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  1. Nob'Rot Bogsniffer a dark green-skin midget-goblin jumps up and down on the spot, bow held high and beady red eyes shining with pure joy as he screeches. "Votar, Votar! For da hunt!"
  2. Did someone get their feelings hurt?
  3. "The skygods work in mysterious ways." remarks an old Irongut.
  4. The encounters of Vieslaw Page 1 “Never in my years have i felt my heart beneath my feet. Never in my life have i laid eyes on such a hideous beast. It pains my chest and paints my shut eye shades of pale grey and ocean blue. The Órghule haunts my sleep.” Here would feature an amateur black and white sketch of the creature above. A creature of the night, a creature of nothing but ill intent. The Órghule, i encountered on the outskirts of Curon. One would think the horrid spirits of the forest and their creations would not dare venture into towns-land, yet here I sit with quill in hand and write about my encounter with the forest’s dark conjuration. It came at us from nowhere, first like a chill bite in the wind, then a thundering howl. As I turned I saw the horrid mass of elongated arms and legs. It ogled at us with blacked, beady eyes. It went for my lover, I got in the way sword in hand. It halted and started howling. Leave, it howled. Run. I believe this creature to feast on the blood of women, as current encounters show no hostilities towards men yet. Do not underestimate it regardless of man or woman. It’s presence alone was enough to rip wooden planks from their homes, and roof tiles from their shelter. Mayhaps spiritual presence at work, the children of the forest are wicked creatures. It’s long claws grasped around my heart, the cold coiled through my body, down my spine like cold fingers and steely knives. Notes There is not much known Halts(Fears?) at the sight of steel weaponry Preferred victim:Women? Unpredictable Spiritual creation Long reach Adept at sneaking up on prey Aggressive To be added on...
  5. Tide1


    Story team has some good members, i just see a lack of events (probably timezone). Aesop is a great story teller, and he’s come up with some of the most unique, and most talked about (for better or worse) events the past 2 years. He also brings events somewhat frequently and lets the playerbase know in good Advance. People have ooc reasons not to like him, and people have ooc reasons to like him. A certain playerbase called Druids don’t like him at all
  6. Ign: Tide1 IRP Name: Owyn Aamador Age: 26 Residence: Noble district, Amador Mansion Discord: Tide#2323
  7. Tide1

    The Huntsmen

    "I have seen them fall time against time. And time against time I have been foolish enough to join in. Oh how I bring shame upon this cursed name." Application Roleplay Name: Hadvar Race: Human Age: 28 Desired role: Hunter Reason for enlistment: I once took part in a "revival" of a certain monster hunting guild, foolish (metagamy), and naive as I was, doomed to fail from the beginning. Although that doesn't stop a bastard from doing what he does when it is his passion, that which drives him. Another guild upon the rise, and nothing better to spend my time with, why not apply for the job where my own skills apply. Dread the beasts.  OOC Username: Tide1 Discord Tag (Example#3333): Tide#2323 Timezone: CET / GMT +1
  8. Looking for someone to play an Irongut Beardling (my dwarf’s child)

    Edited by Tide1
  9. ᛃ ᛊᚫᚷᚫ ᚫ ᚢᛚᚠᚠ ᛃ ~Grey hairs~ May not want to believe, but everything grows old. Blood grows old, and hair grows. Of admit we must, lest be caught with inability to fight back. Do not carry the weight alone the whole journey, for fight awaits at the end – a fight one shall not miss. Old blood is not as strong as new. Old blood is old. Hair is grey, time to pass the axe. Accept the old blood. Dainn Skarpefanger peered through the cracks of the old wooden door whence the roaring outside came upon the log cabin. The wind hit the walls with a loud and thunderous crash that shook the snow littered earth. The leave is soon to come my boy. The leave is upon us and you shall lead like I once did. But take an old man’s advice boy. Beware the folly of your father. The man sat down with his old knife in hand, the steel tinted red by the iquor once spilt with it’s edge. Friggr. Temptation and uncertainty. Beware the folly of your father. Be better than him. Or be worse shall you desire but bring forth pain upon yourself and your people. Grey hairs turn feathers quick. Loose, grey, hairs. ᛜðᛜ ________________________ ᛃ ᛊᚫᚷᚫ ᚫ ᚢᛚᚠᚠ ᛃ Dain Skarpefanger [!] The signing would appear to be smudged away, crossed over, and ripped by the parchment’s corner. Unrecognizable.
  10. Litlerally the smallest issue on the server. It is just the @ApplicationTeam not reading up on the lore for the races they are accepting. Please for the love of God read dwarf lore.
  11. Bilderesultat for bloodborne wolf


    Would this be cool to have on lotc? Yes or no?


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    2. Sherlocks_ homes

      Sherlocks_ homes

      It’d be pretty neat, yeah... whatever it is.

    3. _Pan


      Looks dope

    4. Tide1


      Oh damn, responses. I think it would be a cool take on something that could be done on lotc. Just not as horribly flawed as Ferals.

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