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    I was worried the magic stuff might come off a little strong. Just to be clear he doesn’t know any, its just his starting motivation RP wise. Beyond that, edited per suggestion and content.
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    Born just outside Dunshire, the son of a carpenter and a farmer, Quinry’s father, Ellijah , always wanted more for his son, he dreamed of a boy who would grow to command the trees around him to grow stronger, producing better wood, and his mother Rosie daydreamed of crop fields with bountiful harvests. Thus from an early age they told their offspring tales of of druids and the Aspects, and of all the good they could do, of all the good they wanted him to do. Ever the gentle soul, young Quinry strove to prove himself capable... just... in the wrong way. The stories, it seems, made more of an impact than their subject matter, and from childhood, Quinry would have his nose in books, and his ears at parties and campfires, reading and listening to stories, songs, poems, and plays. Druidry was his appointed path, but to be a bard was his true dream. This caused no end of stress to his parents, who, seeing his heart would not be swayed, agreed that he could follow his heart’s dream so long as it did not interfere with his learning the ways of the Grove Folk. So it was that Quinry spent his early teens playing his lute and singing his (and others’) songs at parties, in the local tavern, and for any bigguns who’d wander into town. As the years went on he became quite proficient with the spoken word as well as the sung one. But never did he forget his duty to his kin, and as he turned 18, he began asking travelers more and more about the Druids and their ways, learning all he could. The next year, after learning as much as he could, he began to prepare for his grand adventure, and on the day of his 19th birthday, he sets off to seek his destiny.
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