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  1. the edating plague has gone from something that was once shameful and concealed to something openly displayed and publicly professed. Very pernicious. 


    Lotc may have banned all the evil bad people who are rude on the internet. But the weird sex pest environments that can be found in some corners of this server remain unchecked despite many high profile bans.


    A phenomenon present in every corner of the server now.


    Dating a computer screen is not health particularly not for the plethora of mentally ill young people on this server. 

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    2. Unwillingly


      yeah i totally use tiktok you got me good bro

    3. Narthok


      @Unwillingly thank you for admitting your error

    4. Starryy


      >opening skype
      >trying to find my borderline illegal logs

      I will look, painful though it may potentially be. Thanks. @Smaw

  2. A Public Defence of My Innocence For those who are not familiar with the goings on of Savoy, I have been “banished”, my properties and assets arbitrarily seized, my family intimidated and harassed. On what charges I cannot be quite sure. I have been told innumerable different accounts, accounts that grow more grandiose with each telling. As my detractors would tell it, I am a bloodthirsty demon some thirty paces in height who frequently consumes the flesh of babies seized in the night. As a man of unyielding faith, as one who has demanded that the Godly be placed far in advance of the worldly I have always been slandered and rumored against. But I must admit it saddens me that those who sought out my spiritual counsel, my assistance in reconciliation and baptism, that these would so quickly turn upon me for clear political expediency. I am disappointed in my children. Herein I shall address each ridiculous charge that I have heard levied against me. I have committed no crimes against God or against Savoy. I will not tolerate fabrications and lies. The sinful may despise the righteous, but their spite does not render their vitriol justified. The Charges Every single charge levied against me is completely false and I refute my guilt in all instances. Furthermore I would note that it is not the place of Princes to chastise religious authorities, that authority lies with and in my case has been exercised by the Pontiff. Treason Against the Realm by way of raising a mercenary host to kill the Prince - Levied by one Peter Rothesay Firstly I resent the implication that landed nobility are in any way mercenaries. The van Aerts of the heartland county of Middelan are old friends of mine who have frequently entered the Principality with the express purpose of visiting the Cathedral and conversing with me. As it stands the construction of their county has just begun and they sought my counsel regarding the placement and design of a church, much appreciating the Southern Style Cathedral from which my brethren and I operated. Upon being alerted that the Prince, (his pride still stinging from my refusal to compromise on the question of the Golem) had not only summoned me to Court, but a large number of heavily armed mercenaries, I determined it was best that I depart the city. Furthermore it is worth noting that the hosts of the Prince were assembled well in advance of my meeting with the van Aerts in the Cathedral. Laying to rest the argument that the assembly of forces was conducted in reaction to my own actions. I think it apparent to all that the draconian reaction that has followed justifies my instinct. To that end the implication that I have somehow violated s.44 of the Lex Savoia is entirely fabricated. A charge pulled from thin air to accuse a Priest conducting his duties of somehow violating the law by acting as he always does. Any member of the Cathedral knows how frequently I play host to any number of foreign visitors and hosts seeking my insight on matters of faith. Consistently Disrupting the Peace - Charge levied by one Peter Rothesay I think it is worth noting that prior to my departure from the city Mister Rothesay and his wife had petitioned me to celebrate their wedding. I have not been notified or rebuked a single time for my entirely justified persecution of the heathen and the witch within the city. To that end this charge is an entirely arbitrary fabrication to justify