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  1. Name: Sceitseail Foxbrook Clan: n/a Experience: Fishing, building, baking, Equipment Pick axe and wood Are ye 'o faith?: Aspectism
  2. MSSketcher


    Sceitseáil is a clan-less, young, rowdy, sassy and childish wood elf who travels to keep herself occupied and to be part of a world that she knows nothing of. Born in the outskirts of Caras Eldar, her parents quickly separated her from elven culture for reasons unknown, so she knows very little of elven culture. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she was raised from the age of six by a kind old fisherman from who she learned to love the water and fish. He was the one who taught her anything she knows about elves. Everything she knows is from the books that she finds, taught to read by the fisherman. As someone who aspires to be a jack of all trades, she is determined to learn everything she can and improve her skills. Being raised in a forest and by a socially awkward old fisherman Sceitseáil has little to no social skills, is a little animalistic in her nature and has a very intense belief in Aspectism and interest in Druidic and Clerical magic. Unlike other elves, Sceitseáil is naïve and not good at compromise or deal-making, but willing to do both as long as she has help with terms and such. She is very attracted to the cold and despises heat, as it gives her nausea and headaches. Open minded, heart on her sleeve, and kind-hearted makes Sceitseáil very easy to lure as she is bound to help anyone who looks like they need any sort of help. Although she can read the air and very emotionally apt and can tell when someone is using her, she will do nothing. Sceitseáil is also very loyal and devoted, the "will jump in the way of a sword for someone who just looked at her kindly" kind of person, and will become ride or die for a small kind gesture. Needs much guidance. She is small, light, short, and cannot lift many heavy things, but she can climb and climb she will. Prefers to keep a sword because she has little aim in the distance weapons, but loves bows and arrows. Doesn't like flowy or flowery clothing is it gets in the way and large amounts are too hot, still tries to be modest though. She is not bothered by what her boyish demeanor or behavior brings her or how it occasionally causes her to be mistaken for one, but she is bothered by how it bothers some people. Never understood why elves liked long hair either, sure she wishes it a bit longer so she can add neat side braids but too long and its just hot and in the way. New to the world and with nature beside her she is ready to explore.
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