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    Edith’s life in Atlas began when she was born into a destitute family which consisted of her mother, Matilda, her father, Warner, and her sister, Cecily. They inhabited a modest, yet snug home in the city of Carolustadt. As a child, Edith learnt the basics of living. Respect; very basic literature; manners. Though most importantly: hard work. Her father would always tell her: ‘In order to strive, you must put in the work’. This was a saying she’d end up using a lot as she blossomed into a grown woman. Whilst growing up, Edith formed a particularly strong bond with her older sister, Cecily (though Edith much preferred to call her ‘Cily’). They used to spend their days adventuring, always finding new places to hide in. Whenever their mother called them in to help her with dinner, Cily never seemed to want Edith to listen - she wanted her to stay outside, play more. But Edith never let Cily convince her; Edith knew it would make her mother angry, and to work hard, she needed her mother’s help to learn how to work hard. Cily always seemed to be more isolated than the rest of her family. It was always like that, until she passed. How did she pass? She took her own life. There was a note, though Matilda would never let Edith see it. All Matilda did was let Edith confine herself until her feelings had settled. Cecily’s death obviously hit her parent’s hard - particularly her father. A short while after the passing, Edith’s father began to have outbursts of anger. These outbursts were… unhealthy. They made him seem particularly aggressive towards Matilda. It was an often occurrence that Edith would see her mother cry. It was a dismal evening when the news was received. At this time Edith was 16. There was a loud knocking sound and she hurried to investigate. She opened the door, and a tall man wearing light armour stood before her. The man looked at her, his face dirty as rain poured down his cheeks. “Is… Mrs Hart home, youngen?” the man grumbled. Edith hastily went and fetched her mother. The three of them sat down, as the man began. “Unfortunately, we have had to arrest your husband, Miss,” the man announced as he addressed Melissa. “F-- For what?” replied Edith’s mother, her face an uneven mixture of shock and anger. The armoured bloke wiped the rainwater from his forehead before sighing. “He started fighting, and ended up punching some of the guard.” Edith could tell her mother was angry - not with the news bearer, but with Edith’s father. When the news was given, Edith remained quiet. Though after, her mother told her not to fret because they will carry on living, just the two of them; that is just what happened. Melissa chose to no longer think of Warner, deciding it was much easier on her and Edith for them to live alone. As soon as Edith was old enough to take a job, she did. By the time Edith had turned 20, her mother became ill, and died of natural causes. Edith had her time to mourn, but remembered her mother’s advice of ‘not letting it hold onto her head’. By current day, Edith would be living alone, a strong, hard-working young woman trying to find a place to settle in the world. Will she ever?
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