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  1. "With relative ease." A duke of Blackvale comments.
  2. Fear-mongering with ban reports. Another dirty war, let's go.



  3. "We do not inherit empires. We simply conquer them." A duke of Vilac blood comments.
  4. This map has many issues, but I believe the biggest one of them all is the scale at which the terrain was built. The trees that came with the map, and over all terrain is at a scale way too large for your average build. When trees are as thick and large as guard towers, things start to look wonky and feel disconnected. Please don't build for a trailer next time, go for something more natural. Also CT looks like a hypixel lobby.
  5. Willem 'The Foe' van Aert prepares to commit warcrimes.
  6. "We are conducting a special military operation in Grodno." Willem 'The Foe' had informed his men shortly before they rode for Grodno.
  7. Willem 'The Foe' laughs at the lack of resistance as he promptly loots all that he can from the Vienne barracks.
  8. Tide1


    It's like this was done so you wouldn't try to use a lack thereoff as an excuse to illegitimize the roleplay.
  9. This won't be a very long post. The other day I believe a 30v40 CRP scenario was voted for by defenders. This is just trolling when you realize you're about to loose. [It always gets voided] However I do wish to know if there have been ANY successful attempts at CRP at this scale ever since the rule was released, or if it has all been voided every single time. Writing on the wall tells me that this rule is dysfunctional.
  10. Tide1

    wtf staff

    It is amusing to me how Acre did every setup in roleplay with as little ooc in-between as possible, making it very easy to metagame their decisions in return for following the rules. But rules are subjective to this admin team.
  11. One Duke of Blackvale regarded the news with mixed emotions. "I had given him that throne on a silver platter. And ever since he betrayed us I've intended to take it back. But it seems that God has beat me to it." With that he signed the Lorraine, and carried on with his duties.
  12. "One day I will be Fidei Defensor!" Some young farmer-boy then stated upon having the news read out to him by an adult.
  13. One Duke of Blackvale read the missive with a raised brow. "Suppose my trip to Haense will be one of familiar faces."
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