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  1. Seth would shake his head as he shared tea with Maenor. "They should at least had renamed Okarir'tir to Okarir'sil, truely baboons not understanding our ancient tongue." The elf, seemingly much more casual about this, for he knew, Haelun'or died centuries ago.
  2. Upon Seth being swarmed as he tried to leave his home by children attempting to handing him stack and stack of the same damm letter he would tell the children sternly to leave him alone!.. Which would only make them even more eager to deliver letters to him, not at a distance as thrown balls of paper! This would of course cease when he protecting himself with the citizenry door.
  3. Seth looks blankly at the last page of this collection of pages before walking around in San'evarir where with some hope that he would find @thiccpazuzu Maenor. "Look at this, they claimed to have traveled to the realm of Aegis, which when last seen, was being overrun by IBLESS and his minions? AND they found books written by MALIN himself?" He rolled his eyes in disbelief. "And claims Larihei invented the written language without providing evidence other than claiming to have books, from Malin, after having traveled to the most dangerious realm in the entire world."
  4. Seth sighed deeply to Maenor. "Aye, with your sound requirements for a partner, this doesn't apply to you. . . Is this maybe an attempt to court that new Okarir'tir?"
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Samler)) Name: Seth Calith Vote for Okarir'san: ( ) Caledor Laraethryn (xx) Abstain
  6. THE BALLOT ((MC name: samler )) Name: Seth Calith Vote for Okarir'hiylun: (xx) Seth Calith ( ) Valyris Wynasul
  7. THE BALLOT ((MC name: samler )) Name: Seth Calith Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir ( ) Kolvar Trafina (xx) Abstain
  8. An elderly Seth Calith slowly strode up before the gathering of people, the fragile elf scanned the crowd, taking in a deep breath of air as many thoughts went through his mind. He took a pause, letting people quiet down. He raised a hand in greeting as he started. “Karin’ayla citizenry of Haelun’or.” The hand moved to his own chest. “As many know, I am known as Seth Calith, typically calling myself ancient right after proclaiming my name.” He paused once more, the hand lowered. “I have raised my voice, to let you know I intend to contest for the position of Okarir’hiylun. For centuries, I h
  9. Seth frowned deeply as he reached it in the notice board, shaking his head as he went out and about to look for the now lone husband, mumbling to himself quietly. "I really hope she talked with him before commiting the same crime.."
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: samler)) Name: Seth Calith Vote for Sohaer: ( ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion (xx) None of the above.
  11. Seth Calith can't help but comment at the notice board. "In the olden Haelun'or, we had no Sohaer."
  12. Well my olden character Seth Calith has his fair share of stories to tell, most of them hardly secrets including 'The Night of four drakes' back in 2012~ Then the flegdeling state of Haelun'or were still discovering the legacy of Larihei (the first high elf.)
  13. ((I haven't noticed any with the books being in the vault and I am not a librarian!))
  14. Seth Calith, an old high elf noticed the title of the play. "Huh, valah make these now?" He aquired a copy and went home to read it, a grimace quickly formed at act I, which turned to a scowl at the end of act VI. He would bring it around the Eternal Library of Haelun'or, known these days as San'evarir and showed it to ( @KronugiN @thiccpazuzu @Stumpye ) Khaeryr, Maenor and Aiera with the comments. "A play written by valah, fiction based on history apparently, yet this seems in the character of the king and tyrant. Mixing blood in the name of love." Seth sighed in frustation of the reminder of
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