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  1. i saw your last status posted and the moment i click on it to respond that it was going to be hidden, it was hidden. you cannot mention the dread P word on these forums lest you cop a warning.

    1. rukio


      Very true. You cannot mention that word on this platform! 

      Edited by rukio
    2. 1_Language_1


      what word? dm me that word

  2. Are Afflicted still a thing? Cuz if so I might need to bring back my character

    1. Zarsies


      They exist in a small but slowly growing number.

  3. How do you become an Azdrazi? P.S. I learn through experience and doing it myself 🙂

  4. Where Shuul verdict

    1. SquakHawk


      like listed on the document and what i announced it’s verdict has been lost or deleted b/c previous ownership so the lore is in for re-review, though It’s just about done.

    2. Knightei


      Just here, it isn’t a player CA however, just an event race

  5. Your Shuul lore is badass, sucks that staff is almost taking a year to reach a verdict on it.

    1. Hastur


      Yeah its been a while.

    2. Slothtastic


      Yeah, especially since they said they’d take a few weeks lol. Then again what more do you rly expect

  6. I’ve played LoTC for the past 4 maybe 5 years now. Back then it was awesome, it was a whole new world to explore, so much lore and things to delve into. But over time that magic and wonder started to fade as I integrated further into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked a lot of the people and factions I’ve joined over the years but lately, it’s been boring. I’m inactive as hell, despite me trying to get on every now and then, I just log back off because of pure boredom. And the staff at first were amazing and super helpful, but nowadays they’re not that great. Lore is left on hold f
  7. Title says it all. Why not do this? Have some good solid redlines laid out to accompany anything with claws or teeth, or anything that’s not already covered. It might be difficult, but it’d be easier than the beast race submissions we see today. Instead we could turn the individual races (Kha, Hou, Wonks) into more of a culture system. Breeding would work the same however, with X species only being able to breed with X species and same with Y species only being able to breed with Y. That way we don’t have half turtle rabbits running around. The obvious worry is furries though... y
  8. Flambo what the **** is up dude you ain’t been reviewing ****. You want people to submit lore for the lore games, but then never ******* review it. If you’re gonna start something that’s supposed to be simple and fast, make sure it’s simple and fast. Not taking nearly if not already a literal ******* year to review basic ****. Christ. It’s ******* embarrassing. 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Telanir


      @Phylarch Hey man, do your part to improve the server and I’ll do mine. Bet you didn’t know that were I not here the server would have been dead back in 2012? And several times since. It’s time to move past grudges, no hard feelings.

    3. Scuba


      @Telanir What part is there to be done that others have not been sufficient? The current lore admin has gone through more story writer managements leads than others before. We got @bigcrazyand @Zarsies and @ScreamingDingo and who else will be next? If these people were not able to fix the main issue, being the director, then I know not at this point in time what can sir.  Were these three all the PROBLEM or unable to do what needed to be done, or one sole direction? I wonder.... 

    4. AlphaMoist


      I mean Zarsies left on his own accord to focus on his irl writing. He would have probably left no matter who the lore admin was

  9. The March to War The two Laks stood outside the gate, waiting for the Farseer. Their slave was close by, and ready to follow them. Normally, Orgak would not have allowed this. A mere slave meeting Laklul? Preposterous. But it was the time where all Laks are to meet Laklul, in order to learn their new directive from the great spirit. And if this slave coming with them was to give more worship towards Laklul, then by all means he should come. Finally, Nazark arrived. “Are you ready?” The Farseer asked, peering around the group. His gaze lingered on the slave, but it disappeared.
  10. Lang-Xiahou sat deep within a jungle, coughing blood as he read the document. Despite the many years that had passed, he had never truly recovered from the slaughter. He thought back to the event, regretting as to how he could never rejoin his people. “Xiahou hopes they are well now. Xiahou lives happily.” He looked to his new family, and if he was to die, he would die a happy man.
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