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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? Admin Minecraft Usernames kr15t0f Ban Reason Minor griefing, placing blocks to access a freebuild, and theft of animals accessed through said griefing. Players Involved MickMeist By your own understanding, why are you banned? I griefd a tree that wasn't in the resource world, than went on to go inside 2 castles/fortresses and open some chests that were not locked, and steal some lamas from a fortress. Why should you be pardoned? I was very new, I thought that if places are still active/used that people can't break blocks that belong to those castles/fortresses. so I thought that I could just take those animals and nobody would care. Also I got kicked for spamming, but I thought that doing /roll was the same as using it in the rp world, that nobody further than 20 blocks away could hear it. And to my knowledge I did not grief anything other than the above mentioned tree, I tried to break every block that I placed and reversed. (I didn't know that there was a resource world so that's why I griefed the tree.) What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I did not mean to ruin anybody's fun by stealing tows lamas or anything else that I have stolen. I will stop these actions from now on and ask someone if something is allowed before doing something that might not be allowed. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The Encouraging & Open attitude I have seen for myself many times on this server, all my rp friends do it, and it just gives off this grate and friendly vibe. Be Creative & Authentic: I think that is one of the best things about this server, that there is no end-game no purpose, just never ending gameplay. Be Detached yet Enthusiastic: I have luckily never seen a player completely devoted to there character yet, wich is good because if someone were to be detached from reality a bit too much than you might just swear at someone only because of the race they picked. I find being Independent & Proactive something very good and unique to this server. Normally you just get something from the admins, but on this server you can just be creative and start your own storyline, knowing that you are not the protagonist but you still have influence over the occurrences that go on in LotC. Narcissism in rp is just so basic that I find ti interesting that it has to be explained. Make your character different from you, otherwise it's even more like your own life and that's not what rp is about. Deceit, I mean, yea, it just makes it way less fun when your character lies where it is not supposed to be able to lie.
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    Gurak Vov is a 18 year old male goblin. He has many wounds from battles and early training. He is smart and likes to outwit his enemy's with crudely made weapons. once he starts fighting he won't stop until he or his opponents are dead. He often does rituals for and to spirits. He doesn't have any bonds with his family since they were killed fighting some humans. Gurak doesn't have any friends or mates as of now but that will probably change soon. Gurak, like all Orc's is keen on hunting and killing. He especially dislikes humans because they have been said to run away from battles and use underhand tactics to defeat there enemies. His goal is that of all the other orcs: Kill as much as you can and have your childern mature. And as of now he does not have any fears if it comes to protecting the young. Gurak feels as if the orc race is superior to all other races and shows that towards em.