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    Anton Atreus -> The bard. Anton was born in the Empire of man- Senntisten. The heart of civilization , raised by a loving father and a caring mother. Unfortunately he was not privileged like the other humans in his community to be taught in the art of combat, although his father was a great musician. Loving music, learning as much instruments as he can get his hands on. The people say when he sings the birds go silent. He also favors dancing in all sorts of styles. He likes making friends that fits his standards. He is not easily maddened, and keeps his friends close. Very few things can offend him, even if he is insulted he remains calm, mainly because he knows he wont win the fight. Although he mostly spends time with humans. Witch there mostly are only humans he is fairly interested in other races. Not that he likes them or anything but he wants to learn more about them. He was blessed with an intelligent mind and tries to use it best he can. He has his blond moments but would mostly be considered sharp or smart. He tries to avoid conflict if possible. Not liking to see people fighting without a valid reason. This may be mainly because he cant fight himself, or some jealousy he feels. Even though he knows much already, in the music field he has much to learn. New things to try, and is ready to enjoy his life as a citizen of Senntisten. He is also interested in learning the art in medication he now knows nothing about. He is a faithful follower to the Church of the Canon, and grows stronger learning more about the creator. Anton: Has shining green eyes, with blazing ginger hair, normally seen with a bright smile on his face.
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