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  1. "And thus were monarchs or some such made tools of convenience, and accepted it so. For they would sooner be tools than artisans of their own design." mused one who would inherit the Sun.
  2. "I wonder how this will fare when the inkwells dry up." pondered an indifferent crusader.
  3. "Who invited this guy." asked a Midlander to the spirit of his deceased brother as he gleaned from the missive the crest of Celia'Nor.
  4. ([wtf you scared me])
  5. "The tongue-dancing grows tiresome. T'would be preferable if the Reinmarens spoke it as it were. Yet they too would prove bereft of courage. Alas, regardless, darkness doth lurk in that place and so it will fall. I only wish it did not take an elven scapegoat for it to happen." spoke a certain Middenlander that would no doubt participate in the war.
  6. This is obviously an April fools joke because you put the words "work", "tech team", "lotc", and "20tps" on the same forum post.
  7. Happy Easter. Christ is King, God save us.
  8. "Didn't these ones abandon the war effort in favor of Haense? When you sold your land to the Northman, perhaps you should have asked him for some money." spoke an old veteran.
  9. Common Moderation L

  10. "A ruler unburdened by pontifical responsibilities should have acted sooner. What does it mean to be a canonist prince when unwilling to raise as much as a blade in the face of evil." lamented an adherent of St.Michael, preparing a venture for Kaethul.
  11. I considered this your voluntary retirement on the day, because not even you would do something this stupid without expecting these repercussions. Right?
  12. "And so where one tries to unite Humanity by the sword, another rises to do so by the pen. And when the age of strife hits will we all realize - that we needed one which could have done both." Lamented an adherent of St.Michael.
  13. "Why, oh why must it hurt so much to be right. An inevitability given the idle nature of the see." remarked a youth of Burgundy blood and solemnly sighed. He signed the Lorraine and bid the man safe travels to the seven skies.
  14. "Not even a year into our absence and evil shows it's true colours. Who could have predicted they would be the very same we've been fighting for years." A grizzled veteran spoke and found only pain in their validation.
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