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    Updated everything you asked me to do updated everything you asked me to do
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    Thoron is from a small village of around 40 people about 6 miles just outside Dunharrow. He lives with hes mother and father. His mother stays at home looking after their small little cottage and keeps the two men fed. Thorons father is quite a well respected blacksmith amongst the village locals and other Norlander falk and some would say he is a master of hes craft, fashioning everything from axes to cut down big tress, pickaxes to help to locals mine rare ores and sharp swords, maces and axes to help the Norland soldiers in battle. Thoron is hes apprentice and is quite the fast learner determined to one day be better then hes father and one day me the Earls personal blacksmith but to get to hes go he has much more to learn. One day Thorons father asked him to go and travel to the next village to pick up some supplies for this big order of weapons his father has been given by the royal guards. Thoron makes hes journey to the next village and successfully get all the items his father asked him to get. On the way back to Thorons village he noticed thick black smoke coming out of a few of the building he rushes over find out that his village was raided by a wild band of orcs. unfortunately everyone in the village including his mother and father was slaughtered. And this is where Thorons story continues.
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