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  1. Wanna be a gladiator? Sign up here! 


  2. "Welcome ta th' foight."
  3. "Welcome ta th' foigh' lad."
  4. [!] The residents of Sutica or travelers of Sutica would notice a new area, a fighting pit. Outside of it stood a tall burly man. His chest bare as he yelled. [!] "T'ss be th' Sutican Gladia'ah rin'! Those tha' wish ta foigh' fer mina mus' fill ou' th' Application below. Foigh's will be scheduled, Champions foigh' every now an' t'en (Every saturday, unsure of what day that is In game). If ya wish fer ah foigh', go a'ead. People'll come an' be' on yeh a' th' soon ta be se'up be''in' booth! Foigh'ers 'o win ge' 35% o' th' be''in' mina. Th' other 65% will go ta th' winnin' be''ers. So, 'ere's teh roles. No killin', no weapons, fists onleh. No magic, an' no cryin'. If ya win, ya ge' mina. If ya lose, ya ge' bruises and scars. Now! Th' Su'ican Gladia'ah rin' ain' responsible fer any deaths er fa'al injuries tha' 'appen durin' th' foigh's." He growled out, holding out a parchment before nailing it onto columns. "Soign up 'ere lads an' lasses!" The man roared with laughter. Rules as stated above: -No Magic. -No Weapons. -No crying. -No outside influence. -Only winners get mina. Application: RP Name: Username: Age: Do you agree to the terms listed above?: PVP or RP is decided by the fighters. RP is encouraged.
  5. Please no. He is too much of a meme.
  6. Wait would Satyroi and Cervitaurs still be right back playable just in the mortal realm?
  7. Borkul'Raguk cheers!
  8. Is this actually a thing? Cause I'd go to that
  9. Vruk and Jukha become alarmed, !!! Hanging over their heads as they ran.
  10. Xiahou raised his kanabo menacingly. Adorning his demonic mask and armor he growled. "No fear!"
  11. I thought you were better than this Kincaid. There will be no # of me trying to get you to be free this time. I'm disappointed. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hero_Prodigy


      Lol I love it when shills think they're special snowflakes

    3. Demotheus


      I THINK he's trolling.


      If he's not trolling, there's a guy who made a similar joke in Scotland. Count Dankula. He trained his girlfriend's dog to do the Nazi salute as a joke to piss off his girlfriend. He was making FUN of Nazi's, not agreeing with them.


      The ruling of "propaganda" is honestly ridiculous.

    4. Slothtastic


      Oh my. People are taking this seriously! A man called me a special snowflake. Never in my life have I felt so violated and hurt. 

  12. I'm in
  13. Previous skin works?
  14. Whelp, I need a Kha skin. That looks something like this... I'm probably gonna get **** for that picture, but that's honestly the best reference I could find. Just remove the cargo shorts and put in a loincloth and make the teeth a bit smaller. Since I know that for some Kha Fur is hard, I will pay 500 mina to those who can do it good. Im very picky on my skins, and expect greatness from this community. And chances are Im going to get greatness from the skinners of LotC. Anyway, 500 mina to whoever can make that just with a loincloth. This is also a redo of the last post I made but it never got that much popularity.
  15. Dammit! I need a new skin but it's 10 irl monies!