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  1. Slothtastic

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolkrydr - (Recruitment)

    Asbjorn smiled upon reading it. “Things are going to be looking up from here.”
  2. Does anyone remember the name of that old Amazon Culture?

  3. Slothtastic

    A Call for Sensibility

    “**** you. You all forget that it was the Empire who killed your princess, and then carved the child from her stomach. Only to bury her in a garden. Yet, you seem perfectly fine with this. Empire lacks honor. Something we cannot abide by.” A Satyr speaks on the subject.
  4. Slothtastic

    MamaBearJade's Lore Master Application

    Sure. Why not +1
  5. Slothtastic

    Searching for a boat builder!

    I’m in search of a boat builder, for a project that I am working on involving the Orcs. So if you cannot build Orc, then this may not be the job for you. I will need an example or two of your previous work as well, as I might be paying 2-3k for this build depending on the work and outcome of it. Or maybe even more. This is a pirate Orc thing, and this is serious. I hope everyone who reads this has a nice evening or day. even though it’s already been ruined with Stan Lee’s tragic death.
  6. Slothtastic


    Orgak cheers for his brother. Looking at the elves with a smile. “Ad leazt wi dunnub peep like women. Mi kan nevah tell da differenze between lat’z!” He laughed.
  7. Slothtastic

    The Spirits - Grand List

    Spirit Type: Lesser Spirit Name: Zargarak Spirit Totem: Iron kraken over a driftwood base, two ruby eyes. Other gems and gold welcome. As well as barnacles. Spirit Appearance: Appears as an Orc with the head of a Squid. With deep blue skin and the bones of Sea animals strapped to himself. Can also appear as an Iron Kraken with rubies for eyes. Another, strange appearance is a Squid with the body of a man yet the scales of a fish. This is an uncommon one. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Discovery: Found by a wandering shaman Zargarak is the spirit of Sea Beasts, Plundering, and is the right hand of Ankrus. Sent out to deliver their master’s wrath, though Zargarak has found followers of his own. He blesses those who leave him offerings of gold and gems, as long as they are going out to sea that is. Some Orcish boats have Zargarak shrines built within them to get on his good side, and to not risk the wrath of the sea. @HedgeHug
  8. Slothtastic

    Map download of Atlas

    He said he doesnt have one
  9. Slothtastic

    Map download of Atlas

    Anyone got the map download of Atlas? I need it for building purposes.
  10. Please stop trying. It’s getting sad. -1
  11. You can get ahold of me through Discord at Slothtastic#7226. Please send previous skin works first.
  12. Slothtastic

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    You guys are both ******* nerds you know this right
  13. Slothtastic

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    Fear. Arguably the most powerful human emotion alongside anger. And with a fantasy world full of monsters, beastial races with thoughts on enslaving and genociding the other races, and undead being raised to kill and feed on the life force of mortals, characters lack one thing. Fear. Sometimes it’s reasonable, like if you’re an Orc going against a full Patrol you may seek a warrior’s death there. Or if you’ve outnumbered someone 20 to 1. However, never have I met someone who is afraid to die except for children. At least RP’ly afraid to die. Everyone in LotC, which is full of monsters and ******* 20ft long sea monsters with an urge to purge every boat in their waters, is not afraid of what is in their lands. I’ve only met children who correctly RP fear and some Velian dudes (Roman fellas) who because they are from a different land, all the beast races are new so of course they’re a lot more scared of em. Other than that, nobody at all fears anything. Under attack from a group of Orks and you’re only one dude? “Yeah I can ******* take ‘em.” A giant monster is trying to take you down? “I got this!” Literally no one fears anything, and when you get down to it that isn’t fun. If your character is just an average fella, then maybe a 7’0 hulking thing of muscle would scare them. Hell, even just being a bigger Human threatening your own human might be pretty scary for your character. And tbh that’s the end of my rant. TL;DR Fear Rp is good rp, if there’s something that is immeasurably more powerful than your character they should probably be ******* terrified, like if a human is with a group of Orcs they should be scared not ‘tired’ because they’re robbing him again. This is terrifying, your personas do not know that they have 1 life. They should be scared to lose it.
  14. Slothtastic

    Panda people

  15. Slothtastic

    [Denied] Gloonkey's Application Team Application

    Too new for my taste edit: Krug never gave in.