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    Pardon this bio i havnt been in Lotc in a while my previous account was Prince_MAC but i lost the password and i cant fix it. shhhhh as a young girl she grew up in her cozy home in corner of sutica. She had her father and mother to take care of her, and she took care of her little brother, Thomas.She went through life pretty well with simple bumps along the way. her father would die months before she would turn 20. With that they were out of income. Thomas decides to try and take charge going off to find work but not bringing in enough with his little jobs for neighbors. So sarah decided she would help and spent months trying to find anyone willing to hire a young woman for anything besides sex. till one day she found a company in dire need of miners. She said she could be of use to them and without hesitation they hired her on a low income pay. With this Sarah would spend months mining constantly leaving early in the morning and late at night. But with children being gone the mother would feel as if she is forcing her kids to work like this. So one day after work she would return to her home finding her mother dead, she would have gotten some rope to hang herself from a tree. So now its Sarah Thomas and a cute cat found on the way home the day her mothers death. she keeps it as a reminder to keep love close.
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    The Sutican Gladiator Ring

    Application: RP Name:Thomas Username: Prince_MAC Age:24 Do you agree to the terms listed above?: yes
  3. Prince_MAC

    [Bounty] Giant Octopus [Moderate]

    ill do it if its still available i mean its old soooooooo maybe
  4. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alt) Prince_MAC,ThatBotGuy Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Excessive harrasment of players/staff, pugsy, attempted bypassing of ban via alt Individuals Involved: Prince_MAC , the time since ban has left me forgetful of individuals involved but not the events that occured Event Details: I played a lot of LOTC but i had many times where my patience was tested and i got out of control. One time being i was actually being meta gamed. People would pugs y me and then proceed to offer my stuff back in PM but when i met up with them they yell out i was a rebel. I do not put any blame on them however as i over reacted and began to meta-game soon after due to my rage. I soon began to pugs y and so on. But even after all was done i was harassed with the term MAC DADDY. Mods refused to help with the harassment so i began to try to fight back in bad ways such as cussing and pugs y. i was soon banned for two weeks. But i continue to demand mods investigate but then they expanded the ban. then it came to then investigating but players hiding what they did and only showing and telling of my bad actions. But it was truly by fault after i extended one situation was too far. Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) what i have stated shows me to be a toxic non wanted player who would ruin role-play. But the reason i am asking to be un-banned is because i have matured a lot to where those small things wont bother me. i have had tons and tons of fun on this server and i had to leave many friends behind. and i believe i could be a great key piece of this server as i worked for many companys and helped many people with situations in and out of LOTC Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) N/A
  5. For my application i have changed my skin and wording for my biography and im 1 hundred percent sure the skin is good.