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  1. erm... did you use a clientside means of communicating.. how foolish of you

    1. RLNGO


      No way this dude just bitched on the forums, discord, and ingame instead of messaging lhir 

    2. JoanOfArc


      based narthok

    3. Narthok
  2. Going through my old forum warns. Actually crying in laughter at some of these warns. Old forums were so fun

    1. Slorbin


      is the forum warn message the same as it was now. i know its been the same for AT LEAST like 4 years now

    2. Amayonnaise


      I have like 3 points from a year or two ago for typing out the lyrics to "Never gonna give you up" one line at a time with someone else. I'm pretty proud, tbh
      Edit: I got them in 2021. 3 years ago lmao

  3. every magic is hugboxxed by slice of life erpers. @ScreamingDingotell @squakhawk to stop coaling and give me kill the badguys magic so i can larp as a dragon age origins grey warden
  4. @rukiohello looking for holy rp, please make my orc a paladin so i can rply smite all these lizard people rpers
  5. Grommash wonders when the Hyspians will remember some history and get off his lawn
  6. Hanrahan verbatim copying letters from Martin Luther to the Pope for his minecraft sola fidei larp.




    @Hanrahan you are a hack and a pedant of the highest order.

    1. kipps


      It's gibberish, clearly copied from that link you posted. +1 for your sharpness

    2. squakhawk


      @Xx_BloodStalk_xX O N L Y A S P O O N F U L 

    3. MaltaMoss





  7. To Elena of the Joma Tribe The Rex wishes to convey his thanks for your curing of one his warriors. While your magic is foreign to the faith of the spirits, it is not as repugnant as the world ending filth of the void. If you would like compensation for the service you have provided to my warrior please find me in the Horde capitol of Orcgrimmar.
  8. To the Magerex The trial was requested by both Kaethul and the delegate of Hokhmat at the Southern Summit that occured near the end of the previous year. The trial was requested prior to the Kaggath taking place. If it is the interest of Hokhmat to withdraw their request for trial and if Yera @Ewdrawingsconsents then I see no issue. It is not the intention of the Urukhim to interfere in elfways, we merely took up the role of mediator as we were asked to do so.
  9. wait until I post the 40 page orcish law code

  10. Commands for the Rex Council THE REX desires a number of important reforms to his government and to the Horde. THE REX offers the following commands to the goths of the Rex council. For the Vizier THE VIZIER SHALL, BY THE WORD OF THE REX: ⇀Select a new Targoth immediately ⇀Deploy the Krug’hai for the execution of the heretic Chieftain of the Sand Elves who has transgressed so aggressively against our faith. ⇀Send diplomats to the nations of the south to share the borders of the south that were established at the Southern Summit ⇀Begin to create the Southern Compact treaty ⇀Offer a report to the Rex on the state of southern diplomacy and on the new claims of Numen to EVEN MORE of the desert lands of the Urukhim For the Dominus [when a new one is selected, exonerated] THE DOMINUS SHALL, BY THE WORD OF THE REX: ⇀Speak with the Yazgurtan regarding the finances of the Horde and offer a report to the Rex. ⇀Speak with the Rukagoths regarding the horde industry and begin the remobilization of the Rukahai for the purposes of preparing the Horde’s stockpiles ⇀Immediately begin the formal expansion of the Horde’s settled territory to secure the nearby cattle lands and, once acquired, begin the farming of cattle. Cattle farms can be offered to private parties in exchange for rents payable in leather or coin. ⇀Speak with the vassals of the Horde, specifically Aluria, Sulia, and Book Tribe and determine the extent of their obligations. Complete the vassal covenants and give them to the Rex for signing. ⇀Acquire loan for additional land expansion with appropriately negotiated interest payments For the Keshigoth ⇀Summon all members of the Keshig for the formal taking of oaths to the Rex ⇀Bring the Rex the head of the offending heretic. ⇀Speak with the Krimpgoth regarding whitewashes that need to be hunted. For the Motsham ⇀Complete the trial of Minto’Lur ⇀Preside over the offering of sacrifices to the spirits in the name of the Rexkubs ⇀Call a Shamklamor to discuss the transgressions of the Sand Elf Chieftain, and the future of Shamanistic education.
  11. The Rex looks forward to seeing him at the trial,
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