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  1. Tide1

    The Archbishops Report - Demons Among Men

    A certain dwarf wonders why someone would make a drawing of his Golem. "He was made to kill demons, ye stupid Fooks."
  2. Tide1

    Maership Election of Reza, 1710

    Ign: Tide1 IRP Name: Owyn Aamador Age: 26 Residence: Noble district, Amador Mansion Discord: Tide#2323
  3. Tide1

    Looking for New RP experiences

    Well I see a lot of people have jumped on the wagon. I'd just like to recommend a dwarf in general seeing there are quite a few here. It's a great community both RP and Ooc-wise. I'd defineatly recommend it. Now I do have a lil' dworfo lass that needs playing if you're interested. They'd be part of the Irongut clan, one of the oldest cave dwarf clans. It's a clan somewhat influenced by magic, and with strong family ties to each other, and great feasts for all to enjoy. Discord is Tide#2323 If it doesn't peak your interest, I wish you good luck on your search 😄
  4. Tide1

    Imperial Hegemony

    "I can see this one has knowledge ov Yemekar's balance. But this is done wrong I tell you. Ye cannot balance a fat dragon with a hundred skimpy dwarves. Rather a mediocre dragon, with fifty fat dwarves, or equally mediocre dwarves. We will see when time comes for the balance to be upset. When the dragon rises ye will wish it was slain in it's sleep." says a war wizened dwarf.
  5. Tide1

    The Huntsmen

    "I have seen them fall time against time. And time against time I have been foolish enough to join in. Oh how I bring shame upon this cursed name." Application Roleplay Name: Hadvar Race: Human Age: 28 Desired role: Hunter Reason for enlistment: I once took part in a "revival" of a certain monster hunting guild, foolish (metagamy), and naive as I was, doomed to fail from the beginning. Although that doesn't stop a bastard from doing what he does when it is his passion, that which drives him. Another guild upon the rise, and nothing better to spend my time with, why not apply for the job where my own skills apply. Dread the beasts.  OOC Username: Tide1 Discord Tag (Example#3333): Tide#2323 Timezone: CET / GMT +1
  6. Looking for someone to play an Irongut Beardling (my dwarf’s child)

    Edited by Tide1
  7. Tide1


    "Narvak Oz Urguan," says a dwarf who's all too tired of shouting.
  8. Tide1

    The First of the Games! - Multiple Videos

    Good post! And funny video.
  9. "I knew me eyes didn't fail me when I spotted the white stoned peaks from the ship. What a beauty." Says Bolgnir the rock enthusiast.
  10. Tide1

    March of Wolves

    ᛃ ᛊᚫᚷᚫ ᚫ ᚢᛚᚠᚠ ᛃ ~Grey hairs~ May not want to believe, but everything grows old. Blood grows old, and hair grows. Of admit we must, lest be caught with inability to fight back. Do not carry the weight alone the whole journey, for fight awaits at the end – a fight one shall not miss. Old blood is not as strong as new. Old blood is old. Hair is grey, time to pass the axe. Accept the old blood. Dainn Skarpefanger peered through the cracks of the old wooden door whence the roaring outside came upon the log cabin. The wind hit the walls with a loud and thunderous crash that shook the snow littered earth. The leave is soon to come my boy. The leave is upon us and you shall lead like I once did. But take an old man’s advice boy. Beware the folly of your father. The man sat down with his old knife in hand, the steel tinted red by the iquor once spilt with it’s edge. Friggr. Temptation and uncertainty. Beware the folly of your father. Be better than him. Or be worse shall you desire but bring forth pain upon yourself and your people. Grey hairs turn feathers quick. Loose, grey, hairs. ᛜðᛜ ________________________ ᛃ ᛊᚫᚷᚫ ᚫ ᚢᛚᚠᚠ ᛃ Dain Skarpefanger [!] The signing would appear to be smudged away, crossed over, and ripped by the parchment’s corner. Unrecognizable.
  11. Tide1

    Transition Mishap

    But seriously though, https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179635-apologies-for-botched-event/
  12. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Tide1 Ban Reason Metagaming, and Inappropriate RP. Players Involved Auriel_ By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was originally banned for two months for lying to a Game Moderator, metagaming, and then rp'ing according to my metagamed knowledge. The details were worked out, and by my own understanding, I am banned for just Metagaming. Why should you be pardoned? I believe I should be pardoned because I have realized what I did ruined the entertainment of the server for others, it went against the rules, it made a whole mess of what should and should not happen. Overall, i caused a lot of people problems, and I understand that. I both know and have suffered the consequences, and I'm aware of the future punishments should this happen again. It will not happen again, and i am terribly sorry for when it first happened. I know i upset people. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Simply not do it. To avoid metagaming is as easy as that, just don't do it. I understand what problems it causes, what role play and immersion it ruins, and what players it screws over. I usually don't do it (which is no excuse for doing it once, no worries I am aware of that. I should know better.) and i definitely won't let it happen again. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community guidelines really is a path for everyone to follow. I do believe it promotes a healthy community through it's many points (points that I all agree with). Namely the first point which I find really interesting and although not everyone gets it, I believe most do. Be Laid-back and Considerate: The Tldr of this point is relatively simple. You are not the main character in this story. Lord of the craft is a story written and told from multiple people's perspectives, not just your own. Instead of trying to bend every situation to your will to frame your own character as a hero or a champion, accept defeat, concede. It takes the most veteran of roleplayers to do so, and I can really respect it. You do not always have to be in the fray, sometimes just watching and letting it unfold is better. There is no endgame or victory screen. The second point is also one I find of importanse. It helps us get along better as players. Be encouraging and open: This point is as the title suggests, about encouraging other players and being open, however it is also a great deal about respect. Every individual you meet is another player whom plays their part in the story of LotC, they are not just an NPC. Cheer them on, or help turn a mistake around into something enjoyable. It helps everyone get along better and stops petty arguments about stupid things and whatnot. This Guidelines point also touches a subject I involve myself in quite a lot when i find the opportunity. Help new, or old returning players when you find the chance. I agree, do it. Help the new and the old get settled once more and as the point says, maybe you'll make a new friend in the community. Now I don't know how many points i am supposed to address, but just in case i will mention one other. I feel like the one that is the most relevant to this ban, is Narcissism in role play, as it goes in on metagaming. What this point touches on in general is becoming your character, and metagaming, lying etc. It is the point where you go form the author to the character - to put it in the Guidelines' own words. You get too attached, you neglect dying, you cheat the system to make yourself more powerful. I know examples of this on lotc, and to some extent it was what I did, to some extent as said. Just dont do this ^^ it's un-cool and ruins the fun of LotC for others. Especially lying oocly, metagaming, being an ass in general.
  13. Tide1


  14. Tide1

    [✗] -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    Litlerally the smallest issue on the server. It is just the @ApplicationTeam not reading up on the lore for the races they are accepting. Please for the love of God read dwarf lore.
  15. Bilderesultat for bloodborne wolf


    Would this be cool to have on lotc? Yes or no?


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      Sherlocks_ homes

      It’d be pretty neat, yeah... whatever it is.

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      Oh damn, responses. I think it would be a cool take on something that could be done on lotc. Just not as horribly flawed as Ferals.