the tyrannical mistreatment of not only my own person and the disrespect to my sacred office, but the callous seizure of my properties and the harassment of my family. The Prince, his officers, his soldiers and a large number of the Privy have involved themselves in the various witch burnings that have taken place in the city. The same is true of the many penances that have been performed within Corazon. In the absence of the rebuke, and recognizing the active participation of the local secular authorities I do not think it untoward to conclude that my actions were not at all disruptive and were actively approved and promoted by local authorities. There is no law within the Lex Savoia concerning ‘disruptions of the peace’ and any arguments regarding violations of sections 22, 23, 28, 35 are rendered null either by the participation of the secular guards or by my authority under sections 57, 59 and 60. I will repeat that I do not recognize the authority of a secular power to levy charges against a member of the clergy. I am merely demonstrating that even despite the charges being levied outside of their jurisdiction they are all false to a man and entirely fabricated. Overstepping his Jurisdiction - Levied by one Peter Rothesay As noted before, the participation of secular authorities and the lack of rebuke leaves the arbitrary nature of this completely fabricated charge clear for all to see. My actions were entirely in line with sections 57, 59 and 60 of the Lex Savoia. Again, to levy charges against me and to banish me from my own diocese is beyond the capacities of a secular prince and therefore I do not recognize the legitimacy of the charges. Again as before all charges are entirely without basis in fact and were abetted and in line with the local legal codes. Conspiring with Orenians to Overthrow the Prince of Savoy - Charges levied by one Olivier Junior While engaged in some surveying with Brother Ashmoor Olivier Junior and the Marshal d’Aryn rode up to us mounted, armed, armoured and demanded to know why I was speaking to Orenians and why I was working with vassals of Oren. I am well aware of the hostility that the Savoyards hold towards Oren, and their desire to replace the Empire with their own is well known and oft mentioned. Frankly I do not care. Secular matters are of not great interest to me and I have made it known that the monks of my order and the laymen who swear themselves to the cross will take no part in any secular conflicts, our blades are reserved for the heathen, the heretic and the apostate. I fear that the sons of Savoy operate under the illusion that, by virtue of dwelling within their city and drinking at their tavern I am somehow rendered a vassal of a secular authority rather than a distinct body beholden to God and Mother Church. I am first and foremost a canonist and thereby a citizen of Canondom. There are those who would note my sermons, criticizing Providence, criticizing Haense, criticizing the wide canon realms, even on occasion asking the Pontiff for clarification on matters I feel have not been appropriately ruled upon. I will make no attempt to hide these opinions, for I hold them proudly. Upon meeting the Lord Regent of Oren I levied my criticisms fairly to him without malice. There is much in the wide realms of Canondom that I desire to see changed or improved. For I am a man of God But as a devout admirer of Godfrey I have no desire to see ruin brought to any of the wide canonist realms. I would see the faith of our fathers flourish in the cities and the far flung farms of Canondom once more. I would see the love of the Lord heralded from every rooftop, from every threshold. I would see the enemies of God, those who would blaspheme against him or defile his flock cast down before his holy wrath. To that end I will speak to any canonist I please. I will suffer no secular authority to amputate me from the body of the faithful. An Open Letter to Olivier Renault To Olivier We have spoken many times of the age of Heroes. It is certainly a beautiful dream, the desire to revive the vitality of humanity. To waken them from this lethargy of litigation and bureaucracy, from this age of indulgence and excess. Who amongst modern men can lay claim to the harsh discipline of our forebears. Who can claim to be as ‘stern to inflict as they are stubborn to endure’ as our Fathers were in the days of auld. You