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  1. To the owners, associatiates, relatives, or correspondents of the one known as ‘Nona’ We are sending this public message to you with this being your only warning : Your decisions will reflect our judgement on her life, we have various options weighed out for her; Slavery is an option, Torture is an option, Death is an option, but do remember that Life is one too should you abide by our rules. *A CRUDE DRAWING OF A GIRL IS PUT ON SAND PAPER, HER HAIR A GOLDEN COLOR FROM A LIQUIFIED SAND, HER EYES A PALE GREEN FROM MUDGED GRASS, AND A JOURNAL BEING HELD
  2. Posters are scattered all over roads and cities. Rastacion Mafia History of the Rastaman We are a group of humble criminals, that all follow the true and righteous faith of the Rastacianism, created by the most holy Bembe Rastacia, who died in the act of spreading the true word. The Mafia was formed when many of the dark skinned Rasta’s, felt the white men of Atlas had been sabotaging their chances of getting jobs and making an honest living. With no money to purchase their most holy cactus green, they resorted to committing crimes. Over the years, the mafia grew,
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