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  1. Narthok


  2. please stop using my lore as an excuse for your weird fetish rp thanks

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i think you have an alt just to erp

    3. Narthok


      1 hour ago, Man of Respect said:

      i think you have an alt just to erp


    4. rukio


      Bro the ooga booga spear is a way of life. 

  3. Frill is literally a simp never let him tell you otherwise

    1. frill


      why aint you add my new discord ? 

  4. Godric and his bros dance in the midst of Morsgrad celebrating the end of the battleless war
  5. This place makes too many of you mentally ill. Stop having esex because you’re too insecure / ugly to go outside. Stop doxxing people because you need eclout. If you dislike someone bully them to their face / in a chat they are present in. Disgusting repulsive roach culture that is ever more prevalent in this community. 

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    2. Stargush


      Dont be an E(strogen) Boy, be a T(estosterone) boy

    3. rukio


      @FireheartHoly ****

    4. Narthok


      @Fireheart no i don’t think I will

  6. charoodler has the only good take in this thread. Litigation craft.
  7. Godric smiles patting his many Horen sons on the head
  8. Narthok

    A Duel for Faith

    call a moot you gremlin godric would say with a much larger frown
  9. Narthok

    Safety Team

    fix the server
  10. Narthok

    A Duel for Faith

    Godric would squint, a High Keeper has never been removed by anything but death. Just call an election, when did our religion become orcish?
  11. Godric gasps and is very angry when he is told that a Haenser woman has Ruric blood
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