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  1. Lmao LoTC has not changed at all, this place is STILL garbage at handling these things and refuses to change for the better huh

  2. Theres Vampires but no Vampires running nobility from the shadows or with their own gothic duchy and undead residents? Pathetic. 

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    2. Maclunkey
    3. Slothtastic


      @rukioOh? If its true then that's fuckin awesome. Honestly I want to see more Vampires doing Vampire stuff, but have only encountered 1. And it wasn't too fun. I'd like to see something like Sylvania from Warhammer, or with how Castlevania's Vampires have settlements that run a few towns and cities.

    4. rukio


      People complain abut lack of x y z because they don't see it or hear about it OOCly because it functions ICly...

  3. i saw your last status posted and the moment i click on it to respond that it was going to be hidden, it was hidden. you cannot mention the dread P word on these forums lest you cop a warning.

    1. rukio


      Very true. You cannot mention that word on this platform! 

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    2. 1_Language_1


      what word? dm me that word

  4. Are Afflicted still a thing? Cuz if so I might need to bring back my character

    1. Zarsies


      They exist in a small but slowly growing number.

  5. How do you become an Azdrazi? P.S. I learn through experience and doing it myself 🙂

  6. Where Shuul verdict

    1. squakhawk


      like listed on the document and what i announced it’s verdict has been lost or deleted b/c previous ownership so the lore is in for re-review, though It’s just about done.

    2. Knightei


      Just here, it isn’t a player CA however, just an event race

  7. Your Shuul lore is badass, sucks that staff is almost taking a year to reach a verdict on it.

    1. Hastur


      Yeah its been a while.

    2. Slothtastic


      Yeah, especially since they said they’d take a few weeks lol. Then again what more do you rly expect

  8. I’ve played LoTC for the past 4 maybe 5 years now. Back then it was awesome, it was a whole new world to explore, so much lore and things to delve into. But over time that magic and wonder started to fade as I integrated further into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked a lot of the people and factions I’ve joined over the years but lately, it’s been boring. I’m inactive as hell, despite me trying to get on every now and then, I just log back off because of pure boredom. And the staff at first were amazing and super helpful, but nowadays they’re not that great. Lore is left on hold for years for the most BASIC submissions, bias is rampant, and there’s no communication from staff. I remember when Sykotic shelved Bloodline Braduks until they were changed. He didn’t specify what needed to be changed. Just that they needed to be changed. I PM’ed him multiple times over discord and in game, asking what needed to be changed, if there was a format I was supposed to follow, where I was supposed to post it and I got no answer. Still haven’t actually. Or when people put multiple complaints about the applications, stating they’re too easy, which they are. Their only response from the App Team was: “Be the change you want to see. Apply!” But they were never answered. A friend of mine who left a while ago, I can’t remember her name, said that the reason she left was because she got in an argument with the App Team manager at the time and they threatened to take away her rank if she kept denying the terrible applications and told her to stop promoting harder apps. Or the GM team who I found immensely helpful at first but later on they were not that great. Krugmar was going through a war raid and PvP was on. People were mostly scattered, but a lot of times I would see players on the Empire side that I had just killed come back as “spectators”. GMs were fine with it. So I end up getting ganked by 5 players, die and SS back to spectate. Before I’m even two blocks off the Pillar I’m banned for 3 days for coming back to the raid after dying. Couldn’t spectate. So I informed the Gm about all the Empire players I had seen doing the same or even coming back to fight AGAIN, and they said alright we’ll look into it. Yet when I asked another player if they were banned or anything, they said they were not and were still “spectating”. I remember when applications took effort, you had to think and really read into the lore to get accepted. Nowadays any guy with a 4 sentence backstory is let in. And it leads to horrific RP encounters. I remember trying to bandit a guy who tried to do a flip over my Olog. And then was pissed when I told him he couldn’t jump 9 feet as a human. Or when a dude tried to cut my Olog in half with a katana. But got mad when that didn’t work out for him. There’s no longer any quality apps, it’s mostly just quantity. Just because you have more people doesn’t mean your RP server is the best. A lot of the players accepted these days have no idea what they’re doing, and get just cause problems for other players who do know. And you can’t say “Well theyre new, we just have to teach them!” Because the player who randomly killed me on the roads was a month into the server and was only given a warning. I never did get my things back. But on the brighter note of things, a lot of the communities I’ve been involved with I’ve had great memories. Krugmar You guys really are the best. Even though others might not think so, you are all some of the most chill and nicest players I’ve ever met on this server. After 4 years of being an avid Orc player, I leave you with my best wishes. You were what I wanted when I came to this server. A good community and faction, that knows how to RP and can help out it’s newer members. All while still having some fun memey RP every now and then. Gallic You have really been like a father figure to me and have given me great advice since my second week into the server. You made me enjoy playing and made me want to play more. You encouraged me and helped me out when I needed it the most. MinaGobbler You’ve been an amazing Rex, and knowing you’re Rin’s brother I know he’s taught you well. You’ve really grown from that Raguk and I’m excited to see what you’ll do next for Krugmar. If you would do this, tell Rin that hopefully on another server or another place, maybe Turkurz and Jukha can have a happier ending where they instead just work the forge. Instead of dying horrible deaths. Micbox You have been a good friend of mine that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed RPing with, even if we’ve clashed heads at times we came to realize that LotC is just blocks. There’s no reason to have an OOC argument over some minor thing. Periklis02 You’ve been an amazing supporter of pretty much everything I’ve tried to do or started up, and I’m happy that you’ve been there. You’ve helped to encourage me when I thought it was better to just stop. And many more people There’s a lot more of you guys who’ve helped shape the person I’ve become. And for that I thank you. You have given me some damn good memories, and amazing experiences. Even if you weren’t mentioned in this post, please do keep in touch with me. Lots of you. I need friends still, and I’ll probably still hang out in a lot of the discords just to reminisce or learn what’s going on but I don’t think I’ll be playing again anytime soon. To anyone who needs to get in touch with me, or simply wants to talk, my discord is Slothtastic#7226. I hope you all have a great life. I will miss most of you, except some of the staff that I did not like. Or some of the players I did not like. Axeman51. But as for the rest of you, you have been great. And yes the formatting is horrible because I’m on mobile. No I won’t be changing it.
  9. Title says it all. Why not do this? Have some good solid redlines laid out to accompany anything with claws or teeth, or anything that’s not already covered. It might be difficult, but it’d be easier than the beast race submissions we see today. Instead we could turn the individual races (Kha, Hou, Wonks) into more of a culture system. Breeding would work the same however, with X species only being able to breed with X species and same with Y species only being able to breed with Y. That way we don’t have half turtle rabbits running around. The obvious worry is furries though... yikes.
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