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  1. cowmoonist

    Tournament of Markev

    RP Name: Rozmeo Kastrovat MC Name: cowmoonist Age: 37 Title: Knight Errant, General Holdings: n/a Heritage: House Kastrovat Events: joust
  2. cowmoonist


    RP Name: Rozmeo Kastrovat MC Name: cowmoonist Age: 36 Title: Knight Errant, General Holdings: n/a Heritage: adoption into House Kastrovat Events: j o u s t
  3. cowmoonist

    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    IGN: cowmoonist Character Name: Rozmeo Nation/Group Representing: Imp Legion Are you a leader of this group: No Cause for joining the Campaign: called to aid at CT Previously Interacted RP: pt.1 and Santegia
  4. cowmoonist

    Euter's grand skin plaza

    cancel req
  5. cowmoonist

    Fiesta de Fantasma: The Undead Tournament

    ign: cowmoonist rp name: Rozmeo
  6. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames cowmoonist Ban Reason: x-ray edit: posted wrong image, appeal date is the 25th but I’ve mistaken it with the date on prev appeal, idk if autodeny Players Involved cowmoonist By your own understanding, why are you banned? Using x-ray to obtain ores. Why should you be pardoned? I have served my 3-month ban, and that amount of time is more than enough for major events to take place on LoTC. Looking back at what I've done, all I can say that it was not worth it. Using an X-ray pack was already wrong enough, but using an alt to bypass the ban so I can participate in a warclaim was plain idiotic. It was really stupid of me to just give up a shortened ban I've gotten from my previous appeal. But even then I had hope I would come back to the personas I've created that I had became somewhat attached to. Staying in my nation's discord allowed to keep up with LoTC. Seeing people posting links and announcements to upcoming events that I knew I was unable to participate in had really upset me. I have repented for a good amount now, and after experiencing what LoTC has to offer, I really don't wish to give up this server. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? By using the 3-month ban and all the missed events to serve as a constant reminder of the consequences. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. As it's name intends, it provides players with a general list of should-dos and should-nots, in order to encourage positive interactions and a healthy environment for all players to enjoy. The person behind a IC persona has a great amount of power in his hands; any action made can produce fairly large consequences, whether good or bad. Players must learn to separate their own personality from the personality of their creation. Even though some in-game situations may be very unfavorable, learning to let the other side take an advantage is crucial for role-play to continue in a qualitative manner. Following the guidelines will help to lessen the amount of foul play in LoTC.
  7. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames cowmoonist Ban Reason https://gyazo.com/68bac76bc3b252cb5da7f6631aab4412 Players Involved cowmoonist By your own understanding, why are you banned? I have blatantly used an x-ray texture pack to obtain ores in an extremely unfair manner. Why should you be pardoned? I deserved the ban by every means possible; My hasty and quick-tempered personality along with my greed really got the best of me: I didn't want to spend excessive amounts of time mining and decided to use x-ray to find nearby ores or caves. I made the conscious decision to use the x-ray texture pack not once, but multiple times as I got tired of not finding ores during mining sessions. I took the easy but wrong path so I would not have to worry about armor and tools. After each time using the x-ray pack, I can't say that I was not with guilt. But the subconsciousness of not getting caught the previous time gave me the deluded justification that it would be okay to do so again (it really isn't). In total I mined about a two stacks of diamond, 1.5 stacks of emerald, around 3-4 stacks of gold, and about 30 stacks of iron. I can only say that a quarter of what I've mined were legitimate. I had the thought that my low actions were going to eventually get me banned, but by then my repentance would have not prevented my punishment. My actions are very offensive to all the players who play the game legitimately. Even if they may not be directly affected by it, what I've done is selfish and morally wrong. Though I have yet to serve my punishment of three months before I can appeal for an unban, I did reflect well on my actions both before and after the unavoidable ban. I definitely regret x-raying, especially my inability to avert the greed I had. This really does not demonstrate what my values are, and having others look me down as a cheater is something I really don't want (though I can't help if they do, what they see in me is justified by my actions). Many won't see this at all, but I sincerely apologize for practically insulting them behind their backs. I may be asking for too much considering my situation, but I humbly ask for another chance and hope for my punishment length to be shortened. As a relatively new player, my interests for the experiences on LoTC continue to increase and develop. The two months I been on the server has given me all too many great episodes of events, and I would say I've accomplished a lot. My actions must go punished, but and the same time, I genuinely don't want lose out on so much, especially with the recent in-game tensions that would soon domino into many compelling events. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Before I state what I will do in the future to prevent myself for doing such acts, I would like for a staff member with sufficient perms to remove all the ores (and items such as dia picks) obtained through using the x-ray resource pack (I would assume some of it is done already). This would include my ender chests on all my personas, along with the chests inside/near the homes of which my personas reside in. This includes a house in Marna (Rovin Way 4), one in Santegia (Veliport 20), one in a island near resource island (https://gyazo.com/27fd72336b90730bdef714af788bcf9f, with blue concrete roof), and finally the chests I have access to in the sandstone village near Haria. After thinking through my actions, the possession of these unfairly obtained items is really not acceptable for me. To ward off any thoughts of obtaining unfair advantages, I would constantly remind myself that gaining personal advantage due to greed is very despicable. Saving the time to obtain resources by cheating is simply not worth what the server has to offer. I currently play my personas as soldiers, and I must say that the raids, war claims and role play I've taken part in were really enjoyable. I do not want to give up these just for a shameful act such as what I've done. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe the Community Guidelines serves not as preset rules of how to role play, but rather as what people should do while in character in order provide an enjoyable and unique experience for everyone part of LoTC. What players contribute to the server and their personas has a vast impact on the community. OOC hate and narcissism directly affect what a player will do with their character, such as creating in-game toxicity or race targeting. The guidelines are made to separate both OOC and IC personalities and knowledge, which is an extremely important factor for the existence of healthy and quality role play. Human nature makes us hate to lose. But giving up certain things while role playing is a necessity to develop a persona, especially to the other characters that your LoTC persona interacts with. A person must be able to detach themselves from their personas at times to reduce the incentive to take part in foul play or power-gaming.
  8. cowmoonist


    Veik is born and raised in the capital city Presa de Madera. He is the son of Milaxel and Alaine Sancladi, twin to Kima Sancladi (brother-sister). Milaxel served in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Santegia, following Veik’s grandfather path, who served under the Duchy of Savina. Alaine became disabled after an accident with a carriage. Although Veik wants to join the military just likes his predecessors, his father strongly opposes his wish, forcing him to work as a small merchant along with his twin. Veik has increasingly become more passionate about serving as a soldier, secretly training himself with a sword. Milaxel soon caught up with what Veik was planning, and threatened to disown him if he continues his practices. Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, but Veik does feel concerned about his mother and twin sister.