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  1. The Truth has been revealed. 


  2. [LoreSubmission][Racial Lore] The Valfothr

    This is pretty cool dud. +1
  3. The Truth on Satyrs

    “‘E’s onto us!” Shouted the Satyr! The Satyr attempted to give this man a bottle of rum. For not taking the joke so seriously.
  4. The Truth on Satyrs

    A Thorn grumbles something about a joke, before beginning to drink out of a canteen.
  5. The Truth on Satyrs

    “Where th’ fock Are yeh ge’’in’ th’ beddin’ thin’ from? We said tha’ we ‘ad marriages!” Protests a certain Satyr.
  6. The Truth on Satyrs

    *A note is attached to it, stating this.* “But it’s not just about that... most of it is why we aren’t Horrible monsters and Iblees spawn. -The Satyrs.”
  7. The Truth on Satyrs

    This man was a fool, for posters were replaced soon after!
  8. The Truth on Satyrs

    *People would find posters in major cities, as well as the smaller ones.* The Truth about Satyrs Many believe Satyrs to be monsters, horrible creatures created by Iblees to destroy the descendants. However, we are much more peaceful than that. Instead of being horrible monsters of great destruction, created by Iblees, we are instead created by the Aspects to protect and preserve nature. Much like the druids, yet without the everyday drama. We wish not for war and chaos, but instead for peace and harmony with the other races. We wish to keep to ourselves in the woodlands. For cities we cannot live in, we are nothing without nature. We enjoy the pleasures of flesh, and fighting is not a pleasure. Much like many races, we enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, and having the occasional party. Despite what many may think, we do have marriages. It is not all having sex with different Satyrs each night, we do find love within one another. Also, asking us what we are every time we meet someone new can get agitating. Please forgive us if we get angry because it takes a lot to explain. Violence is something many of us do not engage in. However, beware of the ram-horned Thorns and the bull-horned Oaks. For they are quick to anger. But are not without reason. The reason for this small little flier, is because many people have thought Satyrs to be horrible creatures. But, we hope that from this you will understand us further. And know we wish not for violence. But for peace. Boroun ta dasi na eini epano sas. Kai boreíte na katoikísete sto xýlo. May the forests be upon you. And may you dwell in the wood. Written by: The Satyrs.
  9. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    If you’re gonna make Ologs have CAs it’s time to give helves and welves CAs
  10. A New Dawn

    Jukha of Lur could hear the shouts. And the shouts of Hazurk. He found them displeasing to say the least. “Turkurz wuz a hozh popo. He wuz a hozh Uruk. Drokon wuz a fuul agh ah viktum ub buurz’zhomoizm. Turkurz wuz bi ull rytz hunurable.” He told himself. Assuming no one was around.
  11. Guys if he got banned and he’s new that means he read the rules recently and should've known not to do this. It doesn’t matter if he’s new. He broke a rule. You get banned if you break a rule.
  12. Dude you pugsied. You got banned. Begging to be unbanned and using ‘I’m new’ isn’t an excuse. If you’re new that means you’ve read the rules just a bit ago. Just popping someone because they ignore you is pusgy. You got banned, accept it.
  13. Did you rp with the guys before you killed them or did you just down them and kill them? Cause if you did that then yeah, that’s no RP kill and you deserve it.
  14. Denouncing Dormin.

    “I don’ thin’ t’ss Yorthmul ‘ad challenged ‘em fer leadership. Nor did ‘e take over from when Dormin died. Which hasn’ ‘appended. Meanin’ ‘e ain’ no Doomforged Clan Father. An’ tha’ ‘e’s Clanless.” Said Damen Ironhide.
  15. Every time I see an Orc say ‘****’ I can’t help but smile for some reason.