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  1. This offends the Lak clan. Prepare for the greatest WAAAAAAGH
  2. Slothtastic

    Enuf iz enuf

    “A challenjuh iz NUB AH REBEL lat zkahin’ ‘oomie.” Shouted a Raguk. “Agh tuw da Gorkil, lat’z am zkahin’ ztupid. Da Gorkilz am week!”
  3. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Gutstringa yelled from the Capital. In before going back to sleep.
  4. “TOAD. LAKLUL IZ A TOAD!” Screamed Orgak’Lak.
  5. “Da zkah’s beetz gut tuw do wiv twigz? Agh mi thought all twigz was homozexualz.” Gutstringa grunted.
  6. “WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Shouted the Raguk known as Gutstringa.
  7. Slothtastic


    Once again AT, please don’t kill me, but uh why this dude look like an orc if he’s a human?
  8. “Yoo’z got beat by a woman? An’ ah ‘umie women too? HA! Week.” Commented Orgak.
  9. ((Hey uh it was never publicly known that Hou Zi were created by Metztli btw))
  10. Oh ok. Also, you can’t just start playin a race, you have to choose from the available ones. If you wanna make bird people, gotta do a lore submission
  11. I might sound like an idiot for asking but wtf is a Cassowary
  12. California has banned semi autos. The revolution has begun. We must fight back against the mods and lore team lest they oppress us as California oppresses it’s citizens 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Telanir


      It is true the techlock even reaches California

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      didnt this happen like ten years ago buddy ur a bit late to the start on memeing abt gun bans in cali

    4. Slothtastic


      Telanir when will you lore team learn that you cannot techlock us all

  13. Give me Wonks or give me death 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      Well you're going to get death then

    2. Slothtastic


      If you will not give me Wonks, and instead choose to push aside the community we will simply have to push back

    3. Kanadensare


      im with sloth on this 1


      give us frog people or face my wrath.

  14. The half naked, self-exiled Thorgrimm Hammerforge looked upon the paper. His Warhammer in one hand, he nearly laughed. “Ah do believe en a time for new leadahs, but the elder dwed am nae all clouded lad.” With that, the large tattooed dwarf disappeared once again into the world.
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