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  1. I wonder... if Teegah and friends lose the ban report, will Teegah even get banned...?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Fuze


      @Teegah that's actually a good idea, I'd be willing to do that as long as you'd be open to it, but I assume most people would just say things like "tee devs ree" to either mock me or you.

    3. The North

      The North

      @Fuze dw my boy @Tofuus already has that covered

    4. Tofuus


      I'm very good at mocking people yes.

  2. Oh ****.
  3. *Something to spark a riot against the staff and get more events.*

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      :snorc: that's the spirit 

  4. Guys we have a fish race the Axolytyn.
  5. Username: Slothteegah, SlothIsLucifer, SlothIsGod Group: Satyr Explajn why you're fit to be the lore representative: As writer of the initial Lore piece of the Satyrs before the rewrite and afterwards reading over the Satyr lore extensively for the many times I've gone in and out of RPing a Satyr I do believe I should be a representative.
  6. Get rekt filthy mages I'm a god bish
  7. One day I will get a job at a gaming company... one day...
  8. "Deze zkah'ahz fink dey kan enzlave uhr flaht uhz? Wub kynd ub joke iz diz?" Laughs Jukha of clan Lur.
  9. Who are you and why are you in my house?
  10. I have the I give you a -1 for some OOC targeting.
  11. I will miss you Thomas. Thank you for all the hard work you did as admin. I wish you didn't have to go although.
  12. "Welcome to the fight."
  13. "Oren?!" Exclaims Damen as he began to pack. "T'ese focks thin' they can jus' bring in Oren?! We fockin' bea' t'em an' sided wi' th' Uruk! T'ss is bullshi'! Rough' Rum?!" He glanced back at his Iron Ram, which was eating some of his clothes.
  14. Anyone here good at drawing? Could need one for a web comic kinda thing

  15. Is it bad that I told my friends to wear red or don't come to school today and they either wore red or didn't come to school? Like honestly.. they think Ima shoot up the school.