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    i change it again.
  2. joniomega


    Thanks for give me a second opportunity. Now i put more lore and other things.
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    ok thanks for read
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    Born: He was born in the Kingdom of Norland in 1500. When omega its youg he have a mother and a father, they are good people and poor. But they life good, they have food for each day and a nice but little house. His parents explain to him the acient history before go to sleep, and he liked a lot the accient history. And some special days his father tell to him the war Deadfort because his grandfather was a knight of Kaedrin. One tragic day his mother go to take water in a lake, but the Frost witch take his mother and make his mother a new witch. He never se she again and his father tell to him that she goes to a city for have a new family. But one day when he have 18 years a hill giant ,with a wound made it with fire in his face, kill his father, he escape and cry and lauch a lot. Then the people take his young brother in adoption, a family adopt him and take it to a city. He try to take his brother but the family are rich and have guards. He think that he can earn money for survive hunting, so he goes to the Kingdom of Norland and buy with the heritage of his parents a armor set and a good sword. Then he starts hunting easy animals or monters like birds, wolfs, fish... And he buy the little but nice house of his parents. One day hunting he found the Death tree he don't know what is but he see that the death tree take one druid into him and then he escape because he is scarryed. One sunny day he meet a bautiful gigant bird that its a Beast of Ceru. He give seeds to the giant bird and then the bird started to be a forest friend of Omega. One day he try to suicide but at the moment he meet a girl called Sofi. She starts to speak to him slowly and saying beautiful things, then Omega decide to not suicide and to not try it anymore and to forgot the past. Then they start to hunt together, and eat togheter. But one day Sofi make a enchant and make sleep Omega. And he wake up in the middle of a forest, and see a Cyclop with a wound in his face. At this moment Omega remember the Cyclop that kill his parents. Then he take his sword and fight with the hill giant, it was a long fight but at the end Omega wins.
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