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  1. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc 2)

    I remain kawaii af These anime intros are ******* mint
  2. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc)

    sick hyena cameo
  3. The Gloopening

  4. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc)

    Hell yeah, I'm the snake guy
  5. during rp combat a man drew a long sword from his pants pocket today. Defender default is a good system!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. McThornz


      That's a powergaming issue?

    3. tavern_roleplay


      in combat someone pulled full plate armor out of his pockets and put it on in 5 seconds today. pvp default is a good system

    4. cuckio
  6. [Complete]Selling Mournstone Horses

    Always have horses ready
  7. Adelburg Masquerade, 1629

    Cedric prepares his opulent finery
  8. If we're gonna have all these retarded races can we atleast have a cool avian race that can glide around?



    1. El Ricktador

      El Ricktador

      ive got my skin ready

    2. Narthok



      some concept art

  9. Follow me on the forums for good memes @ElementalGamer

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    2. Narthok


      Keaton if you unironically believe immigrants are a good thing then you should just stay in the caliphate of the British Illes

    3. ImperialRoyalist


      didnt say they were good, they just arent as bad as the average american

    4. Narthok


      If you break the first law of a country you come upon you have no right to claim to love that country.

  10. [Complete]Selling Mournstone Horses

    "If you're ready come and get it" Cedric Mournstone circa the current year
  11. Who has the most followers on the forums?