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    Feyrith was born in the city of Ker'nor, with his family consisting of him, his two parents, and his siblings. Being the eldest of the three, children, Feyrith was an example for his two younger sisters. He did all in his power to show them what was right, and was extremely protective of them. His parents were always rather fair to their children, but had always expected the most out of them. As a young elf, Feyrith was introduced to hunting and hand to hand combat, often training with his sisters whenever he could. They were shown many different styles of combat, as well as ways to hide in plain sight. As he grew, his father had taught him how to craft swords, and use such a weapon. Feyrith watched his father carefully smelt and cut the edges of the sword, with such precision and grace. He then did the same, his first sword turning out rather dull, and bent. His father showed him how to curve the sword just right, until Feyrith mastered the technique, and was given a sword of his own. Feyrith became fond of the weapon, quickly, focusing his attention on his new skill. Now at the age of 24, he had worked alongside his father, creating weapons for other elves, and admiring the tools as they were smelted. But every now and then, he'd go to a quiet place to practice his sword skills. Day by day, he got better, working with his father, training with his sisters, and using his weapons. He was particularly fast at learning, making him wonder about a pursuit of magic, and spell casting. One day, thinking about this topic, Feyrith came into contact with an Orc, in his "quiet place". The two were alarmed at each others presence, and had proceeded to battle one another out of shear instinct. In the end, Feyrith had emerged victorious, but returned home with a deep gash through his right eye. He was infuriated by this mark on his face, for it would mark him peculiar for the rest of his life, or so he thought. This scar did not seem to make him different from the other Dark Elves in the city. They all saw him as "Fey" or "Feyrith", as they had before. Sooner or later, Feyrith went on to quit his job with his father, and go out to live his own life as a full grown Dark Elf. He planned to better his combat skills, and soon find a place where he could learn magic. He also had thoughts on starting a family, being the young adult he was. Feyrith decided that it was his time to tell his story, and he continues to go out and find a way for his name to go down in history.
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