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    A high elf woman, who had frequently traveled across Atlas, reared Epha to the witness of another high elf man. Her birth was one kept as hush as possible, and the man and woman struck an arrangement with each other over her concern that the woman would be rejected from her peers and the rest of Haelun’or. Forming a thick veil of secrecy, the newborn was held in isolated quarters several miles outside the city of Okarnthill’n. Completely kept under wraps, her childhood was tightly overseen by the man, a standard alumni of The Eternal College. An otherwise average citizen of the state, he was often captivated by cognitive sciences and mind magic, and believed he could achieve a tremendous breakthrough if he pursued this territory to a greater degree. Seeing a prime opportunity arrive before him in Epha’s existence, he implemented the youth as the subject for his endeavors. Much of Epha’s childhood was spent succumbing to hard work and his frequent mental experimentation. Unfortunately, as a developing and impressionable young child, she was fatally unaware. She soon met the man’s sole daughter by happenstance. Although the half-orc’s appearance was met with initial aversion from the mali’aheral, tentative curiosity won out due to the elven girl’s own imperfect adolescence. In the fleeting, small moments they had together, the elf gradually lead Epha away from dim seclusion and hardship to the beginnings of sophisticated education, outside knowledge and most prominently, the introduction of art. Epha took inspiration from playwrights, and fell in love with classic literature and poetry snuck in from other regions of Atlas. In this development, the two girls had even kindled a forbidden relationship with one another, to Epha what seemed to border the edge of romance and perhaps… authentic love. However, this was not without the own elf’s questionable treatment and subtle exploitation of the half-orc, with little realization on Epha’s part. The relative peace and promised hope in the half-orc’s life was interrupted by a harsh turn of events where one evening, without warning, the elven girl abruptly turned on her, and cast her out into the wilderness in utter disdain. Seldom do typical high elves resort to acts of violence, but as Epha fiercely refused, the elven girl threatened to kill her. Filled with uncontrollable grief and dejection, Epha clambered away, running for her life, suffused with a fury she had never experienced before, her blood and her stinging tears seeming to boil with no regard to the brutal chill of that winter’s night. Presently, Epha leads a discreet, almost silent path. She prefers not to socialize much, and shrinks from intimacy. To some, she could be initially described as cold or standoffish. But in her days as a wanderer, she quietly longs for her place in the world, as she feels she does not fit in anywhere.
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