certainly are not one of those who could claim such virtue, such strength. I will not squabble with you. For some reason you have thrown a large tantrum over the demon incident. I cannot fathom the reason you tolerated the stone demon, itself an evil product of forge-witchery. Your own laws forbid the practice of magic within the city. What is a corpse of animated stone if not that? There are some that would claim you merely wished to vacate the fight from the city, arguing that you merely wished to destroy the abomination outside. Yet the abomination was allowed to depart unhindered, undestroyed. So clearly this argument holds no water. Perhaps the motive is clear if we onlookers consider that perhaps your piety is only lip service. Tolerable so long as it further your worldly ends, yet the minute the obligations of faith come to bear, unbearable. I will give no consideration to the charges you levy against me with another's tongue, they are all false. The real crime of which you charge me is the charge of uncompromising piety. On God I will never compromise. Your actions have slain my kinfolk, your actions have stripped me of my lands and what little wealth my family had to its name. Yet I am no stranger to poverty. I grew up in a small peasant house. We raised sheep. I have never forgotten my roots and am happy enough to return to them. What is all the wealth of this world when weighed against God. Would that I had all the gold and jewels of the world, all the fertile lands, all the silks, all the titles, and all the praises and the I would still choose God for I cannot take them with me; Yet God’s love lasts forever. A man possessed by a whim resembling a weathervane, and a fragile sense of pride indistinguishable from that of an unmarried princess at her first ball. Your ambition has cost me the life of my sister. Her blood yet stains your hands. For a time you have gained some small measure of title, of lands, of prestige. But as in all things we must judge a tree by its fruits; the fruits of sin are always the same. When this has ended and I tell you now it will end everything eventually does. When your joy turns to ash in your mouth. When the fair weather friends you have surrounded yourself with abandon you. Remember this day. Remember the day you lost not a servant, not an appeaser, not a vassal, but a friend. Father Paul, Servant of God
  3. Father Paul nods in approval at the urging of the wise Cardinal
  4. The Tragedy of Corazon The sun was bright. Throughout the holy city of Corazon the bells tolled, their prodigious cacophony echoing over the surrounding countryside. Witchcraft was present in Corazon, and the swords of God would not suffer the witch to live. They gathered in the square, a sea of warriors in black armour surrounding the masked priest in white. The abomination would be destroyed. They advanced in lockstep, tension filling the air. The stone demon was massive, its stone hide impenetrable. Surely many of them would die. Steeling themselves they advanced, better to d Hark, a white horse. The Mareno lord sat astride his brilliant stallion, the sun passing its zenith would shine behind his fair head. “Not today Father” he would say calmly, a cold steel in his voice as he spoke down from his high horse to the zealot below. “I will ask you once and once alone” the fanatic would respond, his eyes burning with the feverish intensity of a man who had never known compromise. Once more the Mareno lord would shake his head, his riders silently, professionally forming rank about him. “THE GOLEM WILL BE ALLOWED TO PASS” a feeble cry would echo from the corner. The Prince of Savoy had emerged from his chambers, a rarity in these days of decay. The black line would stand, unmoving, flanking the masked priest clad in white; commanded by nothing more than the sharp hand motions of their stern captain. Shoving through the crowd the Prince’s men would attempt to seize the priest “Father be reasonable” they would plead. Yet the priest had flown beyond reason, beyond pleading. “There can be no compromise with Sin, no quarter for the witch” he would whisper, shaking off their grasping hands. Yet soon their number became too great, barring the priest and his men the convoy was able to proceed. Betrayal. Yet as they passed their way was once more barred by a small girl, yet still in her teenage years. About her neck swung a crude