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    Accalia Lowell was one year old when her parents died in a shipwreck when fleeing from Santegia in 1639. They did not support the uniting of the Kingdom of Santegia and the Sultanate of Haria as they believed that this would taint Heartlander blood. They boarded a ship headed to the Kingdon of Marna, but a large storm broke out and blew the ship drastically off course. When lightning struck the mast, the ship fell apart and Accalia's mother hurriedly placed her in a floating barrel that was nearby. In the morning, her parents were nowhere to be seen and she had washed onto the shore of the Kingdom of Norland. A Highlander woman by the name of Hildretha took her in and raised her. Hildretha taught Accalia many things, including farming and producing various types of textiles. She often makes use of her skills in weaving to sell clothes and blankets in the market in order to make money for her Hildretha and herself. In her free time, she sneaks into the forests to watch the males hunt and secretly practices by herself, hoping to one day be part of the hunt. That is not to say that she is a complete tomboy - she also likes to dance and whenever there is a festival in the village square, she is known to be one of the first to arrive. She is aware that she is adopted but she does not know where she came from or anything about the shipwreck (as she was only one year old) however she knows that she is different from the Highlanders as she has some different values to them, for example, fully respecting any nobility.