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  1. Slothtastic

    Your View: Lockpicking

    Im not enjoying it. Everytime I've tried to lockpick a door, it has failed. I've tried to lockpick around 45 doors already, and none worked. Most failed and jammed. So please up it
  2. Dominion will fall soon btw

  3. Slothtastic

    Looking for skinner who does Orc skins.

    Ok I need someone to make me an Orc skin. I’m willing to pay 1K for it. Please PM examples. Discord is Slothtastic#7226
  4. Slothtastic

    Bring back Temp Creative

    Yes. But not 100k for 6 hours. More like 20k per 2 hours or something
  5. Slothtastic

    make new player applications harder

    Make it harder. When you meet folks that say *stabs (name here) then does a backflip* or *(halfling) pushes the Orc to the ground*. You see why we have a problem? We're letting in kids who lie about their age and then do that ****
  6. Looking for a skinner who does Orcs. PM me, willing to pay 1K. 

  7. Slothtastic

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Hi yes, I’d like to say that spook was being used to describe undead and **** sooooooo yeah. Screw off with this “everyone on LotC is racist and sexist and a Nazi unless they agree with me!” LGBT thinking.
  8. Slothtastic

    Why I might leave LoTC

    When you don’t have a good comeback so you go with the classic “you’re triggered lol”
  9. Slothtastic

    Sprites and Sprouts

    Yes. Loving it. I would 1+ but I can’t add more reactions
  10. Slothtastic

    Why using your char as an avatar for yourself is a sh*t idea

    I’m loving it like McDonalds
  11. Slothtastic

    Why I might leave LoTC

    Alright when I first saw the title of this post I thought ‘how bad could it be? Maybe I’ll take a look.’ But now that I’ve actually seen it I’m pissed the **** off. This is the kind of bs that is everywhere right now. You’re seriously ******* upset about irp ****? Seriously? Who cares if someone is racist towards another race irp, who cares if they are homophobic. Because lemme tell you something, I can not give two shits. This is some soyboy **** here, or some ******* LGBY dumb ass stuff. You have to be honestly retarded if you are thinking homophobic **** irp is terrible. ‘Oh dear lord! Homophobic characters?! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN WHILE IM STILL APART OF THE LGBT!’ Yeah **** off with that ****. If you wanna leave, please do. This is a ******* rp server so if you have a problem with it’s rp, then just ******* go. I can’t say you’ll be missed and people will wonder what happened to you later on.
  12. Slothtastic

    A very mushy love letter to a very special half-halfling.

    (This Hearth sounds strange.
  13. Slothtastic

    [I]5itty's Game Moderator Application

    Preyz Laklul
  14. Slothtastic

    -=The Herd=- [Revival]

    You can’t make new Cervitaurs tho
  15. Slothtastic

    Sprite Rewrite

    I haven’t read the rewrite yet, but Sprites do have fun with everyone. I think most sprites I’ve seen are either at dominion, some human places, and hell there’s even been a few at Orc cap once. I’ve rarely seen a sprite at Druid Grove. (Though I haven’t been in almost a year so correct me if I’m wrong.)