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    Larry was born in the year 1598, near the kingdom of Oren. He grew up on a farm with his family that always stuck close together, It was a big family of 2 aunts, 3 uncles, and 2 sisters, Larry the eldest of them... And of course a mother and father. They had Larry when they were 20 years old... So they are still alive to this day... living happily on their farm after travelling to Atlas. Anywho, Larry's childhood mostly consisted of him working on the farm, He helped his family out.. and by the time is his sisters came of age they helped out too! He learned a lot about responsibility and being a man in general, He also picked up farming techniques from his father about easier ways to cut the wheat and stuff. His mother, on the other hand, was an amazing merchant and she taught him many things about being a merchant... How to sell stuff at the right prices, what to sell when to sell, and the basics of being a merchant in general. Larry took on the farming skills of his father... and continued his mother's merchant business because she became too old to travel. Fashion-wise... He fell more to his uncle's side.. wearing bright blue overalls, and underneath it.. he wore a cotton shirt and cloth as underwear and clearly we cannot forget the straw hat that he never leaves behind. Later in his life.. around 32 years old... he befriended a donkey, He called him tinkers.. because the donkey always messes with stuff he shouldn't be messing with and then, in the end, gives Larry good ideas. To this day in present time... Larry still carries out his mother's merchant business and works on the farm, with tinkers alongside him of course.