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    Elizabeth is a shy character who enjoys being around people but sometimes backs off. She takes directions seriously and does not laugh about them. She does what she is told to do and if she doesn't she agrees to be punished. Elizabeth will fight off any person that comes to harm her or her friends. Elizabeth is also a character who accepts people to become her friend very well, and she also tries to help out as much as she can with what she can do. When she was a kid, she was always a happy girl with a happy life, until her father left her because him and her mother got into a huge fight and said they couldn't take each other and they both decided to split, after that Elizabeth grew up with her mother until the age of 14 when her mother passed away of a bad illness and told Elizabeth to move on without her. And as her mother said, Elizabeth did, and ever since then she has been a hard worker and never once has been a quitter. Elizabeth grew up in a city call Artic Seas, she went to this school call Artic High and graduated then went to another city called Lectus Sean and worked there for a little while and that is when she moved here for a fresh new start in life, and start over to become a bigger, stonger, and a better person. Elizabeth moved to Atlas because she thought it would be a nice place to start over. She also liked the fact that this place was beautiful and almost untouched but slowly becoming discovered by lots of other things. She also liked the fact that down south there was an ice wall, but yet to soon be discovered. Elizabeth didn't move to any part in Atlas, she choose a specific place, a place where she knew she would fit in, and that place was Snow Elves. She know she was a snow elf so she decided to go there and she fits in just fine, as she hoped she would. But she is still creating progress in her work, and know she will continue her work in Snow Elves, a place where she belongs. The place Elizabeth moved to wasn’t called Snow Elves, it was called Talar'ikur . Talar'ikur was the place for all Snow Elves, and where they felt most comfortable. Elizabeth knowTalar'ikur was where she belonged because she was a snow elf. The city Talar'ikur is becoming harder and harder to find without a guide, and now if chanced upon their gates are heavily guarded.
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