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  1. Lament for a Nation I put pen to paper now with a saddened heart. With each passing day I receive yet more letters from my people. They tell me of the fall of my nation. Not a fall in glory. A death earned fighting in the name of the dying light. But a fall of entropy, of decay. For in my absence the tendrils of the fallen seem to have pierced deeply into the heart of the Highland people. My people tell me strange tales. They say that the men who dwell in my halls call themselves Kings once more. That they are ‘Norlanders’ and have revived that venerable Kingdom once more. They tell me that our places of worship have been twisted. Left to fallow as our clergy engage in demonic unions. Casting aside the roots of the faith out of a deep seated resentment, a jealousy of my predecessors. They tell me that a man warms the throne who claims to be my son, by name of Caedric. But much of the blame lies on my own shoulders. I have not wished to disturb the quaint lives of a people I no longer ruled. But in my own inaction I have tolerated much suffering, much decay. For that, to all those who still bear love for me in their hearts. I apologize. But let us address the matters of the day. Regarding Caedric I DO NOT RECOGNIZE CAEDRIC AS MY ISSUE IN ANY CAPACITY. I do not know from where he hails or by what bloodline. But his claim to my blood, my titles, the legacy of the Edvardssons. This has gone on far too long without answer. Caedric is not my son. He has no legal claim to the Edvardsson inheritance. Furthermore he has deliberately misled the Nordish people in regards to my death. I am very much alive, and his deep greed to claim the inheritance of the Edvardssons has led him to fabricate such false claims in this regard. Regarding the Holy Hearth LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THE HIGH KEEPER OF THE HOLY HEART IS KNOWN TO BE A HOMOSEXUAL AND A RACE MIXER. It has been brought to my attention that the High Keeper of our faith has offended holy law on these two aforementioned counts. One of the three pillars of our faith that have existed for centuries regardless of theological squabble has been the tenet of spreading the flame. A charge universally understood to oblige all Fatherists to the expansion of the faith either by means of children, or by preaching. In engaging in a homosexual relationship with an beastial orc of all creatures the High Keeper has shown themselves to either be entirely ignorant of the very laws of the faith. Or openly contemptuous of them. As Caedric is not a Rurikid, nor my son he has no claim to my titles. Therefore, in my renewed capacity as Bulwark of the Faith. I order the execution of Alisa on charges of grave apostasy. Furthermore, in my capacity as an ordained Keeper of Flame I do declare her and those who support her anathema to the Faith proper. To be shunned from those settlements and temples that still hold to the true faith. Regarding the Revival of ‘Norland’ I DENOUNCE ALL ATTEMPTS BY THOSE OF MORSGRAD TO LAY CLAIM TO ‘NORLAND’. Edvard II, predecessor of the Edvardsson lineage disbanded that realm, recognizing the great conflict and suffering it had brought to our people.The great weakness of our people has always been internal conflict, typically ignited by rival factions battling for the throne via moot. Morsgrad was established as a hereditary Edvardsson Duchy founded for the purposes of defending the faith and providing refuge to Nordish and Highlander people. To thrust the Duchy back into the throes of Mootism is the height of folly. In Dunharrow alone we lost three of our Rurikid Chieftains over petty succession squabbles. Those wishing to reestablish Norland are welcome to do so, so long as they are in accordance with the old laws. Namely they must be of patrilineal Rurikid blood. However they may not do so within the confines of the Duchy of Morsgrad. Writ en Namen De Godric I OOC:
  2. is this satire? this is coming from someone tenured on a team with the highest density of pedos per capita of any clique on lotc? this is coming from someone on a team where one of your colleagues was caught blatantly abusing pex to spawn in resources for their nation. The removal vote failed to pass. “just report people when they are mean to you we will solve it!”. I am sure you genuinely believe this is a thing but this is incredibly silly. People play LOTC to win. It is a competitive game to fluff your ego. That will never change by virtue of what lotc is. So people (being on the internet) will always be petty and spiteful in an attempt to hurt those they dislike. Was Telanir’s first reaction when confronted with noncery, to aggressively assert that LOTC the corporation was not ‘liable’. Please spare me this hollow nonsense. Also you absolute two faced reprobates removed frill under the guise of ‘hiatus’ because you’re too cowardly to face the backlash. The fact that every admin profile is not just a clown variant speaks for itself. lmao.
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  4. please stop using my lore as an excuse for your weird fetish rp thanks

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      i think you have an alt just to erp

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      i think you have an alt just to erp


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  5. Frill is literally a simp never let him tell you otherwise

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      why aint you add my new discord ? 

  6. Godric and his bros dance in the midst of Morsgrad celebrating the end of the battleless war
  7. This place makes too many of you mentally ill. Stop having esex because you’re too insecure / ugly to go outside. Stop doxxing people because you need eclout. If you dislike someone bully them to their face / in a chat they are present in. Disgusting repulsive roach culture that is ever more prevalent in this community. 

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  8. charoodler has the only good take in this thread. Litigation craft.
  9. Godric smiles patting his many Horen sons on the head
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    A Duel for Faith

    call a moot you gremlin godric would say with a much larger frown
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    fix the server
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