Lorraine, and in her hands was clasped a small sword, yet a sword nonetheless. Panic would spread amongst the crowd, confusion rising amidst the voices shouting, struggling for control. A stampede. Through the clamour a high pitched voice would ring out, a hand outstretched at a bright sky. The flame of life extinguished. As the dust settled, the young girl lay dead, her right hand still clasped about her sword, her left about her crude wooden Lorraine. An act performed with the last of her ailing strength. With feral rage the priest would flow forward like a beast unchained, striking and shoving at any who would impose themselves between he and his fallen sister. Falling to his knees the unflappable priest would cry harsh tears. His whole body shaking with each great sob. Tears would drip from the bottom of his mask. He would cradle the shattered body of the small girl to his chest, pressing his masked forehead against her own. The rain fell After what seemed an eternity he would rise, the corpse held in his arms. Those who could gaze past his mask into his eyes would see little more than a hollow despair. Seeming half his usual size the priest would slowly carry the body of the dead girl away to the Cathedral. As he crossed the threshold, blood dripping from the corpse the great bells of the Cathedral would begin to sound. Only the greatest of the great bells sounding the sorrow of the tight knit Cathedral community for all souls of Corazon to hear. Soon the procession would depart from the Cathedral, the body of the small girl born upon the cross laden shield of the priest, supported at each corner by a warrior clad in black. They passed through the grand plaza They passed the Cathedral cemetery They passed through the gates of the city Down the steps they descended Finally the procession came to its rest at a precipice overlooking the ocean. Silently the black clad warriors would draw forth shovel and pickaxe setting about hewing a final resting place from the soil. The masked priest would stare into the distance. That day he had lost something that could not be replaced by all the gold and gems of the wide world. No title could salve that wound, no words could balm his pain. Only the knowledge that the young girl was now in the embrace of God provided him any meagre solace. As the corpse was placed into its horse blanket shroud, then placed in the waiting coffin the priest would break his silence. “Today the light has gone out of my life” “No more shall my sister dance in the southern sun” “No more shall she light the morning with her laughter as she chases the foals” “She has been taken beyond my reach” Waiting until her coffin had been properly covered with soil and clay the masked Priest would turn, leaving his sister to her final resting place. The sky was dark.
  5. "Veto" Father Paul would snarl in flexio upon hearing of a woman teaching scripture "The basilica of Providence burns to the ground, a chastisement for the sins of the urbanite. Rather than repent and cast off their sinful ways they insist on spitting in the face of God as if a small child spared the rod. Mark my words brothers this is but the first step on the path to these misguided fools attempting to ordain women. Steel yourselves brothers, for we live in the age of decay. We shall suffer on this earth, for humanity has committed great sins against the LORD our God. But what is small suffering in the face of God's eternal reward. It is better to suffer a thousand lashes than to be eternally damned." With that the brooding priest would turn and depart from the Cathedral, the masked legionaries of the Legion of Godfrey flanking him as he would make his way towards the cemetery, it was time to pay his respects to Lucille.
  6. Father Paul scrolls to the bottom of the elfpost to read the conclusion laughing at what was written before casting it into the flames "This is what happens when you let a woman teach scripture, allow her on the curia and allow her to participate in theological commissions. You make stupid conclusions" With that he would turn to the awaiting Legion of Godfrey holding the Sacred wine before him he would hold it to the lips of each kneeling legionnaire.
  7. I think one of the interesting / weird things about LOTC and storytelling mediums in general that the impostors / ironists / fake believer character archetypes often outnumber true believers.


