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  1. Germanicus smiles at the result of many months of work. "About time," he remarks to Hendrik, newly appointed Marshal of the Burgundy Legion.
  2. In the battle against the half-naked dwarves, a dwarven axe found its way onto Gerhardt’s skull. The blow rendered him dazed, and as he attempted to regain his footing he slipped and fell down a cliff. In his last moments he thought of his Verbantine brothers-in-arms, and most importantly, the beaut that is Bertha Potte. He died looking up to the clear skies, a smile on his face. Gerhardt’s will is delivered to the Captain-General of the League of Veletz by a courier. @Nectorist Your Grace, If this letter has found its way to you, know that I am dead. I entrust you to find a suitable man of the Midlands to be my successor as Seneschal and take this most distinguished post. He shall inherit my property and belongings. Godspeed, Gerhardt. Another letter is sent to Fedor Vilac. @Evrocentrik Dear Fedor, My lord, friend, I shall hope this letter finds you well. I offer you my sincere apologies that I will not be able to attend your wedding physically, but know that I will be watching from above. HAIL AVRELIVS, Gerry.
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