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  1. Evylen


    i just fix the metagaming and the powergaming
  2. Evylen


    i fix i turn it to daughter of leader and the village called blackthorn is that okay?
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    long ago my mom and dad were warriors and leaders and they fought for our village called Blackthorn to keep them safe and when they had me they were more protective and as I got older they started to teach me the ways of life and how to protect myself when I was ten they put a sword in my hand and that night I was curious if I could make it out there on my own, so I decide to sneak out and go to the forest and when I did I was scare and I heard many noises I started to run back and I kept my sword close to me and that's when I bumped into a young boy he had black hair and gray eyes and wore rags and he seem very out going, I stood there and stare at him, he ask me "hey whats your name", I just stood there in fear not knowing what to say, he stood there look at me giggle and laugh and said "you are shy are't you well that's okay my name is Zane cross whats yours" I stood there and smiled and said "hello my name is Evylen Fay" and when I said that he look at me with a big smile and said "wait aren't you the daughter of the leader from the village not to far from here?" I stood wondering if I should of said anything because he could hurt me now sense he knows but he seems trustful so I said "yes i am are you going to hurt me", he smile and said "no why would I", I smiled back and said "well what are you doing out in the woods seems suspicious to me", he then nervously said "well i'm practicing magic that's all nothing big but what I'm wondering is why a princess is out in a forest all alone with just a sword and no armor" , I grab my sword and look at a tree branch and said "watch this" I throw my sword and it hit the branch and then I ran up and climb the tree and I jump grab the sword and jump down and look at him and said "see I have been practicing and wanted to see if I could actually make it out here alive on my own". he smile and laughs and then starts to clap slowly he then says "good job for a small little girl", I lifted my sword up and pointed it at him and said "what did you say I might be young and I might be little and scared but I am a warrior just like my parents" , He look at me smiled and said "Come on now put down the sword cutie" I stood and stare at him and blush and look at the floor then put down my sword, he then walk up to me and took his raggy jacket and put it over my back and said "want to be friends beautiful flower" I look up and smiled , giggled and then said "sure why not do you have a home?" He then look away in sadness I then put my hand on his shoulder, and then said "did I say something wrong Zane" he then look at me and said "no I don't have a home nor do i have a family I live on my own" I look down and said "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you but if you want you can come home with me and stay in our guest room its next to mine if you want" then he smiled and said "Thank you I would love that" We started to walk home and when we did I saw my mom and dad standing out side looking at me, at that moment I knew I was caught, I walk up to my mom and dad and said "mom, dad I'm sorry I sneak out hoping to test my fighting skills and bump into my new friend Zane I was wondering if he could stay in the guest room for at least tonight he has no home or family please" My mom laughs and my dad stares at her and smiling she then says " no worry's daughter I did the same thing at your age that's the same way me and your father meet to be honest" I then smiled and said "really so can he stay" my mom smiled and nodded her head yes and so did my dad. I walk to Zane grab his hand and drug him in and took him to the guest room and then said " you can stay here for as long as you want and if you do leave please come and visit promise" he smiles and gives me a hug and gives me a beautiful black cross necklace and says " I promise and wear this it shall protect you from anything" I then smiled gave him a kiss on the cheek and said "thank you well have a good night Zane" I then walk to my room and open the door and went in and close the door then sat on my bed just looking at the beautiful necklace it was a cross with gold lining and black stones I then layed down and sleep when I woke up I went to his room to see he was gone and I ran outside then to see him at my door with the most beautiful flower you could ever see from that day on we became close friends and that turn in to best friends and then the more we got to know each other I started to fall in love with him, then finally on birthday when I turn 16 Zane had walk up to me to kiss me and then said "will you go... out with me Evylen" I smiled and blush and look at my parents with the biggest smile and said "yes" Zane then hug on to me not letting go and said "for now on I shall protect you and stay with you all ways I shall be your knight" My mom then grab me and said " I need her for a second" she took me to the side and said " I'm proud of you and I love you and I feel you will become a good leader and By the way me and your father approve him asking you so he is a gentleman let him protect you okay" I smiled and hug my mom and then said "I promise", after a year our village was attack by bandits and we fought strong and brave and defeated them but our village was destroy so my mom and dad decided to take us all to another area to build a new start we all had gone on the boats and a year had past and then we were all finally close to the new island when a storm had hit and we change course and that is when we landed at atlas