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  1. jvanhierden


    I have edited my apply, I now have read trough the wiki and readed some more lore. I have wandered around a little bit, and I already like some builds on this server.
  2. jvanhierden


    Ori was born in Kal'Tarak and still lives there. His parents fate is still unknown, they have ventured too deep in the mountain and were never seen again. He is an adventurous dwarf, has traveled far and wide, and has at least some respect for other races, except the undead. He is proud of his folk, always optimistic and humourous. But sometimes, he can be sad and will go to his home to look for some clues of his forgotten parents. He may not be a good fighter, but he travels a lot and is quite wise for a dwarf. He can also tell great stories, like the fall of old jornheim. He also loves eating, especialy meat and strong alcoholic drink.
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