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  1. Gutstringa’Raguk signs
  2. Slothtastic

    Seeking players for House Ragnarsson!

    Who are the Ragnarssons tho
  3. What happened to the server

  4. When Orcs are more active than two nations but still don’t get Nation status

    Edited by Slothtastic
    1. Jake!


      weird, i went to the orcs and no one was there at like 7 o clock last night. 

    2. Slothtastic


      We were out raiding

    3. Space


      there is a nation charter app for orcs and like there’s data on activity now jake.......



  5. Make Highlanders have CAs, they’re too big ;(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Killmatronix


      Hope you understand that that’d be like saying goblins needed that CA. Because 6 feet and 8-9 feet is truly comparable.

    3. Slothtastic


      Imagine not being able to take a joke

    4. _Jandy_


      this joke sucks

  6. Slothtastic

    The Lost Children

    Don’t think this is an actual poster, bud. Tho a throw back to Street Urchins @thecritsybear
  7. Slothtastic

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Namurr remembers his own fighting pit that he had back in Axios that was in Sutica. But, whatever.
  8. Let’s fuckin go boys
  9. Slothtastic

    The Braduk Clan

    (Shouuuld be added that you cannot just create a Bloodline Braduk UNLESS it is a returning character or the child of a current Bloodline Braduk. All of which can be found here: )
  10. Can’t join the server because it says Im using a VPN or a proxy. I use neither. Can anyone help?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MangoArt


      That’s not his issue @Fireheart, he’s aware of the rule but doesn’t use a VPN or Proxy. I think he just needs to be re-whitelisted or something

    3. Fireheart


      The issue is related to it so it’s just posting an application and having their profile reviewed / approved.

    4. MangoArt


      Alright. Sorry!

  11. Slothtastic

    Birbhead Bounty Photo

    “What the **** does this mean? This just a random picture of an orc?” Asked a man.
  12. If Playable Demons come back, make em DOOM like demons and not animal dragon/wyvern ****, or like specified to an animal

    1. Deer__


      Yea hopefully. Keyword if they come back

  13. Slothtastic

    The Player Type Analysis

    alright guys, you heard them, no more banditing because it’s making people quit a server full of staff corruption
  14. Slothtastic

    I had enough

    Who are you?
  15. Slothtastic

    March of Wolves

    “They took our home. I will not listen to the Imperials, nor will I listen to a traitor.” Asbjorn remarked.