    You see this as a planned part of the High Elves, but its present in many of the other LOTC creeds.


    Probably a product of most of our popular media being rick and morty cynicism which reflects on how people make characters.

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    2. Narthok


       its just boring that every character is a gray relativist with no principles

    3. Orlesian


      Just now, Narthok said:

       its just boring that every character is a gray relativist with no principles

      It’s great having a character with principles, good or bad. It’s wide spread to players that you gotta be neutral to live irp. But like, I get some people get attached to their characters but sometimes there is consequences which could make really intriguing rp.

    4. Deano


      Enjoyed the rp earlier, even if it was a bit hard to follow at some points

  8. Father Paul would read the letter rolling his eyes "A wonderful collection of words to avoid my question, they speak about jurisdiction while never addressing the thrust of my Dubia. Oisin of Rozania was a canonist who was installed in Rozania by the Princes of Savoy and Sedan. The Pontiff went over their heads and declared William of Rozania Duke of Rozania after a canonist had already been installed. I am not questioning the Pontiff's capacity to coronate, I am questioning the Pontiff's capacity to directly interfere in secular matters in such a direct fashion" he'd say turning back to the students of his seminary "Regardless let us speak of the exalted Godfrey and the miraculous gifts he conveyed upon mankind with his unification of the divided realms"
  9. Father Paul would pen a letter to Oisin, the ink thick and splattered, the letter clearly penned with ire To Duke Oisin of Rozania You are a pathetic embarrassment to your divine obligation as a noble, the fact that your plans succeeded with the full support of Savoy and Sedan and you have conducted yourself thusly is repulsive to both men of honour and far more importantly to almighty GOD. Should you contain any shred of integrity left you will either assume your duties or you will go die in battle in the service of the Lord. My Sincerest Contempt Father Paul
  10. "I am going to crucify you" Father Paul would respond
  11. ON ROZANIA AND THE CRIMES OF THE BUCKFORT CREATURE An artists depiction of Father Paul accompanied by the Sons of Horen, the Brothers of Godfrey, the Goats of Sedan, and the Fellowship of the Maimed Elf as they celebrate their triumph over the city of Rozania Circa SA 40 It is with humble piety and complete submission to GOD that I now put pen to paper. The events of Rozania have deeply shaken the foundations of the Mother Church. By the labours of God’s Holy Swords whose ranks include the Sons of Horen, The Order of Godfrey, the Fellowship of the Maimed elf; and whose numbers are augmented by the pious contributions of the Princes of Savoy and Sedan, the heathen realm of Rozania has been returned to the fold. As the most Holy Godfrey willed, humanity shall once more be unified beneath the cross. But what then of this Rozanian affair. It appears there has been a great deal of confusion and an even greater deal of intrigue wrought in this matter. I make no claims to lofty birth. Prior to my ordination by my beloved Cardinal (may he rest in peace) my family and I were merely farmers on a small plot of fertile southern land known as ‘La Sarola’. With my ordainment and our elevation by our cherished Prince to the status of Patricians we have experienced a world quite alien to our sentiments. With that said I will always be a man whose heart tends towards the rustic. The webs of intrigue and the byzantine terms of address and various titles that are for some reason unconnected to land or obligation are beyond my interest and my understanding. I am merely a man who loves God. Let us speak of the Rozanian affair in terms devoid of intrigue and veiled messaging. The Swords of God and the Princes of Sedan and Savoy came together to install Oisin on the throne of Rozania. Why did they do this? The King of Rozania, the creature known as ‘William Buckfort’ was a well known fornicator and had repeatedly lain with elves and non-humans. This was not enough for his vile sentiments, as he thereafter gave the honored seats of his hall to hosts of blasphemers, witches and other assorted intolerables. Oisin, a Canonist son of the then-living William Creature was deemed to be an appropriate and legitimate sovereign of this realm who, in his piety, would render it properly Canonist - constructing a Church and granting pilgrims rest within his lands upon his coronation. Once the Swords of God had shattered the meagre resistance of the various heathens of Rozania, cast out the William creature and placed Oisin upon the throne, all was thought to be well. The will of God and his ever-faithful Princes had been carried out. We must remember that culture and behaviour are not cumulative, coming from below and rising to the highest point. Rather, they are imposed by those that hold power within the worldly realms, be they His faithful or heathens. As GOD from above, through his infinite and undeserved mercy, saves us from sin; so too does a Canonist Sovereign serve as the champion of God’s faithful within his particular nation. Those realms that are frequent manifestors of witchcraft and degeneracy are manifestations of their own secular and clerical elite. Hence for the salvation of Rozania