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    A mountain dwarf that was born in Jornheim. He lost his family at a young age because of a raid made by an enemy family. At first, Bak didn't know how to survive without his folk in the slightest, but the harsh environment turned out to be a somewhat good motivation since he had to find shelter and food just to survive. At times he failed to hunt for food and had to resort to eating slightly rotting, already eaten corpeses of animals. These past experiences have changed him. He thinks that he can't trust most people. But if he finds a person he actually likes, he will show his actual colors. Nowadays, Bak is a hired sword that loves hunting and visiting the nearby taverns. Just like most mountain dwarves, Bak is also a follower of The Brathmordakin. If provoked about anything (especially religion and family) he can tend to get very agressive, once he even killed a random bypasser that ridiculed his religion.