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  1. thanks for making me the loreholder of necromancy i will be bringing back my arthas character to rp the lich king soon people who rp peasants are rarer than people who rp magic
  2. It appears God is punishing the Church of Haense for all of their liberties and vices. Excellent news. Manfred would return to his work with a smile the enemies of the Emperor receiving their just desserts
  3. @Supremacystop +1ing my 8 year old comments u freak

  4. I actually don't agree that its a massive problem. End of the day Haense isn't 'yours' just like Norland isn't 'mine'. You sit on the chair for a few months until someone else comes along. At best you are a quest giver and internet janitor whose primary job is making sure your community enjoys itself that is what an LOTC nation leader is. You will be judged for every action of your nation regardless if you agreed with, participated in, or were even on the server for said actions. The nation is its entire cumulative history and community, that's the point, that's half the reason why long lived nations are so interesting. People are passionate about them in both negative and positive ways. If you don't want to be judged for your predecessors then go make a new nation; because you will always be judged for the past of Haense, that's what it means to lead. No matter how much you write on the forums people who don't like Haense are not going to like Haense.
  5. To be entirely honest I just think Haense is one of the most unpleasant communities on the server. Haense has been allowed to get away with bloody murder because of a mysterious plot shield imposed by admins on more than one instance. No consequences for extremely stupid actions again and again. Yet Renatus, Norland, Nectorist Oren ecetera have all been forced to look down the barrel of the gun while your predecessors whined and cried in OOC to avoid the consequences of RP to preserve their weird cliquey infidelity simulator nation. I don't know who you are and can sympathize with you not wanting to be judged by the actions of others but that is part of what it means to lead an old nation. Prof is one of original 5 founding members of Norland, his Norland may be different than the newlanders or the Reiver kings but it is certainly not a big departure from the status quo of Norland. Nectorist may be going through his first Emperorship but the Empire still runs and feels like Oren, albeit with far fewer wigs and eunuch rpers. I recognize that Haense has driven out a lot of the older members of its community, I don't know the circumstances surrounding that and frankly don't care. Maybe the community has changed but beyond the Barclays I will wait and see with this new Xarkly Haense.
  6. Weird things like... feed themselves and.... work to.... feed themselves Manfred would respond! The rule only applies for Market Day
  7. The First Northern Diet I extend an invitation to all Peers of the Grenz to attend the first annual Northern Diet. The Northern Diet shall meet annually to discuss and resolve the various local concerns of the Grenz. In the interest of fairness, each Northern Peer shall host a session of the Diet in their personal Holdfast until all Northern Demesne have been attended, at which point the cycle shall repeat from the beginning. The First Northern Diet will address the following concerns. The Agenda -Regional Security and Mutual Defence -Northern Roads and Development -Regional economic production -Joint Military Exercises and Northern War Games Invitations would be send to the following parties Duke Erik van Ruthern of the Duchy of Reutov @Imperium Count Erik Othaman of the County of Valle @grnappa Count Fyodor Carrion of the County of Dobrov @Maclunkey Viscount Rev Vuiller of the Viscounty of Vuillermoz @Harald Baron Arthur Komnenos of the Barony of St Lothar @MailC3p The Imperial Palace, Requesting an Imperial Representative @Nectorist @Eryane [Diet will occur on Friday at a mutually convenient time] Manfred von Arichsdorf
  8. Arichsdorf Market Day The Township of Arichsdorf will be hosting an open-air market day for the serfs and peasants of the surrounding countryside, for the local merchants and for any regional or foreign merchants who wish to hawk their wares. For the duration of the market day market stalls can be acquired and operated for no charge and no taxes for the entire day. Anyone regardless of political or religious affiliation is welcome to attend Market Day so long as they obey the rules. RULES OF MARKET DAY -No guest of Market Day may incite or initiate violence or use threats -Unattended or automatic shops are strictly prohibited, merchants or their employees must operate their stall -Political or Religious disagreements are to be resolved outside of the town limits -Magic related items and products may be sold and magic-related services may be offered for sale however free form magic unrelated to trade or violating a prior rule is prohibited. -Decisions made by the Arichsdorf Militia are non-negotiable -The Arichsdorf Militia reserves the right to eject any guest for any reason Stalls may be reserved in advance in person. For those who have not reserved a stall stalls will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. [Market Day will begin at 5pm EST on Friday in Arichsdorf] A Map has been included with the notice Manfred von Arichsdorf
  9. "Ivarus for Pontiff of Oren" cheers Manfred from the frontier
  10. To Whom It May Concern There are a few things I would call this Charlotte character who claims to be my overlord, Harlot, Dwarf-Lover, Race-Traitor, Garbage? But never let it be said that I would call them ‘your majesty’. I am not an Orenian born. I hail from the land of ice and blood, the Kingdom of Norland. A Kingdom infamous for its dynastic squabbles. Pretenders took the name of my Grandfather, claiming to be his issue. For years they denied my lineage while the realm withered. It withers still. But I cannot rightly call it my home. For I have wandered the roads and the wilds for far longer than I have ever lived under a Nordic roof. It was Philip who brought my people in from the cold. I care not for his motivations, I care not for his needs. When we needed him he was there. The Harlot of Urguan speaks at length of the hardships Philip has subjected his people to. To the origins of the wars that have afflicted our realm I cannot speak, for I do not know. But I was there at Southbridge. I spilt dwarven blood in defence of the Empire. I held my oathmen as they breathed their last breath in defence of the only home they had ever known. Charlotte, where were you at Southbridge? Warming a dwarven bed perhaps? You must have been. For I did not see you there. You cite the tenants of Nenzing, my ancestors fought and bled in the mud at Helana. Despite the odds that day they prevailed. This pathetic power grubbing sentiment that infests every word you have laid to paper in your letter is the absolute last thing this Empire needs. The Empire of Man, whatever name it has born be it Oren or Renatus were never loved because they were great. Not by the men who mattered. They were great because they were loved by great men. Their greatness was built upon the untold sacrifices of those who put the greater cause before themselves. Hardship is necessary to human greatness. It is what sets us apart from the other races. One day we will all die, let us die for a purpose greater than ourselves. You speak of peace while threatening our shattered realm with another war. I cannot think of anything so vile as such bare ambition so obviously unearned. So I shall clarify now. Philip III is the Emperor of Oren. Anastasia I is the Empress of Oren Philip III is my Emperor Anastasia is my Empress Cross the border and you will be treated to a mouthful of sharpened steel rather than your customary meal of dwarf. Manfred von Arichsdorf
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