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  1. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    “Did the monks just fuckin’ leave us.” Says a befuddled man as he looks upon the notice.
  2. Hello!

    Hey there friendo. I wasn’t around when you were around, and so from this day forth we are now friends.
  3. The World of Atlas

    Will the Halfligs take over?!? ...she likes cake
  4. Thoughts on an open Lizard race for 6.0 swamp?

  5. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    I meant like no fire breathing and crap. I was thinking beind able to breathe underwater for long periods of time and immune to most swamp poisons and diseases. My skype is live:baccafilms. And my discord is Slothtastic#7226
  6. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    If Nephilim or Azdrazi is a closed group kind of thing, why not just make an open group of Lizardmen? I mean, the Nephilim/Azdrazi can stay since they’re like Dragons or something, but if they’re a closed group I see no reason why not to make an open group of Lizardmen with no magical abilities.
  7. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    Hmm... How would one become a Nephilim? Would the outcome be different depending on the race?
  8. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    Oh. Oh my. Buuut, can they wield weapons and armor?
  9. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    Eh. Just thought it’d be cool. Also, Nephiliam don’t have cool snouts and stuff!
  10. Lizardmen race for 6.0 maybe?

    6.0 is having a swamp biome. So I thought, ya know what would be pretty cool? A lizard race to go in that swamp. Although I’m terrible at making lore. And tbh I wanted to see what other people’s reaction might be to this idea. So, thoughts?
  11. Blood Among Brothers

    ((Dang dude, that was intense.
  12. A Warlord in the Desert

    Vruk’Braduk hopped on his rhino, Azhhurn, because his back horn was broken, and rode off to rejoin his Clan. As long as they were active. “Urukz were meant tuw bi iruhn. Mi ryde tuw juyn mi clan!” He roared before riding off into the sunset.
  13. Cast Your Character

    Clive Standen as Jukha of Lur.
  14. @LT would I have to make a Creature submission for a kind of mix between aTibetan Mastiff and Pitbull doggo? Or would I be good to just use it?

    1. Sporadic


      You literally just want a specific dog breed as a pet?

    2. Slothtastic


      Who doesn’t? Dogs are glorious creatures. 


    Jukha would ready himself for a hunt... however he decided he had to do some stuff first.