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    Rumpus' mother was a priestess, who had sworn a vow of celibacy. However, one night, while she was praying, the head priest, a big man of dark complexion with sullen eyes and grayed hair, approached her with sacramental wine asking if it had turned sour. As she took a sip from the wine, a strange feeling washed over her. It was as if the gods themselves had reached down and touched her with eternal bliss. A few weeks later the sisters noticed signs of her pregnancy. The head priest, in a panic, screamed out that it must be a immaculate conception. Rumpus' mother, a fair woman with blonde hair and blue eyes stroke envy into the other sisters for her beauty. However, Rumpus' mother passed away during child birth. Many rumored that it was a worthy sacrifice to the gods. Rumpus was born with tanned complexion and sullen eyes. He grew up in the monastery and was tutored by the head priest. He learnt had to read and write while he stayed there. Rumpus spent many late nights studying scripture and poetry growing up. He would rarely get to do activities outside as the head priest wished him to stay hidden. Due to this he grew a rather skinny and weak body. In his later years Rumpus left on a pilgrimage. A few days after he began his journey, the sisters found evidence that the head priest had fathered Rumpus. The head priest was later found at the bottom of a staircase, dead at the age of 80. Meanwhile Rumpus to this day still wanders Atlas, convinced that he is birthed from immaculate conception
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