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  1. Slothtastic

    The Burning Fields

    The Burning Fields The Satyr sighed as he waited at the Cloud Temple. He knew this whole thing probably wasn’t the best idea, but he was irrational at the time. Angry. He did it out of pure and unbridled spite, and at this point spite drove him. He also knew he should’ve put something on other than the leather cuirass he wore. However, he was once again, being foolish. He looked around, trying to spot his comrade. And he found him. A small, shrouded, man looking thing. The Satyr was bewildered as to why someone would want to burn the fields of their own kin. But no matter. It was all the same in his eyes. “Are you ready?” The assumed Halfling asked. “Aye, let’s do it.” --------- The Satyr snuck through the trees, remembering his time as a scout and guerilla fighter. His goal was right ahead of him. The fields of Dunshire, home of the halflings. His comrade was foolish, he charged forth and threw torches, shouting at the top of his lungs, “For September! These fields are horrific!” The Satyr cursed his luck, having no choice but to move forward and begin lighting the fires on the bundles of hay in the fields. Soon it began to spred, however over the ridge came two halflings. “Wha’s goin’ on ‘ere?” One spoke, a female. The Satyr cursed once again, he had been seen. “Rollo! Come quick! The Fields are burnin’!” She shouted, as a new figure approached. A male halfling, who tried to reach for a weapon but found nothing. “Get some water!” He shouted, running off. Being a professional in nature, the Satyr didn’t stop them. He knew water would put out the fire, but also damage the unharmed crops. They would flood and drown. And he felt a smile upon his lips as he took off towards the treeline, only sneaking a peak at the chaos when he was sure they hadn’t followed. They had gotten scythes, clearing some of the wheat so that the fire wouldn’t spread. However he knew that one whole side was burning now, thanks to him. September would be pleased, he thought as he continued running back to whence he came. And as he did, he couldn’t help but laugh. He was losing himself again. Except this time, he loved the feeling of it. It wasn’t pain that caused this change. Just pure, unbridled spite.
  2. Slothtastic

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Are you speaking of the Raguks? Because you’d be wrong as hell. Either way you’re wrong as hell. Orks worship all manner of spirits, there are patron spirits however who are worshipped more because they guide that clan. And most whitewash shamans do not do that. What they do, is they hang out in another city and give non Orcs shamanism when they don’t worship them. You’d be surprised how many people have said they want to be shamans on their elves but still **** talk spirits irp This
  3. Slothtastic

    Terra Pravum | Ambient Events

    True. I mean I liked skyrim’s main quest but boy did I love the artifact quests
  4. Slothtastic

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    Remove elves and humans then
  5. Slothtastic

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

  6. Slothtastic

    Should Ratiki replace Hou-Zi

    Exactly what the poll says. If this gets enough ‘yes’s I’ll make it a petition. Edit: Chinese Monkey Men < Unique Ratmen with underground cities
  7. Slothtastic

    Ryka Winterwood's Game Moderator Application

    Yeah, no. You’re way too new to be a Gm friend
  8. Slothtastic

    Home to the Spiritual

    “Is he worshipping the Aspects and the Spirits? Ya know, the two sworn enemies of one another?” Asked an Ork who decided not to say this in blah because it’s difficult for him to speak with autocorrect
  9. Slothtastic

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Wait where the fucks my Swamps *****
  10. Slothtastic

    [Denied][I] Blagofruit's Game Moderator Application

    Seems pretty chill in the hunting grounds and gave me some info I didn’t know so +1
  11. Slothtastic

    [I] 1_Language_1's Game Moderator Application

  12. Slothtastic


    “Wazn’t last whitewazh fur ah while? Lat kannub be da Rex if you are kunzidered whytewash. Evah.” An Orc remarks.
  13. Slothtastic

    Alchemist seeking refuge

    “Could come to Arberrang if yeh wished. Healers are welcome.” A Viking boi pins the note.
  14. Slothtastic

    (Closed for now) Ivory's Skin Shop!

    IGN: Puddle__, Slothtastic85 Discord: Slothtastic#7226 Race: Ork Gender: Male Skin Details (Facial Features, Clothing type/colours etc.) Red Ork with big ass tusks. 3D stuff on chest and arms is preferred to show off strength and surperiority. Reference Images: PM on discord when ready and I will send it.