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  1. Amipher went on to guard the people of Hohkmat, one day getting an order from Sarah Artenin, bam, new owner. Took her a bit to find out. But then her wife found out Amipher was Soul Bound and now they want to destroy him. >:(
  2. Hello! I am writing this thing on behalf of Truppler! He is looking for a builder for his dungeon inquisitor azdrazi cave. He is afraid of the forums and thus I write on his behalf, also he not perfect english. Send him a msg on discord: truppler No idea how many mina or real life money he wants to offer. This is legit, not a prank. I promise. If you can't contact him msg garsgar. Have a good day!
  3. [!] The missives would have the day changed! [!]
  4. [Art by: Jason Felix - Shadowed Caravel] [!] In the Heartlander Confederacy, Hohkmat and Balian, a missive would be hanged up on notice boards. [!] Seeking Seafaring adventures! A merchant ship has been lost at sea and thus the Paradisian Adventurer's Guild has been comissioned to recover or confirm the ship has been sunked. A schooner without crew has been offered by the guild to fulfill this task, as such adventurers with sailing experience is prefered. At least 10 adventurers or sailors are required. Those familiar with the Paradisian ranking, this is a Ferrum level task, as the trading route the lost ship is known for it's often stormy conditions. Copper ranked adventurer's are most welcome provided they are experienced with the sea and operations of a ship. The leader of this expedition is an elf which started sailing eight centuries ago likewise has experience leading expeditions, troops and fighting both aquatic monsters and pirates, follow orders and we are all bound to return home alive with what remains of the missing ship. We will be meeting at The White Rose Tavern within Whitespire, SA. 185 [Saturday] The Grand Harvest [4:30pm EST]'th. If you wish to reserve a spot, please pen a letter to Seth [RealSamler] with your name, race, experience, proficiency and rank within the guild, in addition to anything else you might find useful for this expedition. I am unsure how many can fit on the ship Likewise if you have any questions you can pen a letter as well, remember to sign it. -Seth of the Paradisian Guild
  5. Sylvan Alchemy - Fix Originally: Spring’s Touch New: Spring’s touch Originally: Nymph Dust New: Nymph Dust PURPOSE: Currently these two alchemical creations are quite difficult to make, the alchemical nature dye requiring a dwarven nose otherwise being unable to be made seems a steep price for a tier 1 creation, which is essentially just a dye. Connection has a similar meaning to Rigidity and kept the elemental aspect of the creation, it is now able to be made with Tippens Root. Meanwhile Nymph dust is quite a bit harder to create, with no herb, cannibal alchemy, gunpowder, or even rare metal able to produce Air: Reduction, seeing as it already has another air component I propose that removing it from Reduction should be a suitable fix, making this whimsical hair addition available once more.
  6. Don't know why mages don't wanna spend +2 emotes casting spells with guarantee 3 block speed no matter the spells tier
  7. The blonde elf Seth ventured to the aviary, once more checking up on when his construct was to be commanded by the human he had sent upon the journey of learning the arcane, once more no bird with his name marked upon it, he took in the sight of the nature around him, a gentle wind brushed against him as he focused down on his companion, Rameethar the black leopard. "I am starting to think the servants of Xan disregarded my offer of aid. Yet curious Albus wouldn't pen that." The panther simply looked up at Seth, a moment of silenced passed. "Rameethar, we go down." Of course these words needed not to be spoken, yet the great act regarding the panther must continue and the construct never to aid Albus in battle. The great mage was one of many names that Seth had met, yet one which would be remembered for at least a century unlike many others.
  8. The final missive - Year 1973 - 177 SA Students of Larihei, people and creatures within the walls of Tahn’miar. I was often struck down by sickness, causing inability to teach often, the few lessons I managed to compose were mostly with a small handful of listeners. I handed the duties to another and corruption took root, despite my health I obtained the blessing of elMalauriran to retake my duties but by then it was too late. I will take my departure from this Tarnished Empire. To many younger readers, this appears most terrible, yet it is a pattern which can be traced through history to Uradir. To any and all true students of Larihei, the aviaries should still be able to carry notes and letters to my door, as I continue my personal studies for the reemergence of Haelun’or. Should you be stricken with questions, puzzles or simply requiring aid then know that I still care and aid my kin. At this time I fear there is no candidate to fulfill the role of Maheral among you. Appointing one too young, as we have seen with Arasdir, only serves to squander their potential. For one must not pluck an apple before it is ripe, or it will rot. In this time of relative peace, with the cultural threat of the second Uradir conquest nigh forgotten, I place my trust in you all to uphold Larihei's legacy. Until the time another Maheral rises, remember, young ones, The Maheral simply is. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA -Malaurir Seth Calith.
  9. Terrestrial Conjuration - Non-Combat Variant - Non-Combat / Enchantable* / Dependant Summon* Old Lore - While normally a creature must remain in direct line of sight in order to be maintained, a Conjurationist may command a single creature of no greater than small size to travel to a location the Conjurationist has previously been to, and is aware of how to reach from their current location. The Conjurationist must maintain focus on the creature for the entirety of this time. Functionally, this allows the Conjurationist to create minute messengers, so long as the creature summoned is summoned specifically for this task. If they choose to send a letter with the creature, the writing of the letter must be done separately from the emotes to summon it, resulting in a minimum of four emotes before sending it off. New Lore [Removed that section.] Reason: This part of life evocation existed when many other spells has ways and means to flavourfully do different kinds of bird aesthethics before the Aviary System. Current Aviary rules allows life evocation to by-pass the plug in as 'In-game private messages (/msg) are considered out-of-character (except where explicitly permitted for magic/lore).' https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/213173-aviary-plugin/ In addition it also breaks the consistency of voidal magic always requiring line of sight, life evo breaking it 'just because' is silly. Lastly, it has been too long since the last nerf of voidal magic so I made my own.
  10. I did say it might be entirely illogical. :) Don't worry too much about it.
  11. It just ticks me off in some way that is bound in no logic. :P Closest thing I can get is it's already being used to describe mana in general, tieing it specificly to one magic (voidal or otherwise) feels a bit wrong on a OOC level. I do also think I am the only person on the server this rubs off in the wrong way.
  12. I get the using of Tayna to describe the mana, but as an elf player practicing voidal magic I feel an instinctive calling to oppose it. This might be entirely illogical. Seems off that lesser souls CAs (Musin, Hou'zi) can learn this magic. Wyldburst seems incredible powerful, I feel it would be more inline if it was 3 emotes: recurve/longbow 4 emotes: Crank Crossbow 5 emotes arbelest, meaning if connected you do still outperform the mundane counterpart, untill the 5'th spell as then you would have no more 'ammo'. Boomvoice, makes sense to add Atronachs to the immune list I guess? Trickery I feel as if it shouldn't affect voidal conjurations, as to disrupt a dependent summon is practicly the same as disrupting an evocationist's spells, as they are not given commands, they are being directly manipulated. Can't comment on other dependent/independent creature sources with my lack of knowledge on how they are controlled/bound. Didn't read the rituals, all in all the magic seems very neat.
  13. Hard not to agree with that change, good catch.
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