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  1. ale03keller


    Being born an orphan, Ming-Ha's parent left her crying and vulnerable, during the frosted night of Cerulean Bay, near the waving-in shores. Days pass, she was eventually attacked by a wild wolf, when a traveling merchant passed through. Hama was her name, a tanned skin farfolk, white snowy hair and a wrinkly smile. She quickly came to Hing-Ha’s aids but it was too late, the savaging wolf have taken the poor little girl’s left arm. Hama took the girl home and find the aid of the best doctor in her village. Before she knows it, the doctor was informing Hama the poor girl won’t make it. But in the corner of her ears, a whispering cry exploded. Now it was a choir, Ming-Ha was crying, a strong, lengthy, dominant sound. Ming-Ha was brought out the next day, completely uninjured, in the exception of the missing arm, proving herself stronger than most perceived. She lived the next 16 years as Hama’s daughter until Hama eventually died of old age at 98. From there on, Ming-Ha started a family, raised 4 kids, and held down 2 jobs to assist her family. Her life was hard, but she was happy. Until one eventful night, her village was attacked and raided by bandits. In the attempts to protect their’s daughters, Ming-Ha’s husband took the kids and ran to the forest while she volunteered staying behind to distract them. As she ran through the flaming village, Ming-Ha’s fell and stumble upon a cliff. She rolled through the scratching dirt and slippery mud to eventually fell unconscious. Ming-Ha woke up inside a caravan of the bandits, she was tied up all alone. Ming-Ha found herself cutting the ropes using a bent piece of metal sticking out of a near by chest. She picked the right moment and jumped out onto the blistering snow. She ran and ran deep into the woods where she found a dying frost witch. The disgusting creatures was bleeding, oozing from spot not possible even for monsters. Before she knows it, The witch let out an bone-chilling scream and them seemingly melted away. But suddenly, Ming-Ha ran to the creature and ripped off it’s arm. Suddenly the arm became complete solid, still retain the looks of ice but have no connection to water or even have a frosty,cold feeling when touching it. Suddenly, Ming-Ha fell to her feet, she passed out in the snow, gasping for air. The next morning, Ming-Ha woke up inside a hut. It was filled with voodoos and bottles of blood. A cauldron on the left wall , which was decorated with herbs and flower, and then a dining table with two chairs on the right. She then met Pi’Lee , an fire witch living in the frosty region of Atlas. Pi’Lee found Ming-Ha crystallizing in the snow, grasping an ice arm between her body. So Pi’Lee brought her home and fixed her up. Ming-Ha then noticed her left arm, now it was all normal ( more importantly, It’s There ), but it was made out of ice. Cold and slippery to the looks, but warm and stone-like to the touch. While Ming-Ha was reviving, Pi’Lee spent time working on attaching the Ice Arm to Ming-Ha. They spent the next 4 years together, training Ming-Ha to get use to her new arm, but at the same time, try to find the arm’s magical properties. But though countless tests and experiment, the arm was concluded to be..... just an arm. Now at the age of 40, Ming-Ha left Pi’Lee winter hut, traveling the land to find a new beginning, until 5 years later she stumbles on The Cloud Temple.
  2. ale03keller


    Manalosa grew up in the great nation of Druidic Order with her parent. Growing up, she was always exposed to magical identity such as magical herbs, potions, and totems. Her parent were 2 powerful high elf, her mom possessed extraordinary knowledge of healing and alchemy. And her father, once was a respected teacher of the Larihei whom gave up his job to move back home with his family. Since she grew up in the Druidic Order, Manalosa have a strong connection to nature, she always wanted to have the ability to communicate with nature through spiritualism. She also want to later learn about healing magic, and also shapeshifitng . And that was Manalosa dream at the age of 10. She always wanted to be involve in magic but her parent always mentioned to her that she need to first wield a different kind of weapon. So at the age of 29, Manalosa had a training experience with dagger. She didn't learned much, but she know enough to defends herself. At the age of 35, she dabble in some archery, but took notice that she wasn't very good at it. The girl couldn't even pick up the bow. Around that time, Manalosa's father died because of an mystery curse that was cast upon him 540 years ago. And the curse was passed on to the next generations, but then she realized that the curse will skip an generation. Meaning her children will eventually suffer among the curse. So she spent 20 years, searching for a cure with her mother.In those 20 years,she traveled to many different nations finding a cure but no luck they had. But just before those 20 years ended, Manalosa's mother forced her daughter to go to the great city of Okarn'thilln to do hers studies. Manalosa refused her mothers advice and started a big disagreement between them. To protect her daughter, Manalosa's mother cast an spell on her that replace her memory of her dad passing because of an curse, to her dad died in a fire while experiencing a new concoction. From this, Manalosa have forgotten all about her curse and those 20 years. Only remembering from the day her father died, Manalosa swear to become a respected druid just like her father. So, at the age of 55 , Manalosa is setting out on her own to make her way to the great city of Okarn'thilln in the great Silver State of Haelun'or. Her mission is to bathe in the golden pools and become an high elf just like her father once did.
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