it was necessary for us, the worldly protectors of its faithful lambs, to excise the cancer that had taken root at the head of that nation. There are those amongst the clergy who will point out that the sins of a man are absolved upon his baptism, and they are entirely correct. Even so, the essence of a man must be remembered. The legacy of a man’s sins remains in this world and must be rectified. The pious and wise Cardinal Nescia noted clearly that the conversion of the Buckfort creature was not one taken to heart and therefore would not last. Let us therefore not judge this man on his pre-baptismal sins but solely on his post-baptismal sins. The Crimes of the Buckfort Creature Abetting a Black Sacrament The Buckfort creature allowed and encouraged the performance of a mixed race marriage within the realms. Legitimizing the marriage with his unprotesting presence. This is a direct violation of scripture. “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not lie with your kin, nor those of other tribes, and none shall lie together but in holy union." (Virtue 3:9) Refusing the Surrender the Celebrant or the Participants of the Black Sacrament The Buckfort creature upon being alerted of the deeply sacrilegious nature of what he had just condoned refused to surrender the offending Celebrant or those who had participated in the Black Sacrament. By this behaviour he indicates his support for the practice and the dubious nature of his and by extension his nation’s conversion via his Black Baptism. An insincere conversion cannot be considered legitimate. “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not blaspheme My Word, nor any thing that is holy.” (Virtue 1:8) Tolerating Blasphemers against Almighty God The Buckfort creature, purportedly a Canonist Prince tolerates an unending slew of blasphemy from his subjects including and not limited to: “God is not real” “**** the Canonist Church” A Canonist Prince is a Prince expected to uphold the sacred reverence of Canonism within his demesne. To tolerate such behaviour is indicative not only of failing one’s aristocratic duties, but also of an impious heart. A heart that is not inflamed with righteous indignation when the name of Almighty God is slandered. “There can be no laxity in faith for any reason, not war nor peace, not wealth nor poverty.” (Spirit 2:13) Threatening and Confining Brothers of the Order of Godfrey The Buckfort creature threatened and trapped several monastic Brothers of the Order of Godfrey displaying clear irreverence for the monastic servants of almighty God. DUBIA REGARDING JURISDICTIONAL OVERREACH Myself and several of my colleagues are left beleaguered and bewildered as to why the Pontiff went over the heads of the pious Princes of Sedan and Savoy, and converted a frankly repulsive heathen over a pious and virtuous Canonist candidate with an existing and pressed claim. We are unsure what his Holiness' reasons were for his decisions. We would appreciate it if the Pontiff would clarify his reasons for slighting the pious Princes of Sedan and Savoy, and further his reason for ignoring an existing Canonist who had already been crowned in favour of a heathen candidate. In Respectful Faith Father Paul, Servant of God HIS EMINENCE, Basil Cardinal Allobrogum, Archbishop of Allobrogum, Pontifical Chamberlain HIS EMINENCE, Vladrick Cardinal Nescia, Archbishop of Nescia, Bishop of Pocitanata Maika In Humble Piety HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Leopold I, By the Grace of God, Prince of Sedan, Duke of Ravensberg, Count of Louisville, Count of Döbern, Baron of Avoria, Lord Ponce and Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, Destroyer of Rozanians
  12. "I do hope that the celebrant of this wedding is an Ordained Imam in communion with Mother Church" Father Paul would muse to himself
  13. Father Paul would laugh upon receiving the missive "My brethren what is this if not a vindication of our holy mission. What can any nation do but submit before the power of God." clicking his tongue then wincing at the still throbbing wreckage of his face below his iron mask he would continue "Brothers it is deeply unfortunate that the Pontiff has both trespassed upon the jurisdiction of the princes of Savoy and Sedan, having gone behind their backs to install a different man on the throne. It is even more dissapointing that the Pontiff was so deceived by this undead pretender and by the lord Commissioner of Savoy Lomiei. Each of you have accompanied me on my many investigative trips of Rozania. What have we found there? We have found fornicators, blasphemers, atheists, interracial marriages, black sacraments being performed by erroneous priests. We have had our holy brothers threatened and trapped by this necrotic freak who has somehow managed to deceive our beloved Vicar. These crimes each in turn performed and tolerated AFTER this black baptism prompted by 'Lomiei'. How can this conversion be trusted when Rozania has descended even further into sin following the black baptism. This 'William' creature makes a mockery of God. Such behaviour cannot be allowed to stand my brothers. Let us rectify these crimes in the name of God. With that Father Paul would retreat into the Monastery of the Beloved Godfrey and begin sending letters, various acolytes and monastics furiously sprinting about the monastery as the Cathedral of Pontian would explode in a fervor of administrative activity.
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