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    Cafuh was born and raised in Senntisten. Cafuh's father, an unknown, was an inhabitant of the Elemental Plane, while Cafuh's mother, Rose, still lives in Judi today. Being raised as an only child by a single parent, Cafuh always strove to be independent, feeling as if he didn't need anyone. Cafuh was unsure of exactly what he wanted to do with life, but he attended his schooling and helped his mother whenever he could. Once Cafuh turned 18, he began to have many visions of another worldly creature, claiming that he was Cafuh's father. After many more dreams similar to this, Cafuh finally decided to tell his mother about what had been going on. Rose explained to Cafuh that she didn't know what they meant, but that his uncle, Tarik, would understand a bit more and that he would have to travel to Presa de Madera, which is where he had lived after the undead invasion of Bastion. Cafuh began saving money and training in combat until he reached the age of 21, where he finally chose his favorite scythe to equip at his side. The choice of the scythe, made his mother chuckle and mention that the scythe would be something his father would have picked. Cafuh, finally ready to embark on his journey, was heading toward Presa de Madera to see his uncle Tarik, whom he had never met before.