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  1. “Boniface is the only good priest” Godric would comment
  2. “We shall have peace” Godric would state as his pages would begin buckling his cuirass.
  3. To Mr Nicephore, My people, the Nordish folk are those who bear the blood of the old hill tribes and the Hansetian knights in their veins. Though we me now dwell many Renatian and Waldenian folk who wished to flee the endless wars of the southern lands. But there is only so far one can run before one must act. We have always lived as we do. Living a life of action and honour rather than one of slavery on our knees. Even when vassalized no Ruric has ever bent the knee. There are those who say the unexamined life is not worth living. And to some degree I concur. But in my eyes, and the eyes of my forebears the dishonourable life is not worth living. Twice now those whom I am obligated by oath to protect and avenge have been abused by the barbarians of Haense. A realm of word twisters and lawyers. Were I to continue to appease and tolerate their abuses no doubt they would increase in audacity. Spurred on by the protection of Empire. Courage only in herd so to speak. To that end surgery must be tended to. The cancer of Haense must be addressed. Should it come to war then it comes to war. But were we to turn the other cheek, war would have occurred sooner or later. I do not seek bloodshed, despite my deep revulsion and Hatred for Haense. Oath breakers and cowards all I have offered them a peaceful way out. They can pay the weregild to make amends for the wounds they caused, the lives they took. All of this against the law, enacted on the lands of Rubern. Or they can refuse and shall be treated to the same treatment we gave them in the war of two Emperors. Prayers, Godric,
  4. True as **** Ragnarr worshipper of Wotan. We should not submit to the silly currency of the middle eastern merchants. I shall instead demand twenty bolts of cotton, fifteen cattle, three female slaves and a crate of iron bars. Yours in Raiding, Olaf Olafsson Praise the holy Varg Vikernes from whom I claim direct descent
  5. A Response to Peter Dearest Peter, I do not fear an Emperor who is weaker than his vassals. You bear your many titles as a mask. No doubt you fear you would be unmanned without them. I do not suffer from such misfortune. My folk know me simply as Godric, for I am who I am, where I go men follow. This is a privilege I have earned with much effort from both myself and my countless predecessors. Folk know a Ruric’s word is dearer to him than his own life. For as you noted, how many times have we ridden fire and steel into death’s inescapable maw. When an oath is made, a hand shook, it is a surer bond than the strongest of steel chains. You claim the noble lineage of Pertinax. Perhaps one of the greatest houses of man ever to tread the mortal world. Yet you surround yourself with lawyers, tongue twisters and oath breakers. Much in the manner of Johannes. The prime vassals of the Empire of Peter, Haense? Famous oath breakers. Famous incompetents. What great victories have come from the realms of Haense Being slaughtered by a tenth their number? Drowning in their own blood as they, despite massive numerical advantage are repulsed from Helena? It was my folk and my folk alone who maintained their oaths through it all. From the shattering rout of the first Battle of the Bridge. To the unmatchable victory at Helena. With my compatriots and I lies the ultimate charisma. The charisma of truth. The men of Haense deceived the Auvergne. The men of Haense attacked the Auvergne in the lands of Rubern. The men of Haense attacked one of my own warriors. Five of them falling to his blade before he himself fell. And then the men of Haense died. Our demands are reasonable if not charitable. Fifteen thousand weregild for the lives of the dead and the ails of the wounded. And the surrender of the two officers who orchestrated the ambush. I have made my oaths to the alliance. I will protect the men of Auvergne. I will protect every member of the independent states. To my last day, to my last breath. Father be merciful. Godric,
  6. TO THE COWARDS OF HAENSE Signed 1740 by his Grace, the Duke of Morsgrad. Addressed to the realm of Haense: For too long have the men of Morsgrad & the alliance suffered at the hands of Haesneni aggression, insults and barbarism. Too far, is the missive I send to them today. They sent a war-party to the lands of Rubern, violating their independence and sovereignty while attempting to assert Haenseni law. They attempted to execute a leader of the AIS. Furthermore, they had drawn blood of men hailing from Morsgrad this very eve. It is with this, we make the following demands to the Kingdom of Haeseni-Ruska, which they have one saints week to answer: Handing over of two Hanseni officers that being Tiberius and Otto Sigmar, which both had equal parts in this assault upon the AIS. A weregild of 15,000 minas that will be paid in compensation for the assaults and deaths inflicted by the criminals on behalf of the State of Haense. Godric, on behalf of the AIS
  7. Why wasn’t Xalid made mod admin lmao, mittos got guts sure but why is the objectively most competent and best viewed GM being passed over.

    1. Harold



    2. Narthok


      there was a huge opportunity for a really good overhaul that would bring some life to the server, really push the boundaries with a ton of good candidates. Instead of that Telanir just reinstates the same old regime of tired veterans with known quantities. 

    3. frill


      nothing ever changes and nothing ever happens

  8. why doesn’t lotc do build showcases and history snapshot videos like the ones that crayfishchris used to voice over. Really easy low effort content

    1. rotund_man


      because staff r focused on magic or literally pointless telanir vanity projects


      I’m seriously confused why we still don’t have a media team

    2. Kaiser


      low effort is still effort

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Maybe I should start making cruddy YouTube videos to make up for the 20 lost views from not having a Media Team.

  9. was built by world devs because haense built a castle on the road to pinemarch
  10. what the **** is this, return my bridge. You people literally landscarred the entire front of my city.
  11. Narthok

    We Have A Crisis

    wheres the lie...
  12. Narthok

    We Have A Crisis

    Thanks for missing the point entirely you wallbang
  13. Narthok

    We Have A Crisis

    I discriminate against pedos and erpers
  14. Narthok

    We Have A Crisis

    “you guys” ah yes. You’ll have to forgive my skepticism but staff zeal to hang my friends and I on anything that can because we are critical of the regime is a bit laughable. Anyone thinking that this system will be applied equitably, consistently or justly. Delusional. Nothing will be done because nothing is ever done. Telanir having done his bit of two day forum outrage and shakeup will slink back into irrelevance as some random corporate talking head (fireheart / luka / pun whatever NPC comes next) steps up and preserves server stagnation. Repeating the same action and expecting different outcomes is a sure sign of insanity. Nothing is going to change under Telanir. He’s had years.
  15. Narthok

    We Have A Crisis

    This post is entirely out of touch. Its going to be used to gas ‘toxic’ and ‘problematic’ players that don’t actually break rules. Rather they’re just extremely critical of the absolutely insane staff incompetence. The server is plagued with rampant child abuse and pedophelia and he’s gone off on some stupid rant about radical ideologues and banned players. Maybe clean your own house and make it so warclaims don’t have a seven week turn around. Maybe interact with the playerbase more than once every two months.
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