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    I'm not telling you so you can just come and steal my awesomeness.
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    Shipping because it gives me a purpose in life.

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  1. Oh holy **** this is my 1,000 post. 

    1. Alitruist


      congrats love!!

    2. Slothtastic


      Why thank you. 

  2. How to achieve true happiness.....







    get the admins to get verdict for Xoatol.

    (I am sorry for being such a nuisance but after waiting 3-4 months ya get impatient.)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Slothtastic


      You still alive dude?


    3. The Pink Lion

      The Pink Lion

      Yeah I'm back, putting the verdict in a bit, do you have discord?

    4. Slothtastic


      I do indeed have discord. Slothtastic#7226


    “Huw wud laht gruk unlezz laht wuz deyr. Zo, where’z ouwah zkahin’ tribute.” Warûk demands.
  4. Community HOI4


    ((Is it a enforced Pk if you die?
  6. Message to staff: 




    Good on you all, keep doing what you’re doing. But stop messing with our RP. We shouldn’t have to make Alliances public if we do not choose to. And I’m just throwing this out there buuut... Xoatol still ain’t got a verdict. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Slothtastic


      That hurts me. I’m now both triggered and salty. *Something mean and hurtful*!

    3. The Pink Lion

      The Pink Lion

      I poked the admins again regarding xaotols, now that harold is no longer on hiatus and they're all around it should be dealt w/ soon. Apologies for the wait

    4. Slothtastic


      It’s alright. Sorry if I am a nuisance in all seriousness. I don’t mean to be. It’s just I’m kind of impatient. 

  7. Proposal to the Royal Crown

    “Uhr, juzt hear mi oud. Ihd kud flaht.” Warûk, A Half-Olog proposed.
  8. [Raid Feedback] PRO & RP Shenanigans

    For your RP mechanics, it’s still RP. Shamanism could and should be used for RP combat and raids. If the defenders have wood walls, that’s their problem. Also, grappling hooks could’ve added to RP if they were RP’ed right. AAAAND, if we could destroy only a small amount of blocks, that would still be accurate.
  9. [Ca] [Satyr] MarionetteJane

    Add me on discord if you have it: Slothtastic#7226
  10. Aaaarrreeeeee you gonna take me home to night? 

    Oh down beside that red firelight 

    Aaaaaaarrre you gonna let it all hang out?

    Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go ‘round. 



    Also pls give verdict on Xoatol @LT 

    1. Time Lady of Kittens

      Time Lady of Kittens

      Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round

    2. Slothtastic


      I was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad

  11. [Denied]Hey I heard you need new GMs, right ha ha

    That would be _SuitAndTie_
  12. [Denied]Hey I heard you need new GMs, right ha ha

    Why not have some Russians on your team? +1
  13. Tis been a long and hard road, patience. And it will still be long even after the judgement comes. However, we must remember what Samuel L. Jackson once said. 


    “Motherfucker.” - Samuel L. Jackson. 

    Beautiful, elegant, and in a way to describe my patience normally after being told to wait. However, I will wait more and more. And I will continue to wait until judgement comes. 

  14. No one else post. It’s at 69 replies.
  15. Awaken, My Champions

    Oliver was confused, not knowing if he was a champion or not. The way it worded things was complicated, and he was unable to decode the things. He had guessed he was not a champion, so he would simply go back to sleep.