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    She was born an only child. When she was a child she had a best friend named Sophia when she was young. She was seen as a gifted child due to getting high marks in school. When she was 19 her father had died protecting her in the Malinorian crusades but her mother and her friend had been killed. Since she had no family or friends left she ran off on her own. Alone in the world with a new found grief,Chirr’kay, now had to voyage the lands to try and survive. While on her adventure she made her way to new Reza. She had made a human friend named alezia. Alezia was a highlander and unlike the others she was quite tame and soon became her best friend. A year later alexia died and Chirr’kay couldnt stand to stay in New Reza.
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    hey im a wolf i had a family my dad killed them but me i lived on my own for a while but i meat someone powerful then my dad so i was lost then this powerful wolf was the name of him was flameprince he saved me from my evil dad and then he keep me for hes own he had a son son to that had the same problems like me but he almost died but i touched him and he was fine the next day and hes dad was happy with me and i dont know why and he told me i had powers that i did not know about and i grew up with hes son then i went on my own and got lot waiting for some one to save me the end that all i had
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