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  1. Tide1

    The Cleansing of the Frostbeard Clan

    "What about Pereus," a wisened dwarf comments.
  2. Tide1

    A Warsmith's Plee

    “Depends on the type. Lightforgin’ is already within my knowledge. But i am interested.” Bolgnir Irongut would leave a notice.
  3. Tide1

    A missive to Rex Gurukk

    “Mi hope da REX tayk diz bubhozh offur, peepin’ da zpiridz is a bubhozh honour,” – says a somewhat disfigured and malformed Orc as he fiddled with his stub of a horn.
  4. Tide1

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “I’ve slain more demons than listed on the papers,”
  5. Tide1

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “So ye raided us without thinkin’ we were part of a rebellion? Bloody savages,”
  6. Tide1

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “Have you seen any official documents?”
  7. Tide1

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Dainn Skarpefanger looked down at the papers. “Demons? Maratsu spawn? In my lands – no i would never. Myhaps we should work together to make sure it is destroyed, forgotten, and doesn’t spread.” the man grumbled and tossed the papers into the fire. ”Or is this merely grasping at straws in hopes to pull Arberrang into war?”.
  8. Tide1

    Nidr Af Rahdonir

    MC Name: Tide1 Discord: Tide#2323 IRP Name: Dainn Skarpefanger Age: 29-30 Race: Highlander Social Rank: Yfimdar of Skarpefanger
  9. Tide1

    A plea to forgive

    The speech An old dwarf’s feet walked him into Ulrah. Into Agnarum And into Holm. - Where three speeches were held for all those of dwed kin that wished to listen. A plea that his fellow brothers would forgive each other. “Look around yourselves brothers. What is it we lack, we lack a Kingdom, a King, and the unification we once had. A war was begun by dwed manipulated by the fingers of Khorvad, lies spoken and kinsblood spilt. Our friends and family were sent to the Khaz-A-Dentrum. But there is that. Family. By the hammer and anvil of Yemekar we were made, and by the loving embrace of Anbella we were nurtured. Urguan had seven sons, and from these seven dwarves rose seven great clans, seven families. We look among each other, we look at "enemies" as we call them. But in reality we look at family. Ogradhad bless us with the ability to seek, and to see. Not this shrouded darkness. We are dwarves, all of us. We are one and the same, forged in fire, fed by teet, born by a rocky womb. We are tied together by a bond no axe can split, the only ones whom can split the bond are ourselves. Now i ask you, do you want peace, reunification, and love for a family? Then lay your weapons down, and raise your voice. Open your arms, and forgive, forget, and embrace your brothers once enemies.” The old dwarf finished from atop his spot, his last tongue had spoken it’s words and with that he walked down and seemingly left the city of his last speech, Ulrah. ”Need t’find a focken tavern,”
  10. "The orcs would never back down, and neither would we. Our orcish bretheren, our brothers in arms face war. The blood of Malin will be spilt," a Gorundyr man yells.
  11. Tide1

    Binding of Stafyr and Grimm

    (i knew something was up)
  12. Tide1

    Common Sense

    Dainn Skarpefanger wouldbe very pleased with this. Ludwig Av Vesteraas on the other hand.. "How dare you insult Ser Dominic like that!" The boy growled.
  13. Tide1

    Uprising: Rebirth

    My creation has come so far ; u; I love it Malg, keep up the good work.
  14. Tide1

    What a night

    The silence The owl would coo, and the night filled with sound and noice. The beasts and animals of the night let out their cry as the light of the moon dimmed by clouds that drifted by. Even the men and women could be heard, the men and women of Haense and it’s surrounding farms and family holdings. Yet among all this noise and voice, a woman felt quiet, she felt peace among all the voices, for all but A voice was there. All but the voice she’d heard and dreaded for so long, now it was gone? Her feet carried the woman through the leaf ridden forest, whipped and pisked away by winds and cold and snow. The twigs had grown twisted in an attempt at catching as litle wind as possible. ”I never thought I would feel this again. This. . . quiet.” The winds picked up once again and the blizzard forced her further into the forest. ”I can’t hear his name, am i free?” Then the eerie silence came. Unlike what was once there, now even the animals had gone quiet and just the wind had taken their place. ”G-.. grr-..” she couldn’t say it anymore. The name once stuck in her head just slipped out of her mouth, it didn’t roll on the tongue. She started walking again towards the high and tall walls of Markev, towards her home. She looked about, around herself for she saw things. Dead animals, undoubtedly killed by cold and wind. Squirrels, birds they all laid there. She hurried, scraping against twigs and stones until one unfortunate trip made her fall. Down the short hill she rolled and tumbled until the bottom met her side and her head the frozen rock solid soil. Her vision went black. And she could no longer see. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”Did you think i would let go so easily? Julie af Markev?” ”. . . N-no of course not,” ”Good, because i will always be h e r e,” A shiver went through her body, the twisted tongue was back inside her head and she heaved for her breath as her eyes shot wide open. A loud scream was heard amongs the loud winds, and the moon once present had gone red. The skies were painted blood with the same colour and the below roared through the dead forest lands and clashed with the walls of Markev. ”I am never free, i will never be free,” ”He will always be here, I am never alone..” She broke out into laughter as to her feet she rose. Slowly she began carrying herself towards it’s walls once more. The forest looked entirely different now. ”I see the truth once more, how foolish i was to think i was free? I see, but seeing hurts.. in here,” she grasped her own head with her hands. ”Can you not let me die? Or would that too be setting me free?” The rambles went on through the night, and soon greeted by worrysome guards the maddened woman stumbled into Markev, starved, tired, lustful for silence.