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    Andy, 22 years old, height: 5'5 DOB: 1st January, 1501 weight: Average, eyes: blue, hair: brown, medium cut, Face: good looking, always has a smile every hour. Typical attire: brown pants, blue jacket, white undershirt, brown boots, brown gloves, voice: medium. Story: Andy was born at exactly midnight to parents who many people loved. Andy had a brother whom he got along with very well. His parents however would 15 years later die from a fire. Andy's brother would die later due to smoke inhalation. Parents were kind people, left behind many broken hearts after they went to heaven, including his own. Was trained how to mine by father, later on by a teacher. Andy knew he was different from everyone as soon as he turned 10 which was finding out he is gay. Andy wasn't exactly sure how he would tell his family, and later his teacher, but he did and he was accepted. When Andy's parents were alive, while they did believe in a God, they weren't old-school. Meaning, they would accept anyone for who they are. Andy was brought up very well into the world. Now Andy has two missions: Find the right boyfriend and also find the right mining team(s). However, Andy has many upon many fears, such as getting killed and spiders. If another character were to meet Andy, they would love him right away due to his kindness. Andy is also a big animal lover and tries to protect all of them. Andy's favorite color happens to be purple.