor'garr's statement, he would had responded yet sadly the elf did not metagame and thus let the Clannless orc laugh in his tower without a comment to a potential article for Cactus Weekly.
  9. Please add /stack (stacks the same item in your hand as others of the same in your inventory, useful for stacking potions, swords, etc.) /roll d# (example d20) -w/q/rp/s (allows you to roll in that channel, does go through walls). /roll d# (allows you to roll any dice, examples /roll d2 for a roll between 1-2, useful for flipping coins. /roll d100 for 1-100 etc.) /edit roleplay (adds in the roleplay tag to an item.)
  10. Seth Calith the Maheral of Haelun'or looked upon the letter, he used it to dry his bloodied blade and threw it into the fire place to watch it burn.
  11. Eminense can use it too, after having casted a few spells to get the 3'rd stack of that stackable buff I forgot the name on. . . Maybe?
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